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Last Hours of Freedom: guest — Ludmila Hraznova

Report from the presentation of the CD "Night Rap" — 50 Belarusian writers taking the role of in broadcasts of "Radio Liberty", visited Minsk cafe "Good thoughts."In the research work — the ability of young Belarusians job abroad.In the "record" Alexander Pamidorau "Polotsk notebook." Siege Belarusian web, in the anthology "Night ABC" — prose Yugasya Christmas.After hours 23rd — political scientist Vladimir Podgolov answers questions from the audience of "Freedom", "Journey to Freedom" in the village Kublichi Usha district and "Examination of Freedom" — an analysis of the visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Belarus.22-hours and the air of

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Hugo Chavez: We will go without warnings

Minsk airport on Chavez met Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko Venezuelan favorite daughter arrived in Belarus, son and two grandchildren.After the motorcade headed to the Presidential Administration, which features Alexander Lukashenko.Both favorite confessed his love to the peoples respectively Belarus and Venezuela, and Chavez said that with this level of relationship do not even need each other warn that we say, let’s go.Announced that talks between the old generation raised in trade, energy and military-technical spheres.On the basis of the agreements Venesuela led Belarus in plain areas of the Orinoco oil production.According to the plan "Belneftekhim" until the end of

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Hans-Georg Wieck Belarus — part of my life

Karatkevich: "When you have finished their formal diplomatic activity, you said that now will be able to afford for themselves in their own activities are not controlled mandate diplomat and controlled Mandathat peoplea. Please explain what you want to say this? "Vic: "I worked in the German diplomacy almost 50 years, and it was 50 years after the end of the second World War I, it was a job to restore peace and freedom in Europe — not only in my country, and in our adjacent countries in cooperation with our neighbors, the European Union and the OSCE. I think

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Pension of teachers — like a police sergeant

As before in this population are comparable to the highest pensions. But ordinary pensioners This year promise to raise pensions only twice and generally only 12%.This year, the Belarusian pensioners have never increased pensions, although previous years such increases were pavdyasyatka for a year and more.

Vladimir Patupchyk: "We plan this year to raise pensions twice — by 8% and 4%."

On the question of MP Peter Kalugin, and when it finally happens, the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Vladimir Patupchyk replied:"We have brought a corresponding draft presidential decree. Currently he is treated. We plan This year increase

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Rural lives by the principle Stole — propyl

In recent weeks, in our programs often was the theme of trade unions. Discrimination-independent trade union movement in Belarus has become a prerequisite that the June 21, Belarusian exporters deprived preferences in trade with the countries of the Euro Union.About that are pro-government, state-run trade unions, argues in his own letter to the "Freedom" Juraj Shpak-Ryzhkov from Minsk:"With our unions I have encountered in my own life only twice. In 1986, when he worked at Mogilev Automobile Plant, there was the unfortunate case — I severed finger. Managing Enterprise corrected me on vacation, but the factory union refused to assist.And

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Just what does Independence day?

Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Good morning, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty. Turns out, I now learned that there is a decree number 542 of August 28, 2006, whereby disabled youth allowed recuperation times two years. And there items 3, 4, 7, 8, 11. Who, under those items flagged because recuperation allowed only once every two years. And once a year, as previously, is no longer allowed. Under this document, I would never put no signature. Thank you. "Man: "In most of the former Russian Union of days considered Independence proclamation day municipal sovereignty. Our own "the wisest of the wisest" leader for some

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Chavez will adopt Indian arrows and Belarusian radar

Subject brutal U.S. goals and be independent in relation to the oil-rich Venezuela sounds soon almost every public speech Hugo Chavez. Senior Marine and today the Venezuelan army commander ordered his military to prepare for guerrilla war. In this war, according to Chavez, will be used a variety of means of weapons, including classical Indian poisoned arrows. Chavez himself says that he personally has this excellent Indian instrument, but for a real South American resistance to the aggressor that is not much. Coupled with the Belarusian ruler, whom Chavez calls his "friend and brother," Venezuelan favorite going in Minsk to

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Polotsk: found copper cross with the image of St. Sophia Cathedral’s oldest

"Narodnaya Volya"Now publishes a conversation with the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yaroshuk. Material called" Belarus — the second country in the globally, which deprived the trade preferences. " By A.Yaroshuka, presently in Belarusian authorities was the only option — to perform all of the EU Council.Other theme "People’s Will": how the Belarusian KGB were behind bars; that reads Adrian Severin to abolish the post of special rapporteur on Belarus in the Council on Human Rights UN."None undertakings opposition caused such irritation authorities as programm Kalinowski"Now Belarusian newspaper "Nasha Niva" writes: "None of the opposition

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The negative balance of foreign trade of Belarus reached the billion dollars

The main prerequisite deficit Storm referred increase in oil prices and gas prices. Moreover, in This year many Belarusian enterprises began to sell its own products for less than the country’s borders. For example, exports of petroleum products from Belarus decreased by 205 millions of dollars, as the Belarusian oil factories were not quite loaded. The government hopes to reverse the situation by implementing more potash. During the first half of the amount of potash sold for export has increased by 40 percent. Almost finished creating the Belarusian Oil Company, through activities which put their trust in the government to

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Gomel: reddish carnations on the place of execution victims of Stalinism

Burial sites found a not so long ago on the basis of information of local residents fighters 52-th separate special battalion of the Ministry of Defence. On the surface of the wells raised 70 human remains, soles of boots, shoe covers, pieces samotkanoy shirt buttons from civil odezhki bullets from Russian guns.Co-chair of the organizing committee to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression writer and journalist Vasily Yakovenko, historian Anatoly Valahanovich, public figure Siuchyk lit the lamps and put in place the victims’ deaths reddish pinks.Speaking during the celebration, Vasiliy Yakovenko said: "We stand on the site

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