June Vasil Bykov: State thought — an important factor of progress

"Once Ales Adamovich was that ugly dominance in power and limited natural resources, Belarus needs to get very much, great idea, which put her on the structure of modern states.’s True. State thought — an important factor of progress, and even physical existence in the world. Our homeland, for example, went into decline because outlived its imperial idea and has now become a problem before the invention of modern. But as regards Belarus, then it has a principal and a burning idea — is freedom and independence … "From Mon on Friday in our air — little quote for reflection

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Chronology of the Belarusian-Russian relations over 15 years

1992 Withdrawal from Belarus to Russia tactical nuclear weaponsRF transmission Belarusian shred accessories FSU abroad in exchange for taking over Russia Belarusian bit of external debt Russian Union (12%)1993Ratification of international and bilateral agreements that are predictive output of all nuclear weapons in Belarus and its reincarnation in a nuclear-free governmentBelarus’ accession to the Contract on collective security of the CIS countries (Armenia, Belarus, Our homeland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)Negotiations to join the currency systems of Belarus and Russia1994Presidential elections in Belarus 1995 Contract for the development of the Customs Union with RussiaA lease for 25 years of military facilities in

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Mogilev — the most corrupt region in Belarus?

According to the study, corruption as an obstacle to economic growth christened 57 percent of respondents, and the bureaucracy — nearly 45 percent. The results also allow us to assert that the Mogilev region — the most corrupt region of Belarus. In the sociological center "Mirror-info" noted that did not put their own in order to find the degree of corruption in the regions:"We are in the country surveyed a half thousand people. Mogilev region got about 100 hundred eighty questionnaires. And the question was not about corruption in general. People can mark these moments, and may not be noted.

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Requests from Belarus Russian mutual respect

And in dealing with the minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov, and later, during a conversation with Alexander Lukashenko, the head of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emphasized: Our homeland is ready to create the union of the country with Belarus.Though what Russian President will "integrator" According to Lavrov, at least some of the RF President will work for integration with the adjacent Belarus.Belarusian management divides the idea of building the Union Countries (by the way, last year the union process was 10 years old), but with certain unguarded.That’s what Alexander Lukashenko said:"We are always committed to the

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UNFPA: Belarusian people live longer than in Russia and Ukraine

In the U.S., men live on average 75 years old, and the ladies — 80. In countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark, these characteristics are, respectively, 77-78 and 82-84 years.In Russia, the average life of boys is 58.7 years. They live 16 years less than the representatives of their sex in the United States. Russian ladies also live almost nine years less than American.Ukraine ladies live on average 72.5 years, and men — 60.5.In Belarus, these characteristics are, respectively, 74 and 63. So makarom Belarus men live 12 years less than in the U.S., and the ladies at

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Lukashenko is ready to closely cooperate with Russia, but with unguarded

Morning Sergei Lavrov held talks with his Belarusian officer Sergei Martynov. The meeting proved "intrigued in integrating with 2 between states." Also open a discussion questions vyravnovvannya rights people of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the territory of both countries.During a meeting with the head of Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus Sergei Lavrov reiterated: Our homeland ready to build Union countries with Belarus. Lukashenko said in response Belarus go to the closest cooperation with Russia, but in the interests of Belarusian people.

Vyachorka: Germany wants to build Belarus in the European family

On the last working day of the visit, they will hold several meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany and in the offices of leading political parties in this country. One of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 SLM Vintsuk Vyachorka in an interview Radio Liberty said: "We basically had to hear from the main figures that define the eastern policy of Germany, and their desire to build Belarus in European civilization, values, economic, and eventually political family of nations.Fundamentally also that persists fundamentally German position regarding the release of political prisoners, the democratization of the electoral

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Friday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 18:00 6:30 * replay of the webcast Thursday at 19:00 07.00 Morning F* Arrives in Minsk Hugo Chavez * Guest live broadcast Anton Astapovich on days of elected manager of the Company for Protection of Monuments * On Friday Ozarichi gather former concentration camp prisoners. Their complaint against Minsk bureaucrats undertook to consider the Strasbourg European settlement tribunal * 2-day presentation of "Night ABC" and the announcement last Evening18:00 * Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world * 18:30 "Guest on" Freedom " — Political analyst Vladimir Podgolov 19:00 * Information

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Chavez goes to Russia and Belarus tool

"Gazeta Wyborcza" writes that before the flight to Russia, Hugo Chavez, speaking during a huge military parade in the capital of Venezuela, again reiterated that he wants to "fight against imperialism," while the word "war" was used in this speech "in every capacity.""Before the war Venesuela preparing, buying an unlimited number of guns — 100 thousand Kalashnikovs, the fighters — in Russia, and now plan to buy in Belarus sytsemy missile defense (…). Due to this, Venesuela converted to naisilneyshy militarily country in Latin America although it is smaller and poorer in Brazil or Argentina, "- writes Polish weekly. The

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Views on Vick, combined or not — it’s very opposition

But this call was different interpretation, and on the websites of the opposition, a discussion around what specifically offer Western partners’ rally with Milinkevich and his movement "or" rally around Milinkevich "(initial translation from German, which appeared on the Web Online Freedom, passed the German phrase meaning, as the union of "around". Faithful option — association "with the democratic parties and public organizations" — has been updated on the website later.) Meanwhile European politicians say incorrect translation from the German sense of their position does not change — usually for the benefit of playing razyadnanasts political opponents. At the same

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