Citations a day or — 22 May

"I think it’s just trafficking. Hostages taken initially, and later try to implement for the funds. Nigerian poor is not even dream — they only million bucks took for the stolen Belarusian, but here are willing to 400 million euros. All it is very abominably. Especially since Additional foul condition — there is some writing application addressed Pyatkevich or lawyer, or close relatives, or yourself … Incidentally, I did not write any statements, again stress, because I’m sure that it sounds with the highest stands — "that’s neither here asked zavyalenne wrote, I asvabadiv them, and in no way again

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Lukashenko: I do not forbid People will be printed in Belarus

Listen:• Lukashenko: Belarus will respond to the deployment of U.S. missiles• Lukashenko: My scion Victor will not be succeeded as president• Lukashenko: opposition is not able to make contact with the authorities• Lukashenko: We sell companies with whom we can not manage • General celebration Will a day or • Lukashenko: I do not forbid print "Narodnaya Volya"Belarus• Lukashenko: Europe urge us not allow

Medvedev: As a result of these elections, Belarus will be a modern state

Society President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev today commented on the presidential election in Belarus:"Elections in Belarus is internal matter Belarus. And then, that there happens in the end is an internal affair of our neighboring state, "- said Medvedev.

Speaking about the impact of elections on the fate of Belarus, Medvedev said:

"I hope that as a result this election Belarus will be a modern state, will continue to develop along the path of building a modern state based on democracy and friendship with its neighbors. "

Belarus will give over Russian export duties on oil products

Society The duty on Russian oil supplied to Belarus, will be canceled. Belarus will give 100% Russian export duties on oil products. This was reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Elvira Nabiullina.

According Nabiullina mytse decision will become effective after ratification Minsk, but not earlier than January 1 2011a. Elvira Elvira added that, according to President of Belarus, ratification should take place in the near future. The Minister also said that the price of Russian gas for Belarus in 2011will have on the planned level.

Mackay: Belarus will gradually move to the development of democracy, but …

Society The head of administration President of Belarus Vladimir Mackay Minsk declared readiness to develop relations with the EU in different areas and reaffirmed the commitment of the Belarusian authorities to ensure an open and transparent presidential election."Today, some of the partners took the fence, waiting for election results. This is the wrong message. Leaders of Belarus, as no one else today is interested in conducting an open and transparent elections ", — said Mackay at the opening of the Minsk Forum.

He also noted that "today it is important to focus on the realization of the potential that exists

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