When you are offered ANYTHING Academy of Sciences of Belarus, you know, it’s true. That’s what prepare for the introduction and for sale LICENSES Physico-Technical Institute, Academy of Sciences BSSR.

STRIP IRON. THIS IS NOT PURELY-knotted plastic material — a great advertising plasticity.

Obtained hydrodynamic extrusion ductile cast iron with low heat — «this to nine degrees. You even more surprised that the size of the profile is possible to be within a few hundredths of a millimeter. Cast iron behaves in this fashion better composite materials — it is durable.

After hydrodynamic procedure increases the wear resistance of

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END OF YEAR RUSSIA BELARUS located in another 20 Su-27SM3

Until the end, our homeland will be located in Belarus 20 additional multi-purpose fighter Su-27SM3, defence24.pl reports citing ITAR-TASS.   About the new plans of the Russian Federation in respect of Belarus informed the commander of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev. As expected before the end of the year will be deployed Fighter Aviation Regiment. New aircraft will be on the Russian air base at the airport in Baranovichi Brest.   Polk will protect the air space of Belarus and Russia. According Bondarev, in the current time in Baranovichi unchanged base are four Su-27SM3. First, on the basis

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Your choice: more readable materials Thursday

First Angelica Boris planted 2nd Polish director drunkenness scale struck in Belarus 3rd Polish diplomats try to release detainees in Grodno Fourth-line conference with Alexander Milinkevich 5th No sound equipment scenario "Euro march" may change Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovPublished a book on Alexander Kozulin — "Detainee President Gomel region visited after EU states What conditions are expected Andrei Klimov in Mozyr colony? Foreign Ministry of Belarus, "reads the opening date of the Commission’s office until early" Poll "Freedom": go to the "European march"?

Why in the midst of Belarusians hitherto NO Nobel Prize winner?

Tsigankov: "On Thursday, October 11, at the Nobel Institute in Oslo, was declared winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. They became the British novelist Doris Lesing. Only one of the candidates, the national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin again left without merit. Who will be declared the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Middle of the contenders for the Peace Prize and two Belarusian: Managing the Belarusian Social Democratic Hulk, ex-chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich and human rights activist Ales Bialiatski. But let’s be realistic: there are few chances. What should happen in the world

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Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. October 11

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Women’s Party "Nadezhda" eliminated.• Interview with Party chairman "Hope" Lena Eskova.• Survey in Minsk: "It seems to be changed Belarusian politicians to her was more ladies?"2nd part:• If there rassredotachivanie, in other words a free education?• Survey in Vitebsk "Oh what rassredotachivanie you dream?"• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski• Weekly video review Maxim Zhbankova.• «Night rap." Verses Minsk poet Antonina Hotenko copyright in reading.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Continuation of the story about the creation of the "Constellation".

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Friday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 18.00. 6:30 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 19.00. 07.00 Morning F* Morning Guest — Vintsuk Vyachorka, one of the organizers of the "Euro march" * Poll: Belarus emblematic figures of the "European march" * Interview public editor of Liberty this week Sergei Semenov * In Bereza public reaches termination of a foreign private enterprise for the production of herbicides "Frandesa" * Blitz analysis: on Friday awarded the Nobel Peace Prize — the chances denominated BelarusiansEvening18:00 * Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world * 18:30 Guest on Freedom

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Ul.Arlov: My heroes worked on me — as a person and as a writer

Heroes in the midst of the book "Names of Liberty" a huge number of people whose fates are linked with the Vitebsk region. It is internationally recognized painter Drozdovich Isaac, founder of the Belarusian theater Ignat Buynitsky, eminent writers Vasil Bykov and Vladimir Korotkevich also contemporaries writer Vladimir Orlov and his readers — Anatoly Konopelko poet, painter Leonid Borozna, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Pleschenko. According to the views of the Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Council TBM Navumchyk Joseph, these people, who have already passed away, certainly deserves to be the heroes of the book.

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On the website Martyrology of Belarus more than a thousand new victims biyagramav

On September 1, the website "Martyrology of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror. During the last 4 years on the website under the heading "Victims" were already exposed more than 5 and a half thousand Belarusians biyagramav repressed in Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Komi, Krasnoyarsk, Leningrad and Murmansk. Among them were exhibited separately lists repressed cultural figures, taken from the book by Anatoly Makarov. Now the web site is filled with over tysychchu biyagramami people who were repressed specifically

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Sunday at Liberty

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday.6:33 * "PO Box 111" — Letters from listeners on the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 6:45 * "Sign of Faith" — Can a good Christian to be rich?7:03 * replay of the webcast Saturday.7:33 * "House of Writers" — Roundtable on "Literature and the school" with the role of Anna Kislitsynay, Anatolia and Sidorevich Mikhas TychinyEvening 18:05 * "Prague accent" — What benefits can get from Belarus EU energy market reform, proposed recently by the European Commission? How to mix the statements of officials of the European Union on the

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Founding meeting of the Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives

Was elected chairman of the board recognized the Belarusian scientist and public figure, corresponding member of the State Academy Belarus Ivan Nikitchenko (pictured), his deputy — chairman of the Commission on Chernobyl» Joint civilian Alexander Volchanin Party and Secretary — Chairman of the Chernobyl Commission BPF Yuras Meleshkevich.In an interview with BelaPAN I.Nikitchenko noted that the documents for registration of the union» will be presented to the Ministry of Justice in October.Center will rest in the midst of post-Chernobyl effects monitoring; collection of disk imaging on various initiatives to overcome the consequences of Chernobyl, in including development of net production

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