Businessmen shocked statements Lukashenko

Among other, he said: "By signing the decree number 760, I criticized it himself. This decree in their favor. What we do We further continue to support individual entrepreneurs, which we imported from third countries, from Russia through this Russian consumer goods, the main bad and we have them for this lgotiruem. other words we did for SP preferential treatment. "Expressions Lukashenko commented one of the favorites of business Victor Gorbachev:"Wherever I went to the market or, as I have on the 3rd market’m everywhere there is a discussion of what he said. People are shocked by these statements in

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Our financial model is not worth anywhere

Alexander Wojtowicz, past chairman of the Council of the Republic, refers to the year, which is currently on waste, "determining for Belarus":"It became clear that we need to work for entirely different economic models. And that model that always reklyamavalasya us, not worth anywhere. It fails to provide the country with normal development. And it became clear particularly true this year. This is evidenced by what happened in 2007. Authorities are obliged to start share sale of municipal property. And this is done not transparent, and the sly, without the declaration of tenders.Or take the abolition of subsidies for the

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Politicians rely on conscientious choices and dialogue with authorities

Chairman of the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos says first of its prof there hope:"I’ve picked up The old — Terminate just two documentary films. Raychonok friend of Hell, which makes its own gallery in the village Hiermanavičy. Padvizhnitstva the dilemma that exists and which may eventually rescue Belarus. And second — about setting "People’s album," which the Belarusian youth connected with his face, made with Polish youth. ABOUT creative collaboration on the basis of community pages of history.I wish our school and continue to work and develop.In general terms the Belarusian — in This year parliamentary elections.

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Britain expects Belarus to release political prisoners

Liberation of political prisoners in Belarus would not only be an important step towards the normalization of relations with the European Union, and to intensify the development of bilateral British-Belarusian cooperation, namely in the sphere of economy, — the N.Guld Davis."The benefits of current politics in the country in Human Rights incomprehensible, but cons international reputation for Belarus as a whole are obvious — allocated British diplomat. — Release of prisoners would be for Europeans catchy signal that the situation in the country is changing for the best. "By him, for such a step would have reacted positively not only

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Lukashenko threatens U.S. ambassador

The Belarusian leader told reporters:"How significant will be introduced to our economy sanctions, we will respond very aggressively on all fronts, in politics, in economics and other fields. First who will be thrown out, it will be salting United States . "Also Alexander Lukashenko said Belarus will not pay for the Russian credit for its mills and factories. According to the manager of the country, in general, such a question never open a discussion. Lukashenko said:"That will never happen. We honestly and openly will be going on sale of shares and privatization. About any surrender of sovereignty can be no

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On the web in Belarus will earn $ 3 million

General Director of "trust applets" and chairman Yury Zisser notes significant growth in the number of users of the web in Belarus — at the moment it is about 25 percent of the total population: "If you associate with Russia, it is very many, because in Russia 17 percent. And if you compare with Western Europe, there is the number 60, 70, 80 percent." Bypass Russia in this index allows Belarus noticeably the smallest territory and the ability to conduct web virtually every corner of the country at this point in the network can get out of at least

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Predslava can listen

Olga Ipatovoj Tale "Predslava" knows about the fate of enlightener Euphrosyne. Created by itself did not even know his own work an audio output. But it is not going to apply to the courts for the protection of the rights of the author:"We had talks with Mazynskim, however, on other work -" David Grodno, "but basically, like Anyway, I regard it as such a pleasant surprise and slightly unexpected. Know, we have the author’s rights — it while terra incognita for many. Here at least some negotiations going. Because I rate it positively. I think that even will naturally Belarusian

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End quote: 2007

January"Go two people, behold the lying cow lyapeh. One other reads:" John, you could for $ 100 zestsi it? "John says," Yes, could be. "Ate, Kohl paid, go further, both unhappy, behold the Once lyapeh. Bob says: "And you could eat this lyapeh for $ 100?" Kohl ate Bob paid, rather, returned won $ 100. Go on and think: "What we have done! Nazherlisya manure and stayed at the property. "That’s neat result of this scandal." Radzikhovsky, a columnist for "Russian newspaper" — about the Belarusian-Russian crisis. "We are ready to cooperate with the devil, even with Satan to ensure

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Belarus condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan

In a special statement of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry says that Republic of Belarus "Consistently advocated and opposed to all forms and manifestations of terrorism and extremism."

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For 11 years, Belarus has shot more than 160 people

First year in Belarus were given to the implementation of death sentences to three favorites of so-called "Morozovskoj group": Sergei Morozov, Valery and Igor Danchenko Harbaty. They were accused of theft, racketeering and murder. It is clear that the convicted to apply for a pardon to Alexander Lukashenko, but they were denied. October 6 received a message about one of the death penalty. Sentence was carried out the Gomel Regional Court regarding inmate Gomel Paul Lennogo, which recognized guilty of raping and murdering a nine-year boy. People’s attitudes to the death penalty in Belarus contradictory. According to official data, in

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