The currency crisis in Belarus has entered a new phase

Society Russian First Channel showed the story of a currency crisis in Belarus. The National Bank of the Republic announced the actual devaluation of the local rate. The Belarusian "bunny" for a few hours immediately fell by 30%. However, even at the price of cash dollars and euros at exchange offices still do not.

Belarusian regime will not give

Society The Court of Appeal ruled in Lublin that Alexander K., owner of Belarus, will not be extradited to Belarus. The decision ends one of the longest extradition cases in Poland, according to «Dziennik Wschodni».

"End well. In the courts in Poland are working reasonable people, to distinguish truth from falsehood. Whole world knows that rights are violated in Belarus, there is no democracy, "- said the Polish journalists Alexander K.

According to the Lublin court in Belarus is not satisfied the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to a fair trial. Therefore, there is a suspicion

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NYT: aid to Belarus from the West is unlikely

Society Today's edition of The New York Times writes about yesterday's collapse of the Belarusian ruble and expressed doubt that the West can help to Minsk with the current economic problems.

We offer you the translation fragments Article Andrew Kramer.

"Utrymovvanne official rate of exchange was one of the many rules of the Soviet era, which retains authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko. It is at the time prevented in Belarus some of the ups and downs that have been observed in other weak economies in the former Soviet Union, but due to the rapid decrease in the foreign currency reserves of

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Deputy Minister: Belarus will not allow same-sex marriages

Society Belarus has no plans to change the legislation regarding permit same-sex marriages. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Peter Grushnik today on-line conference on Web sites and learned ministry, dedicated to the Day family.

Asked about the fact that young people are becoming increasingly popular variety of forms of cohabitation, deputy head of population, gender and family policy of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Marina Artyomenko noted that the country has retained the traditional norms of marriage and family behavior of the population. Most men and women are getting married. According

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Bobruisk: UCP activists protect independent media

Society More than two hundred activists gathered signatures Bobruisk branch of the United Civil Party, under the requirement to cease harassment of independent media in Belarus. According to the head of the party organization Victor Buzinaeva one hundred seventy signatures have already been sent by registered mail Information Minister Oleg Pralyaskouski. "We attract collecting signatures people's attention to the problem of harassment of independent media before the Belarus authorities restrict freedom of speech and the press. At the same time, we want to support independent media. How babruytsav subscribe to the "People's Will" and "Nasha Niva"I can not say for sure,

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Tank biathlon watch online

At a military training ground in the Moscow Alabino on Wednesday revealed new to the Russian armed forces competition — by Tank biathlon. Within 4 days of skill in the firing of guns and mnogokalibernyh driving in hilly terrain will show the crew of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. A further year will compete with them, and NATO tankers. "At the initiative of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu for the first time hold competitions in biathlon Tank. In the period of 4 days in a combat skill will compete the best tank crews and platoons of

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Sikorski: Lukashenka has to choose a path: to democracy or to The Hague

Society The foreign ministers of the EU countries at a meeting in Luxembourg increased the range of sanctions against Belarus, freezing the assets of the three companies, which are associated with Alexander Lukashenko.

This decision was taken in order to strengthen the financial pressure on the Belarusian authorities to force them to stop the repression against the opposition. It was also decided to add a "black list" of 188-mi Belarusian officials banned from leaving a few businessmen.

Thus European sanctions for the first time will affect the business sector under these regulations is subject to Lukashenko's economic adviser Vladimir Peftiev

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The European Parliament is returning to Belarus

Society Today in Strasbourg, MEPs will discuss the situation with human rights in Belarus. The debate will be held in the spring session of the European Parliament. Following the discussion is expected to adopt a special resolution.

Although the discussion of the Belarusian issue in the agenda of the session was listed on May 12, it actually started yesterday. Belarus on Wednesday raised the topic in his speech, the supreme representative of EU foreign policy Catherine Ashton. She stated that the actions of Alexander Lukashenko made inevitable sanctions against the Belarusian leadership:

"He did not leave us other option

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What does the Belarusian experience?

Society This topic is devoted to a discussion on the website of the Russian Fund of Yegor Gaidar.

Dmitry Oreshkin, political scientist, journalist: a strange feeling: it's all said for a long time. Even boring to repeat. What to negotiate with Lukashenko pointless because all the same throw. That its economy sooner or later will drive. That Russian oil and gas subsidies, which amount has reached $ 60 billion, praests … What populism and dictatorship can not — at least in the long term — to be effective. What to get out of the impasse would be more painful than

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Why Russia refuses a loan?

Society to discuss political scientist Andrei Fedorov from Minsk and associate professor of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Kirill Koktysh from Moscow.

Kirill Koktysh

Andrei Fedorov

Valery Karbalevich

Moscow's position has changed

Valery Karbalevich"So far, all Russian officials have reacted positively to the allocation of credit to Belarus. On the loyalty of Moscow on this issue and said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Finance Minister Kudrin, and Ambassador Surikov. Both Belarusian officials have said that everything is fine, go constructive negotiations, the parties discussed the anti-crisis program proposed by the Belarusian government. And suddenly, everything changed. Do

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