Even today, 25 April

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Sometimes a short rain, day +17-23.

Do not pass

Minsk regional court is considering a lawsuit Talkovskoy school teacher Natalia Ilinich, which seeks to return to work.

There, where we do not

Hockey team of Belarus will hold a friendly match against Germany in Cologne.

Also this day

1901 — New York, introduced the world's first car number.

1930 — Ulag formed in the USSR, and later the Gulag.

1945 — Soviet and American troops met at the Elbe River in the final operations against the

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Oksana Sprinchan — on Easter works in Belarusian literature



Easter — one of the greatest festivals of Belarusians — holiday resurrection of Christ crucified. Not surprisingly, it is symbolically compared to the fate of the "crucifixion" of Belarus, gives strength to its resurrection and rebirth.

Oksana Sprinchan — on Easter works in Belarusian literature.

Sergei Poluian. Christ is risen! Letters to the Future: Prose. Journalism. Criticism. "Fiction", 1986

Symbolic perception of Easter in Belarusian literature was a prose poem, "Christ is risen!" Sergey Poluyan. Was published in 1910 by the newspaper "Nasha Niva"After the author's death, and artfully awakened faith in the

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The economy of free fall

Society Belarus applied to the IMF for a loan of $ 8 billion. Possible scenarios analyzes commentator of Radio Liberty / Free Europe Robert Kolsan.

Belarus applied for help to the IMF in the context of inflation, as measured by double digits, the loss of foreign exchange reserves and a deep devaluation. Recently, Russia gave Belarus via EurAsEC anti-crisis fund loan of $ 3 billion, conditioning is the privatization of some key Belarusian industrial assets.

The current economic crisis Belarus was called as rising prices for Russian energy and the populist policy of generous public spending, which Lukashenko spent last

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Already weekend, April 23-24

Society Blitz-reviewed developments in Belarus, a world history.


Chance of rain and thunderstorms early on Sunday, summer temperatures — up to 23 Celsius.

Do not pass

Easter services will be held in the Orthodox churches and Catholic churches throughout Belarus.

At the National Museum of History — Exhibition of retro cars (Karl Marx, 12, Saturday-Sunday)

There, where we are no

The Vatican on Saturday the Pope will celebrate an Easter service at the Basilica Syatoga Peter, and on Sunday sent a message «Urbi et Orbi».

In Cairo, began trial former Interior Minister Habib al-Egypt Oghli for the

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Russia activates supplies to Belarus-300

Society Russia activates supplies to Belarus additional anti-aircraft missile system S-300, said during a visit to Minsk, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

"In 2010 We have completed the first stage of the repair and modernization of the Belarusian air defense missile systems S-300. Agreed to step up work on the following supplies of these missile systems in Belarus, "- said on the eve of Serdyukov, RIA" Novosti ".

He noted that the north-western direction of the air is an area of responsibility of a single regional Russian-Belarusian air defense system.

"We realize the strengthening of the system," — said

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Through many years of Chernobyl invalids will be only in the executive committees'

Society Today, representatives of the Gomel regional organization of the movement "For Freedom" association "Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives" and other social organizations held a conference on the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. It came as liquidators of the Chernobyl Narovlia, Kalinkovichi, Rechitzy.

Originally planned conference at the National Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology. However, four days before the administration of the conference center refused to accept the liquidators and social activists, citing travel professionals in areas related to the "Chernobyl activities."

Welcoming the participants of the conference, which was moved in the conference hall

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Began accepting applications in Gdansk Belarusian Lyceum

Society Began accepting applications for study in Belarusian Lyceum Gdansk in Poland, scheduled to open on September 1 this year.

Among the initiators of the new state of the Polish general educational institutions with a humanitarian bent, where all subjects will be taught in the Belarusian language — Belarusian Society of the school, the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Warsaw and Union School of Environmental Engineering Gdansk. This initiative was supported by the mayor of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz and Vice Mayor Maciej Lisicki, as well as Poland's Minister of Education Katarzyna Hall, BelaPAN.

About 80 students from Belarus

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Joseph Seredich: not crash …

Society History knows many cases where people have died from the great joy — writes in his article, the chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph Seredich.

Belarusian officials and their lackeys such a death is not threatened.

They face another death. Some of them may break from … malice. Well, a bone in the throat for them, "People's Will" — though the guard shout! Sixteenth year publishes the newspaper — and not a single quiet day. Double vyturvali printed in Vilnius, with disqualification to spread through Belpochta, kiosks, once — in Smolensk. Pressured and pressured by the courts,

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Near Smolensk



The central street of Smolensk remained Idioms, but it leads to the temple — the huge Cathedral of the Dormition.


This cathedral — a monument to the protection of the Muscovite army of Poland in the years 1609-1611. It is a famous icon of the Mother of God of Smolensk.


Smolensk Kremlin today are tiled to preserve for future generations.


The building of the regional administration. Here peacefully coexist two-headed eagle and a statue of Lenin. As elsewhere in Russia.


Monument to Alexander Twardowski and his hero Vasily Terkin established for public

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Olga Klaskouski has not had a meeting with his brother

Society Sister arrested on events of December 19 Alexander Klaskouski Olga Klaskouski returned to Belarus after nearly six years of exile. She has had political asylum in one of the EU countries. She returned to Belarus on April 13.

His decision to return to Belarus, she explained in a conversation with the correspondent of Radio Liberty:

"This is my brother Alexander concluded, because this is where I had the opportunity to have more direct contact with him. Unfortunately we were not dating, but I managed to pass him a transfer, sent parcel post, has received a letter from him.

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