Pensioner not expect gifts from Lukashenko

It is reported by the website of the Belarusian Embassy in Russia.The Belarusian embassy gave Ms. Makeyeva not only the letter of the Belarusian favorite, as gifts — fridge "Atlas" and the telly "Horizon". According to the pensioner, it was a complete surprise to her, because she sent money Lukashenko "untainted from the heart" and "to support Belarusian people. "As the destination she chose Belarusian manager, because" he is a conscientious man, and can distribute the right amount. "

For official Santa Claus — $ 35

Services employees inquiries question about Santa Claus and Snyagurku not bother: they give one blow stack organizers fabulous show with the role of Santa Claus and his granddaughter scenario:"Orders of Santa Clauses? Now look. Services of Santa Clauses and Snyagurak offers first" Youth social service. "There’s also a company" Art Mix "in their organization prazdnichkom New Year, as well as applications and features Santa Claus Snyagurka." Tandem studio ": Santa Claus and services Snyagurki …"Santa Clauses will be screened for alcoholTotal listed more than 10-ka places where you can get dressed characters who bring the acquired funds for parents gifts.

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Belarusians hooked on gaming needle

This convinced Belarusian municipal supervision and control. The reason — a suitable geographical location of Belarus also unimportant distance from Moscow. Indeed whether Russian capital reached westward?Exactly a year earlier, in December 2006, in the Russian Federation, the Federal Law "On the municipal regulation of activities in the organization and conduct of gambling." In accordance with it, is scheduled to make four play areas: in the Kaliningrad region, also in Krasnodar, Altai and Primorsky regions where naypazney by mid-2009 gaming establishments should move with all of.Russian expansion covers the periphery of the BelarusianRedistribution of gaming space has led to growth

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Night Siege December 26

On forums portal discussions are the statement of Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov that state loan Belarus in the amount of $ 1.5 billion on December 26 must go to Minsk. Comments: "For 150 bucks each inhabitant of Belarus for the New Year";"Once a year for a walk!";"Today, these funds will go to Minsk" — said Viktor Zubkov. " And not return back ";"Bon appetit." On pavgodika. And there still kredytyk. And the next … ";"Do the Russian that no credit to them will not return? After 5 years lukashenkas will not … Thank you, Our homeland for pdarunak. "

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Belarus received 1.5 billion Russian loan

The fate of the 1st loan — 2 billion dollars — and in indefinite mandatory kamentuetstsa structures of dictators.In February, the government turned to Russia with a request to grant a loan of 1.5 billion dollars to pay for supplies Russian energy resources. With years in the midst of the respective agreement in December, during a visit to Minsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time identified and terms of the loan: 15 years with a grace period of 5 years, interest rate of 0.75% per annum. December 20 in Moscow with the criteria agreed lending Deputy Prime Minister

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Life and death legends: Local

"Local — samanazov Belarusian over 19 — the beginning of the 20th century, the future Belarusian infancy.Local — the future of the Belarusian, who lost an understanding of their own ethnic (tribal) affiliation and have not yet acquired a national identity. "***Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Where did samanazov" local "?"

Ales Antipenko: "This state" between. "This condition is the lack of public identity. Tuteyshastsi myth ceases Because in those days, when Belarus loses its subjectivity and uniformly becomes part of Russian Empire. Belarusian, or a local man, finds himself in a completely alien, modern culture. Local and have self-determination. Thus future Belarusian

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The U.S. Embassy statement Lukashenko commented

"The United States in turn had read the Belarusian authorities that we continue to take positive measures against Belarusian officials and those who are responsible for violations of human rights, democracy and corruption pripiranie which they use as a tool to retain power.We are also prepared to take appropriate measures with respect to objects which are belonging or controlled by such persons. Statement by U.S. Ambassador Karen Stewart on this matter at a press conference on December 13 was manufactured in full accordance with the policy of the United States.

The key to improving US-Belarus relations remains in the hands

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Year results: Literary process and power

Valentine Aksak: "Ladies and gentlemen, do please own little list of negative, destructive phenomena or events in relations members of the Belarusian literary process and imperative structures of the country in 2007."

Ales Pashkevich: "Unfortunately, little does not work, so to designate more painful for me as a writer, and to our literary community events that are more far-reaching impact on the activities of the Union of Belarusian Writers and affect the memory of those artists, who on this day can not protect their rights . Please note hunt two positions.On September schoolchildren all over the country in their own

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CIS summit — two Lukashenko

To Alexander Lukashenko took his own younger Mikolka mostly on trips to Belarus (except Olympic voyage in Beijing), but for the international negotiations boy fell for the first time. Does the presence of the official report of the Governing kid anyone on this kind of events? Yesterday Belarusian and Russian channels showed as hosts summit met in Bishkek airport Belarusian ruler. Suddenly, many officials from Kyrgyzstan Plane Alexander Lukashenko went hand in hand with a small little boy. Lukashenka also went along his red carpet to greet the hosts. The footage has been seen that the Belarusian president not only

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Adventures and mysteries of the Belarusian economy in 2007

As the Belarusian economy has experienced a shock from the surge in energoelementy? Useful or harmful because the policy of foreign debt, which this year started to carry out the government? What was the outcome of the race prices and wages? These topics in the program "Prague accent" discussions are past chairman of the State Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich, independent economist Mike Zaleski and expert of the Institute of Management and privatization Alexander Chubrik.Drakakhrust"One of the major economic events of the year, which after a number of days of leave in the past, first accomplished this year, and began

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