NB: Gold sold only for dollars

Society The National Bank of Belarus on April 15 suspended the sale of precious metals in small bars (gold, silver, platinum) in Belarusian rubles, Interfax-West.

The site of the National Bank of the sale price for individuals and businesses and banks are set in U.S. dollars only. Repurchase price of bullion set in Belarusian rubles.

According to the National Bank, the volume of sales of gold bullions in the I quarter 2011and increased 4-fold compared with I quarter 2010 and amounted to 680.338 kg.

Experts believe that the sharp rise in demand for gold caused by lack of currency for

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Lukashenko: no crisis, stop running

As reported vesti.ru, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a news conference in Minsk, that there is no crisis and economic difficulties caused by the panic and excitement. He called on citizens to "calm weather these days," promised to prevent the collapse of the ruble, and said that the foreign exchange reserves of the country weigh 32 tons.

Sell what is bought

"There is no crisis. We have a panic and excitement. Were panic and excitement. We still restore "- says the president of Belarus.

Lukashenko advised citizens not to panic. "Finance —

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Because of the warm weather in Belarus can not sleep bears

Berezinsky Reserve specialists are alarmed warm weather in Belarus has led to the fact that brown bears do not lie dormant, and walk through the woods in search of food. Predators had to sleep in December last year, but still in the reserve discover fresh tracks of bears.

Such an anomaly can lead to tragic consequences. Bears can not sleep and walk in the woods, losing precious fat reserves they have accumulated over the warmer. During this period, they are very irritable and can be dangerous to humans. The reserve is home to the largest group in Belarus, these

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Disciplinary battalion in Belarus can be replaced by arrest

Society Nakiravannya punishment in the form of a disciplinary battalion in Belarus can be replaced by imprisonment for up to 6 months. A proposal was discussed today by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on National Security.

How falls learned in the commission drafted a bill to amend the criminal law in respect of war crimes. One of the MPs' proposals for the abolition of this form of punishment for conscripts, as the area in a disciplinary battalion. The developers of the bill propose to replace it with imprisonment for up to six months, and in some cases for war

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Italian MP expressed his condolences to the Belarusians

Society Speaking at a meeting of the lower house of the Italian parliament, member of the Democratic Party, Andrea Zaruba urged his fellow MPs not to forget about Belarus, which has lately become so close to the heart of Italians thanks to thousands of Belarusian children who are adopted Italian family.

As emphasized by the Italian politician, the Belarusian diplomatic mission responsible public officials are asked to remember about Belarus and misfortune which has befallen her the other day — in the subway attack, which killed 12 people and injured hundreds.

Even at such a tormented territory as the

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PACE urges Belarus to abandon the death penalty

Society The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called on the United States, Japan and Belarus to give up executions and death sentences.

PACE condemned what in Belarus in 2008, continuing execution of the death penalty, "which greatly undermined the credibility of the announced intention of Belarus to move closer to the European family of states that protect human rights and human dignity. "

PACE Assembly also expressed its gratitude to U.S. state, which for this period have abolished the death penalty. It is the states of New Jersey and New Mexico.

In Belarus since the

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Georgian banker: What is happening in Belarus, we can not

Society Developments in the foreign exchange market in Belarus cause confusion in the international financiers. As in this situation, the National Bank should act? Why Belarusian authorities stubbornly refuse from the devaluation of the ruble? The questions answered by Igor Corneille Megvinetuhutsesi Mariam, a member of the Board of Directors of «TBC bank», one of the largest banks in Georgia.

In Belarus, the two banks — "Belarusian People's Bank" and "Belarusian Bank for Small Business" — have in their structure a significant proportion of the Georgian capital. But while the chests, the national currency of Georgia, has artificially devalue that

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Belarus as an area of increased financial risk

Society European banks and insurance companies recommend trading partner of the Belarusian companies to refrain from building up speed and gradually moves to operation on a prepaid basis. Lack of foreign exchange reserves in the country threatens to cease payments on previous contracts. So far, Europeans have been working under the trade credit when the agency insure Vlasna delivery. But the situation is changing dramatically, and hope for a "good faith" is no longer necessary.

Experts confirm that the recent Belarusian enterprises increasingly difficult to get products from overseas on credit terms. Even lobbying on the part of the

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Russia did not support the OSCE in the Belarus

Society Russia considers inappropriate direction of the OSCE Rapporteur to study the human rights situation in Belarus — Deputy Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexei Sazonov.

A group of 14 OSCE participating States on April 6 OSCE Moscow Mechanism was activated by sending a letter communicated to the Permanent Representative of Belarus to the organization, BelaPAN. In the letter states that, that the human rights situation poses a serious threat to the implementation of OSCE commitments in the aspect of Human Rights. The letter's authors believe that the current situation in Belarus necessitates the creation and direction of the country

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Terrorism comes in Minsk

Society The British magazine The Economist offers his analysis of the circumstances, causes and possible consequences of a terrorist attack in Minsk on April 11.

The human cost in sight, although the reason is unclear.

Political violence in Belarus — it's rare but not unknown. Ten years ago, four people were missing. They are believed to have been killed by the authorities. Since then, opposition demonstrations regularly zdushvalisya rough, but the worst that happens is a broken bone, but not dead. As a result of the mysterious explosion in 2008, tens of people were wounded. No one has

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