Ichthyologists: the rivers of Belarus growing number of alien fish

In recent years the Belarusian rivers significantly increased the number of alien species. This leads to suppression and displacement of traditional forms for Belarus, as the latter often can not compete, said head of the Laboratory of Ichthyology Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources, NAS of Belarus Viktor Rizevsky.

The spread on the territory of Belarus alien fish species have been linked primarily to the warming climate. With increasing temperature these types easier to adapt to new environment and quickly multiply. "As a result, the suppression and repression of native species, reduced biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems," — said the scientist.

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Borys Kit stepping into another century

Society April 6 prominent Belarusian scientist, educator and Barys Kit celebrates 101 years. Borys Kit — a former director of the Vilnius and Novogrudskaya Belarusian gymnasium, an American scholar, an expert in the field of astronautics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, Professor Emeritus of the University of Maryland in the United States, the International Academy of Astronautics.

On the eve of this date Borys Kit expressed support for Belarusian political prisoners.

No special celebrations for its 101 th birthday of Boris Kit does not plan to, he's going to celebrate a holiday in a small circle of family and friends in

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MIA: In Belarus, there was a coup attempt

Society The Ministry of the Interior announced the completion of a preliminary criminal investigation of the events in Minsk on December 19, 2010.

"Investigation Department of preliminary investigation Minsk police completed a preliminary investigation criminal case, initiated against citizens Republic of Belarus — the organizers and participants in the riots on December 19 2010"- Said the evening of April 5 to the right of information and public relations of the Interior Ministry.

At the conclusion of the investigation, "produced ample evidence of an attempt to change the constitutional order Republic of Belarus by prior agreement with the representatives of

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Even today, April 6,

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Cloudy with occasional sunshine, rain in the evening, the temperature at +2 — +4 C at night, 11 — 13 C.

Do not pass:

Minsk. In the Constitutional Court will continue its consideration of the Polish Law "On the Pole's Card" for compliance with the principles of international law.

Minsk. In the national press center — preskanferentsyya "On the level of living of the population of Belarus in 2010."Beginning at 11.00.

Minsk. Club "Alekss" (Chernyshevsky Street, 10A) — a party ROCKMIX.Beginning at 19.00.


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We just tell the truth about the state of society

Society Sociologist, founder of the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies Professor Oleg Manayeu presented his new book "The emergence of civil society in independent Belarus. 2006-2010 year. Sociological experience. Book Three. "

The presentation took place at the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk. Thanking Lithuanian diplomats Oleg Manayeu sadly noticed that the other places except foreign embassies in Belarus today for such events do not. Sponsored publication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, among reviewers — the honorary chairman of the United Civil Party Stanislav Bogdanovich, a professor of St. Petersburg Boris Firsov and Mr. Hans-Georg

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Dunja Mijatovic: Belarus violates its commitments to the OSCE

Society The OSCE Representative on Media Dunja Mijatovic concerned about the pressure on the Belarusian authorities to local and foreign journalists. This is stated in a letter sent Mijatovic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov.

"The government continues to intimidate and harass independent media. This dangerous trend that began after the presidential election on December 19 2010, reached its critical point. These actions flagrantly violate abavyazani Belarus' OSCE .. "- said Mijatovic.

In his letter, she listed the cases when journalists and the media in Belarus were persecuted, especially emphasizing that seriously concerned "about the criminal prosecution

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Galina undergrowth: It is terrible to return to Belarus

Gennady Bankevich society — the head of the Belarusian Popular Front Kalvaryiskaya happy, irreplaceable member of the front Diets — applied to work for the good of Belarus' independence as a phenomenon daily, mandatory and they are not less solemn. Gennady was a sign of rallies front. Vladimir Romancev, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF:

"The people who attended the meetings, many remember this man … Not to mention the members of political organizations. Always on the Front rallies took place in front of record, and led to these records Gennady.

Gennady Bankevich at a rally

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The economic crisis in Belarus strengthens position in Russia in this country

Society Belarus has come to an end funds, and people spend days standing in lines to exchange rubles, preparing for a new devaluation, the article says Associated Press, published in the Washington Post.

"As the country is the last dictatorship in Europe, from which, after the last election recoiled West, Russia is now free to allocate its own conditions in exchange for aid, — says the article. — Making the provision of government Alexander Lenkukashi 3 billion dollars, it could put an eye on the most profitable assets of Lukashenko, such as oil refineries and chemical plants. "

"Lukashenko is

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Belarusian Lyceum landed in Gdansk

Society According to the web site of "Belarusian News" in Gdansk is preparing to open high school where all subjects will be taught in Belarusian.

Classes with the Belarusian language learning relevant class 8-11 Belarusian High School, will start work on 1 September this year. In the early forms will be combined inpatient and home schooling, depending on the wishes of the parents. As a result, students will be educated in accordance with recognized in Poland and European Union standards.

Lyceum will be at the expense of the Polish budget, said Vladimir Kolos, founder of the National Humanities Lyceum, which

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Uralkali does not guarantee that will provide loan to Belarus

Society "Uralkali" considering the possibility of payment in the amount of 1 billion U.S. dollars in favor of "Belaruskali" at the expense of joint sales of potash, but does not guarantee that the transaction will take place.

"A group of" Uralkali "confirms that it is considering the possibility of concluding an agreement with the" Belaruskali "according to which" Uralkali "may contribute up to $ 1 billion as advance payment in favor of" Belaruskali "to ensure the acquisition of certain ' of potassium, "- says the press release," BRIC ".

However, "OJSC" Uralkali "has not yet entered into a … agreement

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