Calls for freedom: the verdict Finkevich — flowering lawlessness

We start the program from the responses to the courts.December 20 October Mogilev tribunal sentenced Artur Finkevich one year and six months imprisonment. Referee Natalia Krashkina recognized Man guilty of violating that anticipate criminal charges "Evasion from punishment."December 20 tribunal Pershamajski district of Minsk granted the petition of Nicholas Charhinets protection of honor and merit. Journalist Alexander Tomkovich and the newspaper "New Era" have to pay 51 million rubles Charginets.Man: "The judicial execution and won over Finkevich Charhinets tribunal — the real flourishing of lawlessness in the judiciary in Belarus."December 20 State Security Committee noted the 90th anniversary of a

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Council invited the opposition to the European Union?

It invited the Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov. And will accept a role in this meeting, the representatives of the Belarusian opposition?The council of the European Union in Luxembourg to discuss the issue of lifting visa sanctions against certain Belarusian officials. According to MEP Justas Paleckis, the European Parliament recommended to invite the representatives of the opposition to the EU Council meeting in Luxembourg.

The authorities in Minsk felt that the idea of opposition is greatly influenced by the development of relations between the official Minsk and Brussels

"In order to the EU’s decision with regard to Belarus

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Our homeland has decided to lend Belarusian economy?

With the request for a loan, the official Minsk to Moscow addressed first 2007 — after doubling the price of natural gas and substantial rise in oil prices. But fundamentally agreed to lend Belarus economy Vladimir Putin expressed only during nedavneshnego official visit to Belarus. Were identified and the conditions for obtaining funds: 15 years with grace period of 5 years at a rate of 0.75% per annum. Credit is almost twice the municipal debtExpert Research Center, "Research forecasts, monitoring" economist Alexander Chubrik believes that the Russian loan will support the Belarusian economy recently new forecast appreciation in the commodities

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Finkevich was sentenced to one and a half years in bullpen

Chronicle of the court hearingBefore the meeting, courtroom tried to fill students — police called them interns. But to squeeze into the room they were not given associates Artur Finkevich.

During his imprisonment, I was aggravated health.

Support political prisoner came more than fifty people. Among them U.S. Embassy representative Luis Krishak also policy Alexander Milinkevich Siuchyk Paul Seviarynets, Alexey Shein. Father came and Dmitry Dashkevich Valentin. The court was also mother of Arthur.

Up to 18 hours a tribunal chaired by Judge Natalia Krashkina heard municipal prosecutor Artur Finkevich and more than 10 witnesses.Municipal prosecutor told the court that

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Belarusian KGB marks the 90th anniversary of the Cheka

In celebration of days programmke current employee of the State Security — celebratory meeting with a concert and laying flowers at the monument to security officers. In sets of mandatory ceremonial head of state and congratulations. "History of State Security Committee — the heroic annals of selfless and dedicated service to the Fatherland many generations of the best sons and daughters of the Motherland" — so, according to the press service Alexander Lukashenko noted in his greetings to employees and veterans of the KGB. Or refused Belarusian KGB from criminal inheritance Cheka? 70 years ago, on December 20, was shot

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KGB methods Lukashenko took over from the time of Beria

KGB now celebrates its 90th anniversary of a day or creation. Belarus — the only country in paslyasavetskay place where the intelligence agency has retained its title.Man: "The methods of the KGB Lukashenko took over completely and has learned from the times Tsanava and Beria. An endless nothing happens. Time will come. God sees everything. And the result of these actions will be clear."Comment retired lieutenant colonel, former manager of information-analytical department of military kontarvyvedki Belarus Sergei Anisko:Anitska: "The question is very difficult and the patient. Not hunt believe that could happen again what it was during the Tsanava and

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Our friends — our mirror

After the first keywords to get on the network for the freshest blog seventeenth Twelfth 07, from which it follows that Hugo — good guy and that in Venezuela, Belarus adore. Blog that the wizard created the nickname "krasnykeltiber", called Solidarity with Belarus. The instructions to the blog: Belarus fights against "European globalization" and builds "a measured future free from Western intervention (libre de las inherencias occidentales)". The creator calls for making the "Committee of Solidarity with Belarus" in its resistance to globalism (resistencia al mundialismo).German "Die Zeit" in the last six months, three times wrote about Chavez and Belarus,

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UN condemns human rights violations in Belarus

The resolution was proposed by the United States, 72 countries voted against — 33, in including Our homeland, yet 78 abstained.The resolution states, in Belarus last systematic violation Human Rights, harassment of the opposition and human rights activists, as pressure on media of information.

Gas prices for Belarus remain undecided

"Gazprom" on December 14 said that the cost of gas for Belarus in the first quarter 2008 make 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters.With all this Bambiza declined to comment on the possibility of conservation throughout the 2008 gas prices, scheduled for the first quarter 2008.Energy Minister Alexander Ozerets told Interfax today that cost 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters determined in accordance with the formula provided for a four-year contract on December 31, 2006. Treaty foresees that in 2008 the cost will be 67% of the average.According Ozerets hard to say will change cost of gas in

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Or implement Naftan Russians?

On the sidelines talking about operational meeting at which management "Naftan" announced on privatizing the plant over 50% of Russian oil company "LUKOIL". Sum likely deal with all this is not made public. But experts at range that the Belarusian government swiftly venture for sale "Naftan" because it brings in a significant proportion of the budget money income.Refining noticeably stalledAttempting to clarify the incident likely deal in a telephone conversation with Deputy Director General "Naftan" Nicholas Kalbasenkam result not given: "After we have phone interview this topic do not give. Come, please, let’s have a conversation. Write the name of

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