White-red-white flags in Minsk

Society March 24 on the eve of the freedom activists "Young Belarus" hung in Minsk on 4 white-red-white flags.

Flags appeared at the intersection of Prospect and partisan Davgabrodkay, near the metro station "Mogilev" Olszewski on the street and on Independence Avenue at the bridge over the river Svislach.

On Deputy Chairman movement "Young Belarus" Anastasia Maschevoy at a time when Belarusian opposition could not agree on a joint format Freedom Day, activists of "Young Belarus" decided that the best compliments for Belarusians will be hung national flags.

To secure the Belarusian nuclear power plant will raise funds for Subbotniki

Society The Ministry of Energy of Belarus says Bobruisk residents that the nuclear power plant will meet the latest safety requirements. So stated in response to a collective appeal babruytsav who opposed nuclear power plant in Belarus.

The letter of protest signed by about a hundred people. He was sent to the Presidential Administration. She forwarded the letter to respond to the Council of Ministers. That answer instructed the Ministry of Energy. In a letter signed by the deputy minister Yuri Rymashevsky, for four and a half pages set out the benefits that will accrue to the economy from the

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French Ambassador: NATO may limit contacts with Minsk

Society Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Belarus Michel Raineri March 23 said that NATO could soon minimize cooperation with Belarus.

Michel Raineri said that Europe can not afford to continue to cooperate with Belarus with a view that December 19 events was not, therefore, NATO intends to build a relationship with Belarus on new terms, according to BelaPAN.

The head of the French Embassy, which from 1 January 2011and performs the function of representation in Belarus, NATO said that in January this year NATO delegation visited the country to discuss the prospects of cooperation. It is planned that

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Embassy of Russia waits for an explanation

Society The Russian Embassy in Belarus has information about the detention of a Russian citizen, a journalist and human rights activist Alexander Lashmankin and asks the Belarusian side to indicate what were the motives of detention.

About This was announced RIA Novosti Russian Embassy in Belarus Vadim Gusev.

"We appealed to the Belarusian side to explain the motives and circumstances of the arrest of a Russian citizen," — said Gusev.

Chief editor of the Samara human rights news agency "Freedom" Alexander Lashmankin was removed from the train Chelyabinsk — Brest, Belarus law enforcement agencies.

"Now we are waiting for

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S-400 is involved in joint exercises Combat Commonwealth-2011

TSAMTO, September 12.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 was first activated during the active phase of the exercise "Combat Commonwealth-2011".

 Photo source:rian.ru

Commented Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov: "Today, representatives of the Armenian Armed Forces, Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to work out issues on the interaction of the joint group of forces. Although the setting was the target of the most complicated, all the crews showed high cohesiveness and combat training ".

As observers in exercises involving the representatives of Algeria, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Syria. Come on teachings defense ministers of Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Armenia

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Area attraction … the CU Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus plan to approach India, Chile, Italy

The Common Economic Space of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus remains the most stable in the world. In addition, interested, on the one hand, investment and new technologies, and on the other — in the public and their investment products to foreign markets. Potential partners of the Customs Union attracted by the fact that his economic policy is independent from the European Central Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve. The participants of the vehicle, in turn, are interested in an equal partnership with all, who benefits from it.

For example, at the end of 2010 was created the

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In the office of the Belarusian Popular Front, an exhibition of Abduction

Society Injured censors installation "Pyramid of Belarus" and about two dozen pieces that were at the time of Lukashenka to be shown at exhibitions paintings of "The Chase", tonight saw the light at the Minsk office of the BPF.

"Pyramid of Belarus" — this is the latest work by the time repressed paintings of "The Chase". March 15 is the exposure came an official of the Ministry of Culture, and he did not like this job. Rasshkamutanaya censors during the transportation time from the exhibition in two parts, it is well worth it in the current exhibition, disguised to two

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CCP-BPF: Today prepare the future of the country

Society Kiravintstva Conservative Christian Party BPF adopted an appeal to the nation on the occasion of the Day of Freedom, in which it called on to join the movement, "Elections without Lukashenko."

Noting that 93 years ago, "our ancestors declared the independence of the Belarusian National Republic, opened the way to the Belarusian people to nation-building and national reconstruction" and the "historical conditions, the collapse of the Soviet Union the Belarusian people, having a fight in front of his avant-garde — the Belarusian Popular Front, regained independence the country's Aug. 25, 1991, "the CCP BPF points out that" the enemies

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Society Ivashkevich was born September 21, 1959 in Minsk. Since the early 1980's — in the youth national movement, a member of "Artisan", "Artel". Since 1988 — the Belarusian Popular Front.

He organized strike committees at enterprises of Minsk in 1991. Many times been subjected to administrative penalties and arrests.

He was the editor of the newspaper "Business". In October 2002, he was sentenced to two years restriction of freedom for the publication of the article "A thief should sit in jail," in which prosecutors saw defaming the president.

Vice-chairman The BPF to 2009y. By February of

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Belarus has again become cold

After a brief warming that has been observed in the past few days in Belarus, the arrival of spring, once again slow down, told a videobrifinge chief of the National Weather Service Hydrometeorological Forecasts Dmitry Ryabov, BelTA has learned.

The territory of Belarus is expected to shift from the north to the south of a cold atmospheric front. Much rain it will not bring on the snow cover is not affected, but the south wind changes to the north, and the warm air will gradually go to Ukraine. The temperature of the forthcoming night will range from

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