Ferents Contra: Lists of banned will expand

Society Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Hungary to Belarus said in Contra Ferents interview to "Interfax-West" of the current policy of the European Union in relation to the authorities of Belarus in connection with the recent events in Belarus and abroad.

Interfax: Is there a will influence events in North Africa and the Middle East on the assessment of the situation in Belarus and the European Union? In the region, governments often act much more tightly. Many political analysts say Lukashenko lucky again …

Contra: The fact that these processes occur in parallel does not affect the assessment of

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Heat in Belarus in reservoirs Rechitsa dying fish

Heat flow from the south made the last three days, especially hot. In the south-east of the country figures thermometer did not fall below 30 degrees Celsius. Such thick negative impact not only on humans. For example, because of the steady hot weather in Rechitsa area begins mass fish die. It is reported Rechitskaya inspection area of natural resources and environmental protection.

Inspection staff claim that the fish ponds reclamation behaves poorly: Keep close to the surface. Water analysis showed that it contains little oxygen. Content standards — 4 units, and here — only 1. Thus, experts have concluded that

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London condemning the repression in Belarus

With such a society calling for the official Minsk was made today by the British Minister for Europe David Lidyngton in a statement, dedicated Belarus, which was announced on the website of British Foreign Ministry.

"The UK condemns in the strongest form of the recent verdicts masters Eugene Parfiankou, Dmitry Novik, Alexander Molchanov and Alexander Atroshchenkovym", — Emphasized in a statement.

The sentences are called politically motivated and disproportionate even exposed charges.

London is also concerned about the pressure on lawyers and political prisoners "shocked" by the statement of the former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich about getting along with him

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Anatoly Ivashchenko — about the best books of the Belarusian secret

Up to this society such seemingly simple questions as "Where's My Land", "whence our race" and how old, cause didalamalnyya passionate debate in the circles of professional historians, and on blogs and online forums kalyagistarychnyh, which means — their decision is still shrouded in a thick veil of secrecy. This ranking includes the most current and, according to the expert, third-party research secrets Belarusian history.

Free Masons in Belarusian history. The end of XVII — beginning of XX century. Vilnius: Gudas, 2005

In the sea of information (as well as — disinformation) that the researchers will Freemasonry in the network

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Already weekend March 5-6

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 

Cloud …

…and blizzard. Temperature: -6 — 0 C. 

Do not pass:

5-6 — International knight festival "White Castle". Historical and cultural center "Ryterburg" in the Minsk region.  


5 — In Sochi meeting between the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

5 — In Beijing, opened the annual session of the Chinese People's Deputies.

6 — Parliamentary elections in Estonia.

6 — Presidential elections in Benine. 


5 — In 1928 was born the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning author

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Preview: Bouquet of problems for the Belarusian economy

Society Why in the beginning of the year to Belarus affected by a number of economic challenges? What does the Belarusian economy worldwide increase in oil prices due to the Arab revolutions? As far as the current political repression is a means of preventing the potential socio-economic protest?

Over these topics in the "Prague accent" reason: economic commentator "BelGazeta" Sergei Zhbanov, Economist Michael Zaleski and the Economic Observer newspaper "Belarusians and Market" Constantine Skuratovich.

Listen to transfer to Sunday, March 7

ZaleskiYes Belarusian saying — in one place Parastaev stone with moss. That lay in the same place, moss

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In Geneva, discussed the resolution on Belarus to the Council of the UN Human Rights

Society In Geneva, discussed the draft of a special resolution on Belarus, which will be proposed to the Human Rights Council of the UN. Its main demand — to release political prisoners.

In Geneva, the situation in Belarus was discussed at a special conference and a meeting with representatives of a number of national delegations to the Council on the UN Human Rights Council, which was held in the premises of Norwegian representation.

In celebration was attended by representatives of the human rights center "Viasna" and the International Federation of Human Rights, the Moscow bureau of the human rights organization

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Already Thursday, June 9

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Weather …

… umbrella does not hurt, sometimes rains and thunderstorms. Temperature: +26 to +32


In the open session of the European Parliament Strasbourg

In London, begins an official visit of the President of Romania Traian Basescu in the UK.

In The Hague, resumes suspended in February for the trial of Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj.


In 1656, the Belarusian enlightener Samuel Peter-Sitniyanovich was tonsured a monk and took the name of Simeon, which every schoolboy knows

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Or held on March 9 devaluation?

Society Tsigankov: For two months, the Belarusian ruble fell by 4.65 percent. For the year should be no more than 8 percent, and then two months — 4.65. Or is the case in some seasonal reasons — for example, people are buying the currency to buy cars before raising taxes? Or is it evidence of strategic tensions over the exchange rate of currencies?

Roan: As long as it does not indicate that the authorities are ready to let go of the ruble. Rather, it is the desire to quickly lower the exchange rate and get close to the lower

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Samsung has suspended deliveries to Belarus

Society Products from Samsung stopped coming to the Belarusian market because of the decision of the Belarusian authorities, which restricts the purchase of foreign currency by importers of certain goods. Samsung has suspended the supply of both IT-products and home appliances.

About This was announced Samsung representative in Belarus, citing the decision of the Council of Ministers and the National Bank of Belarus № 240/5 of 25 February "On the calculation of the import of certain goods", RIA Novosti reported.

This decision, according to the company, making it impossible to calculate with suppliers. The document requires contracts with foreign companies

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