Careful, the doors of Europe are closed!

Society Another nine European countries closed their borders for a group of Belarusian officials responsible for violation of democratic standards in the presidential elections of 19 December 2010 and for the persecution of the opposition and civil society. This — Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Islyandyya (candidates to the European Union), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia (potential candidates for EU), Liechtenstein and Norway (members of the European Economic Area). They joined the EU sanctions against the Belarusian regime.

Nine European countries outside the European Union, have declared that they share the restrictive measures against certain officials of Belarus. Each of them

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Belarusian NPP again — protesting now — subsided

Society At the Minsk Forum "ATOMEXPO 2011" announced that an agreement with Russia for a loan for the construction of nuclear power plants can be signed at the March 15 meeting of the so-called Union Council of Ministers.According to official projections, the fall in the Ostrovetskaya site will begin to dig the basin for the future station, and now is preparing infrastructure — fed railway and highway. Meanwhile social movement against the construction of nuclear power plants, which actively began to unfold a few years ago is now an example.

The Belarusian side has not only Russians to finance construction

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KGB published a fragment of a letter to Lukashenko Michalevic

Society Center for Information and Public Relations of the KGB says Ales Mikhalevich statements regarding confidential relationship with the organs of state security and torture in prison are not true, and the information made available in connection with this slander.

This is stated in the information placed on the official website of the Belarusian KGB.

The report said that the consequence of the decision to change a preventive measure against Michalevic adopted "As agreed with prosecutors on the basis of the results of investigations, in accordance with its stated position on the understanding of the responsibility for illegal actions,

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Kazyuki in Grodno — the tenth time

Society In Grodno began craftsmen fair "Kazyuki." He held the tenth time, will last two days.At the opening sounded Polish, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Russian. From the stage, singing mostly Polish songs. Earlier, the organizers tried to balance has been with the Belarusian folk songs. By the way, has always been a celebratory banner on the Polish and BelarusianRussian languages. In This year, Belarusian was replaced by the Russian.

The name of the holiday "Kazyuki" comes from the name of St. Casimir — the patron of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the patron of craftsmen. Was the son of King Casimir

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Belarus repression discussed at the UN

Society Today, at 14 pm at the Palais des Nations in Geneva UN conference started "The human rights situation in Belarus", which will make the Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski, and the report will be presented "Paslyavybarchy pressure in Belarus," prepared by the experts of Human rights Watch.As the Human Rights Center "Viasna", in the morning at the Palais des Nations held a working lunch, which was attended by representatives of international human rights organizations Human rights Watch, Civicus, FIDH, Human Rights House Foundation, representatives of the national government delegations from different countries-members of the Human Rights Council of

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U.S. calls for release of political prisoners

Society The United States once again calls on Belarus to immediately and unconditionally release all persons detained for political reasons. This is said in a statement on the situation in Belarus, which was made by the head of the U.S. delegation to the OSCE Ian Kelly at the meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.

Text of the statement posted on the official website of the U.S. delegation to the OSCE.

"The United States would like to once again draw attention to the unacceptable situation in Belarus — said Kelly. — We remain seriously concerned about the

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Found a willing investor Belarusian NPP

Society Russian Vnesheconombank invited to participate in financing the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. This was today told reporters, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas.

"Today, a group of Vnesheconombank entered the Belarusian government with concrete proposals on funding of a number of investment projects, ranging from proposals for possible participation in the financing of nuclear power plant construction projects to local partners in the field of agriculture", — quotes the deputy prime minister has learned.

The Belarusian government is considering These questions and is interested in the fact that the domestic business entities have more

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Hurricane in Belarus

22.07.11.V Belarus eliminate consequences night disaster.

Storm front that came to us from Poland and Lithuania, left trail of destruction in four regions.

More than 600 settlements of the republic remained without electricity. However, today the end of the day energy supply will be restored to all affected areas, the correspondent of the TV company "Capital TV".

Echoes of the cyclone hanging over north-western Europe reached Belarus. Suffered Minsk, Gomel, Brest and Grodno region. Only one Mozyr district just 15 minutes squally winds caused damage, estimated now at almost half a billion rubles.

Pensioner Anna M. and

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In Minsk, want to march against homophobia

Society The activists of the gay movement in Belarus, Minsk City Executive Committee submitted a request to hold the march "March of Equality," in commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17.March 5 applicants were activists of IDAHO Belarus.

The purpose of the "March of Equality" — performance in support of Human Rights and civil equality for all people, regardless of ethnicity, religious and cultural beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity.

"March of equality — the action to consolidate the various minorities in Belarus, who are often discriminated against in that or other degree. On once we decided

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Tyrant of Belarus — a friend of Gaddafi from the far North?

Society Moscow correspondent for TIME magazine Simon & Schuster, referring to the Swedish expert, writes about the aircraft, gold, mercenaries, and the possibility that Minsk will beduinski tent. Libyan despot, who staggered, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, is rapidly losing friends. Many of his military commanders refused it. A good half of the country in the hands of the opposition. UN slapped on it paralyzing sanctions and even his beloved Ukrainian nurse flew home. But it seems that there was one ally, ready to give Gaddafi a means to strengthen the weakened power — weapons, ammunition, and probably mercenaries. This ally —

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