New sentences — new sanctions

Society New sentences for political prisoners in Minsk accelerate the introduction of new sanctions against Belarusian officials. This opinion was played in Bratislava, where there is a group of Belarusian opposition activists. They participate in the activities of the foreign ministers' meeting "Visegrad Four" with representatives of the countries of "Eastern Partnership" and the international security conference «Globsec — 2011".

Today's plenary session of an international security conference in Bratislava opened the Belarusian issue that has attracted the attention of not only the countries of the "Visegrad Four" and the "Eastern Partnership", but also in other EU states. Attended by

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There are new witnesses torture in KGB

Society Movement "For Freedom" and representatives of political parties and movements announced the launch of the campaign, "Fear not." It was dedicated to a special press conference at which the organizers said about the purpose and objectives of the company.

Presentation of the new movement started watching videos on the event on December 19 at the Independence Square, which the author then went behind bars. The purpose of the events and late detentions, searches and harsh sentences exhibition space — to intimidate the Belarusian society. The purpose of the action "No Fear" is aimed at the destruction of the

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The real and imaginary embargo Punishment

Yesterday the Company's United Nations representative apologized for the erroneous statement that Belarus supplied helicopters in Côte d'Ivoire violated the UN arms embargo.

But even if the charges former true, AAN hardly could somehow punish the Belarusian authorities. The damage would be inflicted only the reputation of Belarus, which is bad enough without it.

Today there are more than twenty of the UN embargo, the majority of which are associated with African countries. In addition, there is a unilateral embargoes imposed by the United States, the European Union and other countries.

International embargo violated since they exist. Although

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Shevchuk is still going to perform in Belarus

Society, "I certainly upset because I love Belarus. Well, I will now come to" appartment "as before" — said in an interview Shevchuk "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In January, the personal blog of Vladimir Neklyaeva, who after his arrest policy works on the Internet, received a message from Yuri Shevchuk:

"Very worried about the fate Vladimir Neklyaeva, My good friend, and the other opposition seized by the authorities of Belarus during a peaceful rally in Minsk on December 19, 2010. I pray for the speedy release of the wonderful people, the sons of the beautiful country looking for her goodness and light

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Statement: In Belarus, build long-police dictatorship

Society The call to "start imposing additional restrictive measures, including visa restrictions but financial considerations, political repression against the defendants in the case on the events of December 19-20 last year, in including against the investigators of the Committee of State Security, the Ministry of Interior, which are involved in unfair trials of prosecutors and judges that render obviously illegal politically motivated sentences and their immediate supervisors' today appealed to the international community representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus (Belarusian Popular Front party, UCP, BCD, "Fair World"). This and other proposals by representatives of the democratic forces motivated by

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? M.Durynda: EU can not speak to Lukashenko

Society The European Union, according to the Slovak Foreign Minister Mikulas Dzurinda, we can not say with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on any theme as long as in Belarusian prisons will remain members of the opposition who have done nothing wrong, and only showed their views.

As the Dzurinda at a press conference after meeting with representatives of the Belarusian opposition, the EU should act in this matter with a unified position. "We were a Calvary. A lot of it does not remember. A lot of this Calvary at European summits do not understand the greater responsibility lies with us,

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Officials banned does not make sense to hold on posts

Society Chairman of the Belarusian Football Federation Gennady Nyavyhlas would not run for another term. The former head of the Security Council and the administration admitted that the first status prevents him banned. As a result of the recent presidential campaign, which ended in mass arrests of opposition figures, Nyavyhlas again fell into the "black list" of the European Union and the United States. And the inability to visit abroad does not allow the head of his rank to effectively address the issues of international cooperation.

For example, on March 22 in Paris is scheduled UEFA Congress, which will

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In Belarus, more expensive fuel

Society 3 March in Belarus selling prices in fragmented on petroleum products sold at gas stations "Belneftekhim" increased on average by 6.6%.According to the "Belneftekhim", the new prices are entered according to order of the Chairman of the Group on March 2 2011a.

Now the cost of a liter of avtabenzinu mark "Normal-80" is 2, 4000 rubles (6.7%), AI-92 — 3 thousands of rubles (Up 4.5%), A-95 — 3.4 thousands of rubles (Up 4.9%), diesel fuel — 2, 85 thousand rubles (10.4%).

Last Belarus fuel prices rose 12 May 2010.

Cultural Belarus want to discover Europe

Society Today in Minsk will host a presentation of the two-year cultural campaign "Discover Belarus — Discover Europe". In this joint program, except for Belarus involved five EU countries — Lithuania, Germany, Portugal and Sweden.

During the campaign, the modern culture these countries present about 70 musicians, artists and photographers.

Concerts, exhibitions, yes master classes for two years will be held in Minsk, Nyasvizh, Polotsk, Bobruisk, Rechitza, Pinsk, Dresden, Vilnius, Lisbon, Stockholm, Tartu.

Alexander Apeykin — the coordinator of the campaign "Discover Belarus — uncover Europe "in Belarus says" Freedom ":

The company initiated six European organizations, which were

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Today — the presentation of the album Press Photo Belarus 2010.

Society March 3 at the Metropolitan Gallery "B" will be presented the winners of the first competition of the album "Press Photo Belarus 2010". The first independent contest press photographs taken place in the past year. It was organized by professional fotarepartery themselves. The competition involved 96 Belarusian photographers were sent to more than 1,200 works — single images and series. For publication in the album were selected best work.

The winners of "Belarus Press Photo 2010" were defined in the category "News", "People in the News," "Daily Life", "Sports", "portrait", "Arts and Entertainment", "Nature", "facade, advertising" . Julia Darashkevich,

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