Signed a decree on the abolition of stamp

This was now the deputy said House of Representatives Sergei Mackevich the discussion changes and additions to the laws relating to the payment of state duty. "It became clear that the president signed a decree that cancels from 1 January 2008 need to have a permit stamp to travel abroad, "- said S.Mackevich.For leave and return to Belarus will have to pay custom tax. But it will only apply to those people of Belarus, who go on a fixed place of residence in the border of Belarus.

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Expert: Gas price must fall together with oil prices

Slowing global economic growth will negatively affect the demand for Belarusian products abroad, and price increases energoelementov lead to a deterioration of trade criterion. So Makar, access to external financing Belarus may be even more limited. However, some Belarusian experts believe that the costs of the global crisis for Belarus may have not only negative consequences. Analysts predict recession virtually Worldwide. Prerequisite — an acute crisis, which has led to a collapse in the money markets. Crisis as economists foretell, in the near Time will deepen, and in the following year a large part of national economies start with a

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119 bucks — not a gift. It was in the contract

Manyanok: "Just at the moment are rising some details of the agreement, which was signed at the end of 2006 between Belarus and "Gazprom". According to the agreement, in the first quarter of 2008 the price of gas Belarus should not rise over by 19 percent. That is what happened. Because of any gifts for Belarus can not be read.

On any gifts Belarus read impossible. 

The rest of the period, an increase Belarus will be based on European prices. And it will match 67 percent of syarednyaevrapeyskay prices, as foreseen in the contract. That in the first quarter of

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Year results: Belarus and the West

Tsigankov: "5 December, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky and head of the consulate of the European Commission to Ukraine and Belarus, which is located in Kiev, Baugh He initialed a draft agreement on the opening of the European Commission office in Minsk. 6 December, U.S. President George W. Bush met with a delegation of the Belarusian opposition. This last actions in relations between Belarus and the EU this year.Let’s start our analysis with the fact that recall the main milestones in the relationship between the West and Belarus remind our listeners that the head

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Will Lukashenka Schengen visa?

Resolution endorsed absolute majority of parliamentarians. It expressed "profound disappointment" in in Belarus did not work for democratic change. And despite the small improvement, elections did not meet OSCE standards. MEPs urged to simplify the function of obtaining visas for people of European Belarus. Also invited to stop visa sanctions against Belarusian officials for some six months. For this time Belarusian authorities should reconsider a discriminatory law on the media. Suspension of sanctions, but should not concern persons who participated in the violation of democratic election standards and human rights. On the question of lifting the sanctions against the head

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Belarus — in the midst of enemies of the web

The list of "enemies of the web" hit 13 countries, among which Russia, Cuba, China, North Korea and others. By the way, from the former USSR in this list, except Belarus, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan entered.As for Belarus, the report "Reporters Without Borders" on As the last notes:"Those websites that are trying to say view, good from the official, cracked. Solely Last year was recorded several such cases . "

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Public editor weeks — Lena Makovskaya

In the "homeland" Lena came to alert the newspaper when found work after graduation. Worked in the commercial department, which ensures the creation of a real base of the organization, then in the joint venture, which connected with the Belarusian Diaspora businessmen. With 1997 managed organizational legal department in association made under the auspices of the "Fund" Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk ". Before another Congress WBCs became its executive director, and the last 6 years he has headed "Fatherland."Here’s a short interview with another public editor of the week:— Belarusian emigration now — it’s one, two, three million?— According

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Solidarity action took place in Moscow

Participants of the rally solidarity with the victims of political repressions in Belarus held portraits of Dmitry Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, Alexander Kozulin.Contraction in the structure of the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow activists tried to hold prakremlevskaga movement "Young Russia". But the police stopped them.

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School problem about Sasha and Vova

"Uh, nothing happened" — one they say, referring to the fact that Vladimir Putin came and went, and no allied countries after it left. "And came out well" — notice the other, picking up a calculator. It turned out the meaning of the mysterious word Putin that gas prices Belarus will not change, and soon will rise, but under the treaty. After the visit, on Saturday, "Gazprom" said the cost for Belarus will be 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. It should be noted that such a figure specifically referred to two weeks back the first Deputy Prime Minister

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Putin in Minsk dabbled in the role of prime minister

For what Vladimir Putin arrived in Belarus? Why did he finally agreed to give Belarus a credit of one and a half billion dollars? What do Lukashenka’s statements on cooperation with Russia in the military sphere strategically?Drakakhrust"For what purposes visited Minsk Vladimir Putin? The other day of his visit intensively disseminated information that Minsk Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin quickly sign the Constitutional Act of Union countries rassredotachivaniem roles: Putin — union president Lukashenko — the speaker of the union parliament.But it did not work out. Sensation, and if accomplished, then a completely different sphere — economic, Putin said that

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