The main goal for 2012: to put together power, Military Review

Russia and its citizens are not waiting for a very simple year filled with a mass of events with a plus and a minus. Therefore, we again have lost our country (and one we do not have), the most important thing is that we are in 2012 — is to continue to restore the "Great Russia", which includes not only Russia but also White Russia, Little Russia, Kazakhstan. Together we are a force that can stand up in the storm of the global crisis and to take its rightful (and perhaps the leading place) in the future, the

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The OSCE Office in Minsk removes

Society While chairman of the OSCE, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis was visiting the United States, the government of Belarus made the final decision to close the OSCE office in Minsk. Belarusians are not persuaded to keep the OSCE Office and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Evaldas Ignatavičius that special visit to Belarus. It is reported portal Delfi.

"Was all the best, but to get what happened. This political situation in Belarus. According to the practice of the OSCE member states have a right to refuse, "- said Feb. 22 at a press conference A.Ažubalis.

He said that while

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Castro and Belarus: black memories

Society Raul Castro, the chairman of the Council of State and Government of Cuba, has a desire to re-visit Belarus. This was reported today by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parylya country. He is on an official visit to Minsk, where he was received by Alexander Lukashenko.

"I came here with the request of Raul Castro, who has expressed a desire to visit Minsk in the near future" — said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Today, not many of you probably remember the tragic consequences of Raul Castro's first visit to Belarus. December 26, 1976 after he was hunting

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BCD against the Ministry of Justice: a break until Friday

Society Belarusian Supreme Court adjourned the matter of the complaint is not filed until now the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" at the Ministry of Justice. Break will last until Friday, February 25.

This is "Radio Liberty" the co-chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski. Representatives of the party required to recognize that the refusal to register the party Ministry of Justice — is illegal and violates the rights of the founders.

"We do decide to participate if we continue in this meeting — said Vitaly Rymashevski. — In our statement, we requested to force the Ministry

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IMF offers Belarus to tighten monetary pass

Society The current account deficit * requires an immediate tightening of monetary policy.

This view was expressed in an interview, "Prime-TASS", IMF Resident Representative in Belarus Natalia Kolyadina. "Credit growth in Belarus in 2011 continues to be very significant, and it is necessary to take measures to slow it down in order to reduce the demand for foreign currency," — she said.

Kolyadina noted that in 2010 there was a dramatic easing of monetary and fiscal policy in Belarus, as well as a significant increase in wages in real terms, which has led to an increase in the deficit on

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Lukashenko is preparing for the cold war with the West?


On these and other issues in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom" meet analyst Yuri Chausov and the head of analytical projects BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.

Yuri Chausov

Alexander Klaskouski

Vitaly Tsigankov

"Ministers have clung to the leadership of Belarus, not because we are lack of democracy, but because these ministers incorrect orientation."

Tsigankov: His statements Lukashenko went on that line, which he develops in relations with the West after the presidential election — the line on the conflict, to the deterioration of relations. "I do not care for all their comments. This is evil and indecent people. Since

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Echo affairs Basil Parfiankou

Society Why verdict in the case of Vasily Parfenkov was so cruel? Will the pace of the trial and sentence him to him the template for the trials of other participants of business on December 19? How the West responds to the challenge of political trials in Belarus?

On these issues in the "Prague accent" talk to our reporter Oleg Hruzdzilovich, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Andrew Dynko and Polish political scientist Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky.

Drakakhrust4, the colony — it was imposed on the first trial of the case on December 19. Why was such a

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On the way to authoritarian capitalism?

Society Despite the dark clouds of political repression western business is still interested in Belarus. The latest evidence of this — "Belarusian day of the financial markets", organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Minsk, Belarus in February. Deutsche Bank, London Stock Exchange and a number of reputable consulting firms were among the sponsors of the event. The aim was to explain to the major Belarusian state-owned enterprises such as MAZ, Oil Refinery and BelarusBank as they can ckarystatstsa international capital markets. It is obvious that the Belarusian authorities want to demonstrate to investors the seriousness of its privatization

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Gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva won the World Championship gold in the individual all-around

In Kiev, continuing the world championship in rhythmic gymnastics. Russia's Yana Kudryavtseva won the gold medal in the exercises in the individual all-around with a score of 73.866 points. Second place went to the representative of Ukraine Anna Rizatdinova (73.041). Bronze at Melitina Stanyuta of Belarus (72.166). Another Russian Margarita Mamun was fifth.

World Rhythmic Gymnastics. Private-around. 1. Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia). 2. Anna Rizatdinova (Ukraine). 3. Melitina Stanyuta (Belarus).

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