Lara Davnz: I dedicate this performance to the victims of repression in Belarus …

Society On Saturday evening, February 12 at the Polish Embassy in Washington, a famous American pianist Lara Davnz a concert of music by Chopin and Barbary, in which she devotes one product to all the victims of repression in Belarus.

On the eve of the concert, we asked Larry, how did such a fundamental American interest in Belarus, and such knowledge about Belarusian political events. Was she ever in Belarus on a visit or on tour?

Lara Davnz: I've never been to any visit or on tour. It is possible that some of my ancestors come from neighboring Belarus

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KGB chief to resign

Last week, in Belarus there was a very significant event that has, as stated, Belarusian and Russian politicians, very serious implications. Belarus President Lukashenko dismissed the head of the National Security Committee (KGB) Vadim Zaitsev, who, incidentally, is a great time working in the Russian FSB.

By itself, it would seem commonplace event would not have caused such a resonance, but the resignation of the strongest intelligence agencies in at least CIS forces look at the situation with a more critical side. First, it is alleged suicide of a KGB colonel, which occurred just before retirement. So, experts say, something

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Europeans will write to political prisoners and the authorities

Society In the political assembly Evrapeykay People's Party was decided that the policy of the different European countries will send letters of solidarity to Belarusian political prisoners. And also — the letter to the Belarusian authorities to release political prisoners.About This was announced Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich, which participated in the political assembly of the European People's Party in Brussels.

He said that the Assembly "was a separate topic Situation in Belarus, although the discussion resolution was not taken. "

Volgograd Tractor Parts and normals celebrated the 80 th anniversary

At the end of May in Volgograd celebrated the anniversary of one of the oldest companies in the region — Ltd. "VZTDiN".

Currently, the share of production of LLC "VZTDiN" in the total production of metal products in Russia is 4%, in Belarus — 16%. Main products — hot springs and cold coiling, bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, pin track link.

Among its major customers — Volgograd Motor Works, Volgograd Tractor Plant, RUZKHIMMASH (Mordovia), Roslavlsky SAS (Smolensk region), a number of enterprises of Tatarstan and the Republic of Belarus.

Now the company realized investment project "The construction of a

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Vitaly Rymashevski

Society was born in 1975

He is married and has a daughter.

Belarusian. Orthodox.

1997 Graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University, a civil engineer.

1999 He studied in Germany at the courses Graduate School of Public Administration at the institute "Union of Public Management", examines the economic and political situation of Germany.

1996 Member of the Coordinating Council of the "Belarusian Association of Young Politicians."

Of 2002-2004. Member of the Presidium of the Belarusian National Youth Council NGOs "I'm glad."

One of the leaders of "In defense of freedom of conscience and religion in Belarus."

The head of the

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The founder of Wikileaks has not yet issued in Sweden

Society Today in the UK over the hearing on Sweden's request to extradite WikiLeaks founder revealing portal Julian Assange. Judgment should be made on February 24. Assange remains on bail.

Stockholm seeking the extradition of Assange for questioning on charges of sexual assault.

Assange denies the charges, his lawyers challenged the extradition.

The lawyers said Assange could face the death penalty if, after Sweden will give him the U.S. due to abvinachavannyami associated with the publication of secret U.S. documents to the website WikiLeaks.

Moreover, advocates claim that those actions in which the accused Assange's Swedish authorities, are

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Inflation in Belarus in January rose to 1.4%

Society In Belarus, the consumer prices in January 2011and increased by 1.4% after rising 1% in December 2010.About This was announcedInterfax and the National Statistics Committee, with reference to operational data.

Annual inflation (January 2011 to January 2010) Was 10.6%.

The only Russian rules for Belarusian hockey players

Society The International Ice Hockey Federation has introduced a single standard for the transfer of names from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet. The website of the Federation, for players from Belarus and Kazakhstan will be applied to transcription from Russian. To transfer the Ukrainian names are separate rules.

We asked for clarification in the press-secretary of the International Ice Hockey Federation Martin Merka.

(Reporter 🙂 "Belarus has two official languages, and in the passports of Latin spelling is usually transferred to the Belarusian language. Why did you decide to use for Belarusian player of the Russian form of names?"

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The Supreme Economic Court is considering a lawsuit Avtoradio behind closed doors

Society In the Supreme Economic Court today began hearing complaints Minsk radio station "Autoradio" to the National Commission on Television and Radio Broadcasting and Information Ministry.The radio station is asking the court to annul the Commission's decision to stop broadcasting "Autoradio" and warning the Ministry of Information.

It was assumed that the hearing will be open, and Feb. 11 at the courthouse were about a dozen journalists. But at the last moment to the editor "Autoradio" Yuri basanite reported that todaySchnee meeting will be held in camera, as it will be considered only procedural issues.

Broadcasting "Avtaryde" was terminated on

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EuroNest Belarusian delegation will meet with no

Society Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament political factions agreed to convene the first meeting of Euronest without the Belarusian delegation.

This solution adopted February 10 unanimously. Euronest meeting will be held without the representatives of civil society and Parliament of Belarus. Euronest meeting may be held in March.

"I hope this is only a transient state, not a final decision. Parliamentarians from Belarus are welcome, but only when free elections recognized the world, will become a reality. We need to see where the democratic process ", — said chairman Evraparlementa Jerzy Buzek, sends PAP.

Previously it was

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