Belarusian nuclear power plant Russia is shining again

Society Sergei Kiriyenko, CEO of "Rosatom", today announced that an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant could be signed before the end of the first quarter of this year, and may start to dig a pit in September.

"We have agreed on a schedule during his stay in Minsk," said Kiriyenko ITAR-TASS. On He said, feasibility agreement should go to the end of June, and in September, according to preliminary calculations, the Russian side, the contract can be signed. If the Belarusian colleagues will complete site preparation time, said the head of "Rosatom", in

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North council suspends cooperation with Belarus

Society A message sent to the House of Representatives of Belarus, chairman of the Danish Henrik Dam Kristensen. Tip though conducted with the cooperation of both the official and the opposition politicians.

In particular, reports Christensen, postponed planned for this year study visit of politicians from Belarus to one of the member countries of the organization. The letter emphasized that co-operation will be resumed only after the improvement of the situation in Belarus and the release of all political prisoners.

North Council expresses its deep regret over the arrest of opposition politicians, including number of presidential candidates, right after

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In Brussels, the registered office of the Belarusian political emigration

Society Today is officially registered in Belgium OBPE (Office of Belarusian Political Emigration). This is "Radio Liberty" reported from Brussels political refugee Igor Lazarchuk. The head office elected Yuri veins.

The main areas of work of the new organization will be a multi-vector-media services, support for democracy and development Civil Society in Belarus, assistance to Belarusian political emigrant and victims of political repression, the establishment of relations and cooperation with political and NGOs and movements; consolidation of the Belarusian political organizations and movements; conservation activities of the Belarusian national avtentychnastsi.

Free visas are issued. But not Schengen.

Society Germany started issuing free visas to citizens of Belarus on February 4. March 1 will cancel the visa fee for Estonian visa. This, however, only the long-term national visas.

As theand BelaPAN press department of the German Embassy in Minsk, the national long-stay visas without consular fees are issued to persons who plan to stay in Germany for more than three months, for example, to family reunification, study or work. The new rule does not apply to the issuance of Schengen visas for short-term tourist and business stays up to 90 days. On a similar decision said the government

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Belarusians go on another loan to Moscow

Society February 10 the delegation of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus will visit Moscow. The purpose of the trip — in talks with Russian counterparts on the loan for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. This was reported today by the deputy head of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Alexander Lokshin at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin. Deputy Prime Minister instructed the "Rosatom" lead schedules of the Baltic and the Belarusian nuclear power plant in accordance with the needs of the Kaliningrad region's electricity.

Belarus plans in 2018 to commission two power plant with

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Dusk or dawn in Belarus?

Society Mitchel Orenstayn, an American researcher at Johns Hopkins University, recently visited Belarus. In his article on the site analitychnyym Project Syndicate, he analyzes the situation in the country and gives suggestions of what should be the policy of the West towards Belarus. At the time, as pro-democracy protests are gaining momentum in the Arab world, Belarus kvazisavetskay grim fortress Europe, things are moving for the worst. President Lukashenko is rigidly suppressed demonstrations that took place after the election, and put him in jail 7 of 9 presidential candidates who opposed him.

Western governments, including the EU, have to

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Moscow again warned Minsk silent again

Society Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has once again called on the Belarusian authorities to release all those detained during a peaceful opposition rally in the day of the presidential election on December 19. He acknowledged that in Russia also happen excesses of human rights, but they pale in comparison to what is happening in Belarus.

Sergey Lavrov considered unprecedented in world practice case where more than half the members of the presidential race in prison and under house arrest.

Minsk ignores Moscow's position in terms of liberating Russian citizens Artem Brevsa and Ivan Gaponava. Young people served

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Become more expensive meat and cigarettes

Society From June 8 to Belarus once again raise the marginal cost prices for pork. Resolution of a 10 per cent price increase approved by the Ministry of Economy of Belarus.

Thus, maximum selling prices for pork carcasses first and second category will rise to 11.45 per thousand pounds, the third category — up to 10.69 thousand per kilogram.

Earlier, another decision of the Ministry of Economy has been increased by 10% the price of beef carcasses and pork potushnuyu — 8%.

Also, since June 8, rose cigarettes middle and upper price segment, both domestic and imported — an average

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Yu.Slutskaya: Care of the ERB — my personal decision

Society Well-known Belarusian journalist Yulia Slutskaya retired as editor in chief of the European Radio for Belarus, which it occupied the last few years. This was succeeded by Vitaly Zyblyuk, who until recently was the deputy Ms. Slutskaya.In 2006, Julia Slutskaya because of pressure from the Belarusian government was forced to resign as editor of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus".

What are the causes of its current care? What will change in the ERB, the Zyblyuk? What will the next Ms. Slutskaya? About these issues with current and former editors ERB talked Yuri Drakakhrust.

DrakakhrustVitaly, for whatever reason,

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Senator Johnson in favor of new sanctions against Belarus

Society U.S. Sen. Johnson Those in favor of new sanctions against Belarus for violence against the opposition after the presidential election. It is reported in his blog on the website edition of The Wall Street Journal journalist Samuel Rubenfeld.

Senator Johnson, the chief representative of the Democrats in the Senate Banking Committee, said, he wants review the sanctions against Belarus, and could initiate legislation in this issue.

Senator Johnson on February 2 members of the committee sent out a memorandum in which it said that the bill "could include an expansion of the current visa restrictions, frozen assets of Belarusian

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