Narrator: To call a lawyer Lithuania Lukashenko — immoral

Society Michas Scoble"Vladimir, the events on December 19 caused by the joint European unequivocally condemning the reaction. Condemned the repression in Belarus, that the truth is more tolerant, and were our neighbors — Russia and Ukraine. Only the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite is not the first time voiced their separate position on Belarus. And it looks like support for the Lukashenko regime. Why is this happening? "

Leading"First, as occurs. Let's look at the facts. Lithuania is actively advocated for sanctions. And the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the President of Lithuania in this regard expressed unambiguously. Lithuania and

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Today, February 9,



At night, snow, cloudy day, the temperature is around zero.

Do not pass:

Minsk: Belarusian Popular Front party leaders will give hundreds of paruchennyav in support of political prisoners in Minsk prosecutor's office; event is scheduled for 11:30 am at the Prosecutor's Office: ul. Rakovskaya 38. Participation will be chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Yanukevich, deputy chairman Igor Lyalkov and former presidential candidate Grigory Kastusyou.

Minsk: the human rights center "Viasna" will be a press conference on the results of surveys of persons detained and prosecuted in connection with the events of December 19.


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Belarusian citizen accused of involvement in the riots in Moscow

Society The investigation has indicted a citizen of Belarus — an advocate of the "Other Russia" Igor Berazyuku in calling for participation in the riots in Moscow Manege Square and the use of violence against police officers. As the lawyer Dmitry Agranovskaya, Berazyuk admits his guilt, but refuses to testimony, reports "Interfax".

"According to the investigation, Berazyuk called a riot, he allegedly shouted," Kill the police! "So excited the hatred of a social group," — said the lawyer.

Presnenski court in Moscow arrested Berazyuka, which has been implicated in a riot on Manezh Square on December 11 2010.

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In Minsk, the smallest owl spotted in Europe

Winter — the best time for bird watching. At this time, closer to the people in the city not only fly small songbirds, but also the rare representatives of the feathered world — owls. But only the most interested and obsessed nature lovers may be lucky to see the unusual fauna and the City.

It tells the JSA activist Andrei Nesterov, in search of rare for Minsk ducks, herons, kingfisher or some other interesting photographic subject, he checked the open areas of water along the Svisloch. Particularly interested in the small bird sychinogo warehouse. Pozyvki include

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Native Klaskouski sent an open letter to the Swedish authorities

Society Mother arrested for 'organizing mass disorder "Alexander Klaskouski sent an open letter to the Swedish authorities.

His mother and sister Alexandra, Olga and Lyudmila Klaskouski, which are now live in Sweden, in his appeal to Prime Minister Fredrik Raynfelta, Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt, Minister for International Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson wrote the following:

"We, the mother and sister of former police officer arrested Alexander Klaskouski, which is contained in the KGB detention center, we want to express to you my sincere gratitude for the principled position that your country is following the events of 19 December

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Lukashenko — skiing, opponents — on the benches

Society While alternative presidential candidates remain in prison or zagoyvayuts wounds after the election campaign, Alexander Lukashenko, the CEC announced the president got on vacation. This week, he and his closest associates and 6 year old son Nicholas to spend time in the Russian resort of Sochi.

Daily online newspaper writes that the head of Belarus took getaway, during which checks the progress of the construction of the project in the ski center "Krasnaya Polyana" biyatlennaga complex, roller ski trails and hotels. However, says Chief Editor Vadim Korchagina, Lukashenko little down from the mountains, so what he does

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Baykova before the court was left without a lawyer

Society The investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General of Belarus Svetlana Baykova, whose case has been referred to the Supreme Court, lost her lawyer.

Lawyer Michael Volchek which is more than 6 months of protection represented by Svetlana Baykova, told Interfax that the investigator dismissed him from the case. The lawyer wrote a letter and left the legal profession. In this Volcheck refused other comment, citing the fact that Baykova "asked for silence in the media on the eve of trial."

He noted that the new lawyer will be difficult in the short term study of

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In Poland, collecting computers for the Spring

Society The initiative "Projekt Slask" in conjunction with "Wolna Bialorus" announced the assembly of computers, laptops and other equipment for the defenders. "Through this campaign we want to support the" Spring "and all human rights defenders in Belarus. This promotion will run until March 20. Already people began to bring their computers that they do not really need them. We also hope that citizens will transfer the money to our account for the acquisition of new equipment. We hope that this campaign will be successful.

Previously, "Wolna Bialorus" different methods helped Belarus. Now we invite Belarusian musicians for a

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Belarus is fenced off from infections

Society Ministry of Health of Belarus has taken additional measures to prevent the introduction and spread throughout the country of dangerous infectious diseases.

Measures are due to the development of the cholera epidemic situation in Ukraine and the infection caused by E. coli enteragemaragichnay, Germany.

In particular, the press service of the Ministry reminded that "a ban on transit of raw vegetables grown in the European Union, through the territory of Belarus, the Russian Federation to the individual orders. "

Moreover, "Tracked delivery of each lot of raw vegetables had been brought from the EU to the point of sale

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Dmitry Uss: The fate Lukashenko depends on Russia

Society Today, the former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss once again cause the interrogation by the KGB. About it and about his vision of the situation in Belarus, he said on the air of Radio Liberty.Sous: How do the KGB, which methods they use?

Mustache: I have a business here in Belarus. Therefore, they are blackmailed with a business perspective. They say that if I go to jail, my business would fall apart if I get out of prison, I do not have bread. They are blackmailing business. Like, close the business, and I will not be able to live normally.

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