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Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 

Warming continues …

…wet snow and rain in the afternoon. The roads are icy. Low of -2 .. +2 ° C  

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Traditional evening dedicated to the celebration of spring ("Chuntsze"), or the New Year on the eastern calendar, will be held at Baku State University (Moscow street, 15, an assembly hall, beginning at 17.00)

In the Great Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic — Concert Galina and Boris Vaikhansky the 30th anniversary of the duo, beginning at 19.00. 

There, where we do not


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Medvedev surprised by what happens after the elections in Belarus

Society Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Foreign Ministry to take into account in view of its position regarding the events of human rights defenders in Belarus after the presidential elections.

"I want all of our Belarusian friends, in the broadest sense of the word, aware of my position, as I am surprised by what happened there. I gave instructions to all the arguments drew attention to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the formulation of the diplomatic position of the Russian Federation as a whole, "- said Medvedev during a meeting of Parliament in the development of civil society

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Written left

Society Memory Pavluk Urbana (1924-2011), a historian, a member of Radio Liberty.— Well, again, made mistakes, look! — Pavljuk recklessly continues his record, which leads over the years, listening to the broadcast of "Freedom."

Each time over more than fifteen years old when I went to his house on the outskirts of Munich, watching the same scene: on the coffee table a stack of new books, two shortwave receivers, an old typewriter, journals, letters. The owner listens to "Free" daily, takes notes and does not miss the possibility of inaccuracies sarcastic, but generally approve.

— Well, look what

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Human rights activists are asked Medvedev to condemn human rights violations in Belarus

Society Russian Presidential Council for the Promotion of Civil Society and Human Rights issued a statement on the situation in Belarus. It condemns the violation of human rights during the events of December 19 and thereafter. Council members concerned with "the silence of official Russia, which gives reason to the Belarusian authorities regard this as an endorsement of their illegal and violent actions." In a statement, the members of the Council call on the Russian authorities to assess the actions of the Belarusian authorities and to condemn the numerous violations of human rights.

A meeting of the Rada, her

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Died Belarusian emigre historian Paul Urban

Society In Munich, 87, died Belarusian historian, an active leader of emigration, a former employee of Radio Liberty, Paul Urban.

Paul Urban was born March 27, 1924 in the village of Zakalive by Lepel, in a large peasant family. His father was a farmer and owner of a 9-hectare estate in the period of collectivization was enrolled in the category of "kulaks" and was arrested for export.

After the war, Urban was in the displaced persons camps in Germany, where he graduated from the Belarusian grammar school in 1948, along with friends of the legendary "twelve" went to Britain,

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Conference in Warsaw is provocative

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Company's reaction to the European Union's intention to significantly increase financial aid for Belarus democratic community. Was distributed to comment Representative Foreign Minister Andrei Savinykh, where, in particular:

"The actions of our European colleagues to cause serious confusion. First of all, the event can not be called in Warsaw Conference for Belarus. It goes without legitimate representatives of Belarus and without an official position of the state. Thus, This event is held to support individual marginal social groups in Belarus, which is not supported by the Belarusian society. "

Moreover, by the Belarusian

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Europe is doing investment in democracy in Belarus

Society The total amount of aid to the European Union and other donors to Belarusian civil society will be about $ 120 million. This was announced at a special conference in Warsaw. The event, which was attended by representatives of about 40 countries, was coherent to discuss the increase in financial support to civil society in Belarus after the violent crackdown on peaceful protests in Minsk on December 19.

European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule announced a significant increase in EU assistance to independent media, scholarship and community initiatives in Belarus. According to him, only for

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Venesuela offers oil, Belarus, may not be necessary

Society Venesuela year Belarus is ready to put in 10 million tons of oil. This was stated today at a press conference in Minsk, Ambassador of Venezuela to Belarus Americo Diaz Nunez. As much oil Caracas promises to Belarus and in the following year.Sea transport oil from Venezuela to the Black Sea ports of Ukraine — it is expensive. The costs of transportation are fully paid the Belarusian side, the ambassador said Nunez. And so to the oil circuit, the two-way joins Azerbaijan:

"We want to help Belarus to reimburse travel expenses. To make a cheap oil for Belarus,

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All of Egypt, Belarusians — in Egipet

Society A number of countries have started evacuating their citizens from Egypt, covered by a wave of popular protests against the Mubarak regime. However, the Belarusian authorities in this regard, no action is prepared and allowed tourists to decide for themselves — to go home early, or relax on. Recall now the Egyptian resorts are more than two thousand citizens of Belarus.

Unrest in Egypt and to gradually reach the coast of the Red Sea. Are concentrated in the main centers, which house tourists from around the world. In particular, there are reports of Hurghada, that if the day

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Yanukovych: Lukashenka has gone too far

Society Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in the interview with the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita expressed surprise actions Lukashenko after the election.

Asked to assess the situation in Belarus, Yanukovych said:

"No one had a doubt that Lukashenko won the this election. This was evidenced by case studies.

But I think, that the last time he changed a lot, I thought that he would choose a more pragmatic line towards the opposition. When I talked to him, I thought, that he has changed for the better, "- he said.

"But when I saw what happened in Belarus, was surprised. Simply put, he

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