Already Monday, January 31

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


-1 To -5, snow

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In the reading room of the Rare Book and Manuscript Central Scientific Library named after Yakub Kolas — exhibition "The famous scholar of literary treasures," on the 80th anniversary of Michael Mushinsky.


Brussels — Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the European Union, which is expected to consider sanctions against those involved in the repression during the presidential elections in Belarus.

Washington (USA) — An international conference in the future of Pakistan.


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Begin the supply of oil via the Odessa-Brody

Society From January 29 to Mozyr refinery begin regular oil via the Odessa-Brody pipeline.

About This was announced First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko at a meeting of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee.

Press-service of the Belarusian government reported that the tanker with Azeri oil, which will replace the contract swap Venezuelan oil, is moored in the port of Odessa.

Take Venezuelan oil for Belarus Ukraine started in April 2010. Originally from the port of Odessa Oil Refinery oil transported by rail.

In This year, January 17 of "Ukrtransnafta" and CJSC "Belarusian Oil Company" in Kiev have signed

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Anyone with Lukashenko in Europe will not be allowed. Perhaps only Kohl

Society In the list of persons falling under the EU visa ban, as many as three Lukashenko Alexander, Victor and Dmitry. And 117 of those responsible for the mass repressions against the opposition. Along with those Belarusian officials against whom the sanction acted with 2006, the total list of unwanted persons in the European Union of Belarus will be 158 names.

According to the Brussels edition Euobserver, the list of persons to whom the European Union on January 31 will be prohibited the issuance of visas, assistant to the president of Belarus will go on national security, a member of

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Already the weekend 29-30 January

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 

Cloud …

…and December. Temperature: -10 — 2 C. 

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Jan. 30 — In the club Moulin Rouge (Minsk, st.m.Frunzenskaya, vul.Suhaya, 2) the presentation of the album Cabaret "Silver Wedding." Beginning at 18.00. 


January 30 — Winter begins in Astana Asian Olympics. 


January 29 — was born in 1860 one of the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov (d. 1904).

January 29 — was born in 1866 the French writer Romain Rolland (d. 1944).

January 29 — in 1922 in

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Announcement: Tree options for the European Union

Society What is the ruling on sanctions against Belarus will take the European Union? How it will affect the situation in Belarus: Authorities released or pardoned all political prisoners, some, no? What are the possible policy options for the European Union? What fate awaits the Belarusian civil society?

On these issues in the "Prague accent" talk-in-chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina, director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Vitaly Silitski and German political scientist Sean Martin.

Transmission listen to Sunday, January 30, 18 hours.And now we offer you the pieces of gear.

Kalinkina: The European

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Prokopovych does not believe in economic sanctions by the European Union

Society The chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich said at a press conference in Minsk.He said that in the 21st century to take economic sanctions — "is barbaric."

"In a global economy, they can lead to no good. Fact that Belarus today is with the EU common trade worth 15 billion dollars. Belarus and the EU buys more than it sells there. And if the EU countries stop selling Belarusian equipment, we will be able to buy it in China or some other countries. But this will be very disadvantageous Evrope.Tym more than that during this

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Lukashenko to fight back

Society The foreign ministers of Britain and Germany William Geigy and Guido Westerwelle urged to introduce tougher sanctions against the Belarusian leadership in a new article published in "The Wall Street Journal".

Guido Westerwelle

The world with all the great terror is watching as the last one and a half months of the Belarusian regime ruthlessly and systematically trying to dismantle the civil society and opposition to the newborn in his country.

Violence in the evening of the presidential election on December 19 shocked. But after the attention of the world media focused on other events, whereas the repression

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Belarus experienced a severe storm with snow and hail (updated)

In the evening of August 14 Belarus faced with an unusual natural phenomenon, writes Almost the entire country at the same time were intense thunderstorms. Sometimes with hail and sleet. In the north-west — and Oshmyanschine Volozhinschine — hail and snow was so much that he fell asleep as the ground in the winter. In Volozhin because rain burst a dam. There is information about the devastation in other regions. Traffic on the highway Minsk — Vilnius was very slow — the road was covered with snow. Ministry of Emergency Situations has not released exact information about the

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Lawyers Neklyaeva invited to the KGB prison

Society Lawyers of ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva the first time since December 29, 2010 was invited to conduct the investigation. "The investigator has caused us to conduct certain investigations. We are the second lawyer already at the Pass Office KGB," said the agency "Interfax-West" on Friday V.Neklyaeva lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. She recalled that aftermost recent incarnation time she met his client 29 December 2010 year.

She noted that "if in the KGB jail has problems with meeting rooms for lawyers with their clients during the week, we are ready to meet on Saturday or Sunday."

T.Sidarenka also reported

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EuroNest ready to start work without Belarus

Society The Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the EU "Eastern Partnership" ("Euronest") decided to start work "Euronest" without representatives of Belarus.

This is with reference to the Polish Press Agency reports "ERB."

Polish MEP Jacek Protasiewicz said:

"According to He said, the final decision — for the Conference of European leaders of the political groups. Should the Conference adopt the decision of the Presidium, the first meeting of the "Euronest" will take place in February and March. Without Belarus. "

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