Creativity Lutsenko — a step in the Belarusian theater

Final Boris Lutsenko from the post of artistic manager of the theater — original event. Life in art, especially at the head, like everything else in this world, not endless. There always comes a time when you have to give way to the young. Even when you have worked as much as 40 years and for many this time made. And in order to continue to put on plays, hope, strength in the Master’s enough.In the late 1960’s — early 70-ies of two young filmmakers Boris Lutsenko and Valery Raevskii, who This time headed by Yanka Kupala Theatre, broke into

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For Independent Belarus! On October Square

19:59 Very beaten during a protest Dmitriy Fedoruk recovered, currently in 9th medical clinic he make-rentgen pictures skull and spine.19:28 The rally ended, but about 30 commandos continue to patrol October Square.19:27 All protesters, which pushed aside Komsomol lake, police planted the tram in a side street of Orel. Total — more than 25 people. Themselves as police officers left.19:21 Activist beaten Dmitriy Fedoruk delivered in 9 clinical clinic Minsk. According to doctors, it difficult condition.19:20 About 2-10-s demonstrators currently Komsomol lake nearby. Next worth paddy, Activism none of the parties has not yet doing.19:14 Mobiles many youth activists do

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Sanctions must be stopped to start a conversation

In his opening remarks the Chairman of the Committee on outer Policy European Parliament Jacek Saryusz-Wolski noted that although Belarus does not have enough high-quality positive developments towards democracy, the European Union is considering sanctions ability to cancel certain operating against certain members of the official authorities, and immediately wants to support the development of civilian society in Belarus, reports the press service of the Brussels’ Office for Democratic Belarus ".According to Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, presence in Brussels, representatives of the democratic forces proves that Europe has not changed the standards of democracy in favor of pragmatism.Alexander Milinkevich noted Belarus, like

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Who will protect beloruschinu?

December 12, 2007.In the center of Prague, where the our radio, all becomes horrible parking. Since that time, Osama blew into New York skyscrapers and our judgments of the security fence surrounded flaunted (respectively, lost parking near the radio), with parking rescued Prague district of Vinohrady — there had a lot of free places. And here a couple of months back the canceled and those free parking — now Vinohrady can only park with an appropriate permit issued by residents of Prague 2. Because I go to work underground. There is a half hour of time to reflect on makingsmiling

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BHC will continue to operate

Acting chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak recalls that since 1997 the BHC is a member of the International Helsinki Federation. With all this the Belarusian Helsinki Committee — an independent state organization that cooperates with the state Helsinki 46 states."Naturally, it is very unpleasant for us. We have the problem of federation, there came a sin. With this crime dealt with by competent authorities. BHC, as well as other national Helsinki Committee continues to work because we have federal bankruptcy does not specifically address. Federation very assist us during the violent repression against our organization. We got a

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The number of donors could be reduced by a third of the

As explained chief Dr. Ming Road station of blood transfusion Zbigniew Pabyarzhyn, clinics now will receive more plyazmu rather than whole blood. Methods for obtaining the same plyazmy as sovereign clarifies Pabyarzhyn allow already presently more than a third to reduce the number of active donors."If at this point the man can take his blood 5 times a year, and the lady — four, then plyazmu (regardless of who the donor) can take one every two weeks. Plyazma very rapidly reversed if the donor well fed," — says Zbigniew Pabyarzhyn.And oh so he explains the technology tested in Belarus saving

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Four centuries of music

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Hungary opens embassy in Minsk

To This time in Belarus was accredited as salting Hungary Russian Federation. And Belarusians who zezdits going to Hungary, had to obtain a visa in Moscow.Chargé d’yet will address organizational issues, among which the main structure looks search for accommodation diplomatic mission. Then it is expected that it will be headed by ambassador-at-large.As for Belarus, it is represented by the Embassy in Budapest, headed by Lena Kupchina.

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K.St ‘Ewart received merit

Said Radio Liberty U.S. Embassy representative in Belarus Alexei Salamakha:"Salting U.S. Republic of Belarus Karen Stewart had merit, which is called "diplomats for freedom," for 2007. In his speech at the ceremony, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said: whereas the Belarusian authorities to extend the persecution of the opposition and ordinary people who campaign for peaceful change method, the South American salting provided support for democratic initiatives in Belarus by the United States, "- says Alexey Solomaha.

"South American salting provided support for democratic initiatives in Belarus from the U.S."

As thesmiling in a statement the U.S. State Department,

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Lukashenko and Kim Jong Il are equally looking at the world

Alexander Lukashenko made such a statement, taking the credentials from the Ambassador of the DPRK in Belarus (combined) Kim Yong Jae.Alexander Lukashenko now received the credentials letter ambasadrav Italy and Poland, which are their countries in Minsk, as Albania, Colombia, Qatar, Myanmar, Norway and Tanzania, which are accredited in Belarus on concurrent.

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