Russian observers are satisfied with the Belarusian elections

Society "Violations were not massive, not systemic. Basically, the election commission of the Republic of Belarus at all levels have worked hard to ensure the voting rights of citizens of Belarus, and to question the legitimacy of the elections in this country," — said the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission, Leonid Ivlev, who led a team of observers to the Commission on Elections in Belarus.

Ivlev quotes "RIA Novosti".

According to Ivlev, one of the sites during the early voting observers found installed a webcam, but "neither the chairman of the precinct commission or committee members were

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Cannon — Survillo Canada remains committed to the democratization of Belarus

Society Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has assured the BNR Rada Chairman Ivonka Survillo intention to contribute to the democratization of Belarus.

In his letter, the Minister Foreign Affairs Canada mentions the reference to it Ivonka Survilla December 19, immediately after the events in Minsk, and writes that "concerned about the violence and arrests of protesters and opposition candidates. As you know, I have made several public statements and expressed deep concern about the Government of Canada election results, condemned the violence and demanded the release of opposition leaders. I also expressed deep concern because of the condition of Mr.

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The end of a multi-vector policy

Society Despite repeated promises of Alexander Lukashenko to adjust the supply of oil, Russia's alternative, and to find alternative nuclear power plant builders, January 25, it became known as the oil to Belarusian refineries will of Russia and the Russians will build the nuclear power plant. Does this mean the actual surrender of the official Minsk to Moscow? Most commentators are inclined to think that Russia is now even more tightly tied to his Belarus, and the official Minsk will be even more dependent on Moscow's leaders. But such binding primarily beneficial to the Belarusian authorities, the deputy director of

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Villi of the European Parliament's resolution: It does not matter what they say

Society Sports officials responsible for carrying out the Minsk ice hockey world championship in 2014, on January 26 signed an advisory agreement with a commercial partner of the International Ice Hockey Federation — Swiss company «Infront». Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that the organizers' efforts will not be wasted and that this championship will be held in Minsk.

Last week, members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Belarus. Among the possible sanctions against the leadership of the country for the first time mentioned sport. In particular, there is a proposal to take in Minsk right to host

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Our people do not care about these victims …

The Company is the second month, more than three dozen opposition activists, including four opposition candidates for president, remains in custody in the KGB prison. Belarus has not stopped a wave of political repression: almost everyone who in one form or another, has publicly expressed his opposition to the current regime may at any time hold, searched, arrested, fired from their jobs or expelled from school.

On this topic — almost all the letters that we have now at the Belarusian Freedom. I will start today's conversation with the message of our long-time friend Basil cornflowers with Radoshkovichi Maladzechna area.

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5 people arrested for the attack on the Russian Embassy

Society Five citizens of Belarus that are related to the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk last year, were taken into custody.

About This was announced Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov.

More one person, on He said, is in the international wanted.

According Kuleshov, they are young people who identify themselves as anarchist movement. The Minister said that they are also relevant to the attack on the building of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, the House of Trade Unions and the Center for isolation of offenders in Minsk.

August 30, 2010 attackers threw into the

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Listening, night raids — the Constitutional Court not to blame

Society President of the Constitutional Court of Belarus Piotr Miklashevich declined to estimate mass violations Human Rights KGB and police after the elections on 19 December.Asked by reporters how legitimate the night searches, confiscation of personal belongings, wiretapping, which have become common practice in the course of the campaign of repression after the presidential election, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Pyotr Miklashevich replied that the Constitutional Court is not empowered to verify the legitimacy within the same or other the case:

"This function prosecutors. Constitutional Court can not give a legal assessment of these actions."

Asked whether observed human

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PACE MPs call for new elections in Belarus

Society 21 deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called on the members of the organization to introduce sanctions against the Belarusian authorities for unfair elections and the suppression of opposition.

In a statement published on 21 PACE deputies from different European countries condemned the Belarusian authorities of fraud during the past presidential election, arrests of opposition activists and all the other signs of lack of respect for Human Rights by the Belarusian authorities.

Among other things, it called upon all Member States Council of Europe:

condemn the violence after the elections, and to assess the

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Sanctions: Pros and Cons

Society of Military retiree, author of documentary research about life in occupied Belarus Ilya Kopyl the question of whether political constraints against the current Belarusian regime responds with an officer pramalineynastsyu: Sanctions — be. According to him, the Belarusian leadership has brought the situation to such an extent that the return to a civilized settlement of the Belarusian issue is almost impossible:

Ilya Kopyl

"I believe that the sanctions are necessary. And need any sanctions — both political and economic. Indeed, when it concerns Belarus, and the economy here, and all that is intertwined with politics. Consequently, there is nothing

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Even today, January 26

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Snow …

…and windy. Temperature: -8 — 2 C.

Do not pass:

At the National Press Center held a press conference "On the constitutional legality in the Republic of Belarus in 2010. Beginning at 11.00. And then, at 12.30, the press conference on the topic "The outcome of the bodies of internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus in 2010."

International Musical Festival "Emergenza" in the club "Reactor". Beginning at 19.00.


In Davos, Switzerland, begins a five-day World Economic Forum.

In Brussels meeting of

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