Medvedev proposes Putin premiere

"Expressing willingness to run for office Russian President, appeal to him (Putin) to give consent fundamentally lead the government of the Russian Federation after the election of a new president our country"- Said Medvedev, Speaking now with the statement live.Belarusian political analyst Igor Lyalkov believes that with this duo pressure on the Russian leader Belarus will occur first in the economic sphere:"I do not think it will mean an increase in the degree of danger of political expansion of, in terms of incorporation of Belarus into Russia. I think that the idea Allied countries Belarus and Russia will slowly breathe.

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Energy: Efficiency ways out of crisis

Can it be considered a panacea for switching to other fuels, as the decision to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus? Does fruit presidential directive "On saving and berazhlivastsi"? How many get into Belarus ‘other’ (in other words non-Russian) oil from Venezuela and Iran?In the final "examination of Freedom", dedicated to the issues of energy security, to these and other questions are answered by a scientist, Ph.D., Senior Researcher at the Institute of Applied Physics problems Ales Storozheva and economist, one of the creators of the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoir Stanislav Husak, who 30 years worked

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Read in Belarusian have 3 and a half a day or a week

Election of a new President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has become — one of the themes that continue to comment on the students ‘Freedom’. Valery Kurnevich, town Furnaces, Borisov: "On elections in the United States. Once Marx, who made the" Capital ", a pit dug States, marveled at their dynamism and patriotism. And the system was able to overcome obstacles, ranging from Abraham Lincoln. A November 4, 2008, it is necessary to clarify the date this, the U.S. gave the standard of hope and democracy. "In subsequent discussions are called listeners initiative officials Brest Regional Executive

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What will the suspension of sanctions?

EU visa sanctions were effective? Discussion on the looseWill Lukashenka Schengen visa?


***European Parliament adopted a resolution on BelarusNow day the European Parliament approved a resolution on Belarus, which open a discussion at yesterday’s debate.

List of Belarusian officials who are banned in the EU Arrivals


***Yesterday in the European Parliament organized a debate on the situation in Belarus after the elections to the House of Representatives. All the speakers spoke in favor of dialogue with the official Minsk and support of the Belarusian opposition and civilian society.The resolution proposes to stop the visa

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Poor people Bykov sounded Hebrew

"I really wish that we now talked about bulls, about Jewish-Belarusian ties in the literature on the transfer. To talk freely to his pleasure and desire" — this opened the current party salting of Israel to Belarus Zeev Ben Arie, presenting its own translation of the story Vasil Bykov "Poor people."

Salting of Israel to Belarus Zeev Ben Arie with writer Valentin Taras

Why specifically Vasil Bykov and why it was the debut narrative in which he himself opened — Hebrew translation Belarusian literature? Emperor Ben Arie explained, "one writer Vasil Bykov, from reading which remains deep and inescapable memory."

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As in Belarus human rights?

It was still almost two centuries before adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document is December 10, 1948 in the Parisian palace Shae delegates approved the third session of the UN General Assembly. And since 10 December, 1950 in the world celebrated as a day of human rights."For the text of the Declaration in 1400 voted again"The Universal Declaration — first experience of collective development of a universal human rights instrument. As delegates took seriously the UN General Assembly to the text of the Declaration is responsible Alexander Kretz, adviser on human measurement cabinet OSCE Minsk:"If the text

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Human Rights day under the supervision of police

Police officers summoned two company cars, but still did not detain anyone.

Belarus — opposition action in Vitebsk on the Human rights Day, 10.12.2007

At 5 pm the Party of the BPF, the regional organizing committee of the "People’s Hulk" (Belarusian Social Democratic Party) and created public associations "Freedom Movement"Lenin went out with the newspapers"Narodnaya Volya. " As a symbol of in Belarus authorities restrict the right to freedom of disk imaging, some of them tied for yourself mouths.Meanwhile several activists handed out brochures, "What the EU could bring to Belarus", "Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of

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Washington Post: Belarus needs help

So called article in the current issue of the newspaper "Washington Post". Article is devoted to a meeting with members of the Bush delegation Belarusian opposition, held on December 6."President George W. Bush meets with the family of pro-democracy favorites political parties and non-governmental organizations from Belarus — Europe’s last dictatorship "- a caption drew criticism creator" Washington Post "Fred Gayata."This meeting really took place, — writes Gayat — but the phrase" the last dictatorship in Europe "after the elections in Russia nedavneshnih sounds very unmodernly. Watch behind President Bush and his plans to bring freedom more seriously considered enemies

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MEPs choose between naughty and very naughty

Tsigankov"The draft resolution proposes to stop the visa sanctions against the European Union of certain Belarusian officials for six months — so, so for this time was revised nedavneshny discriminatory law on the mass media in Belarus. Proposal to stop the visa sanctions not affect persons who organized parliamentary elections. The draft resolution of the European Parliament invited the election not to recognize the free and democratic. How do you assess such draft resolution, as it reflects a new attitude to the European situation in Belarus? "

Andrei FedorovFedorov"I think that accurately reflects. Speech on the temporary suspension of visa

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Gasoline rose again

A petrol station number 63, that the street in Minsk Kalinowski, I called the current price of 92 gasoline and diesel:

"2120 and 1690. Expensive? A what can you do? " 

"2120 and 1690. Expensive? And what can you do?"Today’s increase in prices — in This year already the fourth. Previously, they were increased in August, May and January. Overall growth for the year was 19.4%. Columnist of the weekly "Belarusian market" Tatiana Manyanok clarifies that the government is pursuing a policy of containment of rising gasoline prices. But they all the same grow:

"Conditions for oil supplies to Belarus

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