The first trial of Mikhail Myasnikovich

Society Today in Moscow the meeting of the Prime Ministers of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Myasnikovich. For the new Belarusian Prime Minister's visit to Russia will be his first foreign trip in the current quality.

In Minsk, most political scientists says: mainly in today's talks will be the question of Russian oil deliveries to Belarus. In favor of this idea has at least two arguments. The first — from 1 January 2011 Belarus gets Russian oil. Second — Myasnikovich, like its predecessors, is technical premier. And so the political problems with him to discuss Putin will not.

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Even today, January 20



-3 — 1 ° C, a little snow, sleet.

In Strasbourg

The European Parliament should adopt a resolution on the election and post-election situation in Belarus.


Mikhail Myasnikovich hold the first meeting as the Belarusian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The main questions — Russian oil supplies and financial assistance.


1433 — the first recorded mention of Talachyn.

1892 — born Bronislaw Tarashkevich.

1960 — Belarus canceled Molodechno area and installed one of the regional division that exists to this day.

1992 — Belarus established diplomatic relations with China.


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Belarus expected severe weather conditions

Belarus will determine weather sedentary cyclone centered over the north of the country. Therefore, in most of the snow will be in the extreme south-west of snow in some places. The weak storm. On some sections of roads icy. Wind variable direction is low to moderate. The air temperature -3 .. -10 ° C. Pressure will not change. In the next day, December 31, the weather will be determined Belarus night field of high pressure in the afternoon — weather front. Expected clouds. In much of the snow, a weak storm. On some sections of roads icy. West wind

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The solidarity action in Stockholm

Society In the Swedish capital of the action of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus. It was attended by politicians and public figures of Sweden, the relatives of the defendants allegedly "organizing mass disorder" during the opposition rally in Minsk on December 19, Belarusian politicians — in particular, the ex-presidential candidate in 2006, Alexander Kozulin and former chairman of the Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkievich.

On the progress of the action said one of its participants, journalist Olga Klaskouski. Her brother Alexander Klaskouski already a month in the KGB detention center and charged with "organizing mass disorder":

Alexander Kozulin and

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Why Lukashenko chose the crackdown?


Vitaly Tsigankov

These topics in the program "Prague accent" to discuss human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich, Chief Editor of "New Era" Aleksei Korol and editor in chief of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov.

TsigankovFour weeks after the presidential election in Belarus — questioning, new detentions, searches. What are the goals set itself the Belarusian state machine, extending the crackdown? This problem is psychological — sow fear back into society, political — to defeat the opposition, the other?

"According to Lukashenko, between the presidential campaigns of authoritarian rule should prevail"

King: I remember when I worked in a closed archive,

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Catherine Ashton: We have heard what happened, now is the time to act

Society At the session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg passed a debate on the situation in Belarus after the presidential elections. Scheduled for Thursday to vote on the draft resolution, which among other things will include recommendations on sanctions against the Belarusian authorities.

The deputies submitted six draft resolutions prepared by the different factions of the European Parliament.

Opening today's debate, the supreme representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton once again called on the Belarusian authorities to "immediately release all detainees, including presidential candidates."

"We have heard what happened, now is

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The evolution of the regime?

Society to discuss political scientist Sergei Nikolyuk and director of the Institute of Political Studies "Political Sphere" Andrew Kazakevitch.




Or change the political nature of the Belarusian regime?

Valery Karbalevich: "The events of December 19 has become an important boundary, some Rubicon into the political process in Belarus. Some have compared this with arson rayhstagu or bloody events on the Chinese space Tyananmen. Or change the political nature of the Belarusian regime? Or is it just a change of emphasis? "

Sergei Nikolyuk"Even if we compare our situation with the events in the square Tyananmen, they

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Yanukovych dismissed the ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Byassmertnaga

Society Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has dismissed the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Byassmertnaga. The corresponding decree was made public on the website of President of Ukraine in the evening on June 3.

"Dismiss Byassmertnaga Roman Petrovich from the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Republic of Belarus", — Stated in the decree. The reasons for dismissal are not available, BelaPAN.

Byassmertny was appointed ambassador to Belarus, the previous Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko.

In Lately Roman Byassmertny repeatedly spoken critically about the policies of the official Minsk.

Interview Roman Byassmertnaga June 2



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Five letters to the KGB prison


Alexander Irvanets Alexander Irvanets, Ukrainian poet, novelist, translator


Having written these first words immediately realized that he had never sent letters to the prison. Yes, and I've never been in prison — with the exception of Leningrad "lips" — a military brig in the street Gardening. So it's a whole new experience for me.

Meanwhile, I am writing to you out of the country in which the higher ranks of prosecutors singing on TV "Murka", accompanying himself on the piano. This is indisputable evidence of their high internal culture. But I after such their performances start to

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Already weekend, June 4-5

Society Blitz-reviewed developments in Belarus, a world history.  


In the summer heat, no rain in the afternoon from plus 22 to 29.


At the exchange rate of the National Bank

U.S. Dollar — 4981 Euro — 7210 Russian Ruble — 178.7  

There, where we do not

Pope Benedict XVI will visit Croatia for the first time.

Do not pass

June 4 Krevo members of the Belarusian PEN Center will plant a tree of poetry dedicated to Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. "The opening of the" tree and literary performances and the 12-hours at Smorgon! 61.

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