In Venezuela, preparing ground for the oligarchs

Lukashenko and U.Chaves stated that connects them voedinyzhdy independent foreign policy and that they are opposed to a unipolar world and imposing policies outside.According to official sources, during the opening of the joint venture "won first joint oil." According to the first deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko start oil production in the coming days are planned, the deadline — January 1.

And I wish, dear Hugo, to assure you of this, all the Venezuelan people, that we have much to answer this majestic gift of the Venezuelan people

60% of the joint venture owned by Venezuela, and only

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Human rights depend on democratization

Previous Lawyer Igor Alexander Kozulin Rinkevich dressed in the dark, so that at a press conference in addition to show: day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Belarus — no municipal prazdnichek, and a day of sorrow and struggle. "After all, it such a day, which is usually accompanied by various human rights violations. And now the day Makaeva detained businessman, who also comes to our organizing committee Public Commission Protection of Victims of Political Repression. " Igor Rynkevich read a statement in which the organizing committee of the Public Commission calls on the UN to strengthen control

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Russian language at Eurovision — a temporary phenomenon?

1st place Alex Zhigalkovich directly to the final results shared with the children’s band from Armenia "Arevik". Lithuania has decided the fate of the favorite, who put adjoining Belarus highest score — 12 points. Young man himself says that his hopes of winning, but believed in it only after the announcement of results: "At first I did not believe that prevailed. Indeed gap between Belarus and Armenia was only 1 point. Fact, I beheld bad screen, because until recently did not know who and how many points scored. Only after some time I saw — Belarus defeated! It was super!

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S.Skrebtsu not allowed to complain to the UN

"I am obliged to take this step, since all tests to find justice in Belarus do not work" — explained to his last act of parliament.Skrabets guilty himself does not recognize. He believes that he was convicted for his political opposition activities. And he wants to prove it to the UN.So clearly and correctly put your complaint to the Company of the United Nations, Sergey Skrabets asked to Supreme Court Belarus permission to meet with his own court case and make multiple copies of it. Specifically Supreme Tribunal the country has sentenced former deputy 2.5 years in prison, accusing him

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Martyrology of Liberty: 101 fate of the repressed

Now Playing sounds story about Liberty Edward Stankevich, former director of the Minsk office building "Vodakanalbud." He was shot in Minsk slammer 70 years ago, in December 1937. This is the last story in this project "Freedom", which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the peak of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus.Within a day or 101 heard stories about the fate of farmers, workers, priests, and culture of Belarus, who were shot, imprisoned in concentration camps, were sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.Some of them were arrested in childhood, others — in adulthood. Predominant part shot."Creating such a memorial

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Belarus — Russian republic rental clips!

"Farmer’s Field" in 1927 he notes: "Belarusian personal school Shavlyanah Braslavskogo county, and there was salt in the eye for all those who are struggling with the Belarusian school. But also for a long time could not find fault in any way. Finally same occurred to them steraryzavats Bulyga teacher, and this arrested her. Naturally, as always and everywhere it mattersetsya — hitched anti-government work, and work it manifested itself only in the fact that she taught Belarusian children in the Belarusian school in their native language. ""Star" in 1947 prints, the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet

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Construction of the bridge in Brest

The bridge is constructive with a similar bed part is constructed in Belarus for the first time. The project is carried out by specialists of the superstructure of the subsidiary "Mostovik BEL" together with a service project management "Bridges", architectural and design department and design department of the Moscow branch of the NGO "Mostovik".

"Despite the fact that the representation of" bridge builders "in Belarus is working just two and a half years, has already won a number of competitions for the design and construction of complex transportation facilities, — said Yuri nechiporenko.

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The CU create a joint venture container

V. Yakunin from the blog:

"I am glad to report that with fellow w / a branch of Belarus and Kazakhstan, we have agreed to establish a joint company for cargo transport container transport by rail. This is a company with a network covering business and points of sales in the major industrial centers of Eurasia. Formation this company will be held on the basis of already existing and operating assets, which do not require the founders of significant initial investment. From Kazakhstan planned to transfer shares of a number of subsidiaries of JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Joly ",

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Russophobian Sabbath Commonwealth

Today, one of the priorities of the anti-Russian propaganda in the territories west of Smolensk — to turn the 150th anniversary of the Polish uprising in 1863 in the symbol of the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian union on the basis of Russo-phobia. A kind of ideological bogey, which should serve as an identification with the current Russian "accursed tsarist government." And not so much in pro-Polish as anti-Russian way. This is done in a Jesuit, with characteristic reticence and omissions of the truth about the events that even contemporaries called "bloody zilch" …

Lithuania. In May of this year, the Lithuanian parliament

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Will Pavlovian bus Belarusian?

The Republic of Belarus has taken the initiative to organize the assembly of its territory PAZ. The Belarusians have expressed their willingness to provide several sites for the organization of the production of Pavlovian buses. This was the first vice-premier of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said at a meeting in Nizhny Novgorod, the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich. Semashko also said that regular visitors to the Nizhny Novgorod region Belarusian delegation always visit Gorky Automobile Plant which they are cooperating. In particular, in 2011, the Belarusians have put their

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