Even today, January 7

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 

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Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich and "WZ Orkiestra" give a concert for the whole family. Minsk, DC veterans, beginning at 19.00.  


In Washington, U.S. President Barack Obama will announce the names of their new economic advisers. 


In 1910, Constantine was born Zaslonov, partisan, Hero of the Soviet Union, who fought in Belarus (died in 1942).

In 1943, he died a famous Serbian engineer and inventor in the field of electrical and

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Poland called for the U.S. to assist the Belarusian dissidents

Society Poland's Ambassador to the U.S. Robert Merchant compared the struggle of democratic activists in Belarus solidarity with the movement in his country during the reign of the Communists.

Merchant urged the United States to match aid to Belarus with the support of the Polish dissidents during the Cold War.

"Comes to mind is the role that Western free institutions played in the establishment of freedom in Poland" — said in an interview with Merchant Associated Press.

Poland invites other countries, in including United States, on the donors' conference in Warsaw in early February to raise funds for the

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Young Europeans are asking the EU does not recognize Lukashenko

Society In the Internet there was a petition that calls on the EU not to recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate President of the Republic of Belarus.

The petition, entitled "European Youth Understanding Human Rights, pluralist democracy and transparent elections in Belarus "personally addressed Catherine Ashton, the supreme representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission.

The petition, except for non-recognition of Lukashenko as a legitimate head of state bodies of the European Union also calls on countries to the European Union does not recognize ambassadors appointed by Lukashenka, but took

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Washington: Possible new sanctions against Minsk

Society Deputy Press Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Mark Tovner said on January 6 at a briefing in Washington that the United States does not rule out the possibility of new sanctions against Minsk in connection with the post-election situation in Belarus.

"I think all options are open" — said Tovner on sanctions.

Tovner gave a briefing in connection with the scheduled meeting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the Belarusian human rights activists and U.S. Belarusians, which will discuss the crackdown after the presidential elections in Belarus.

"Dyarzhasakratar shares their concern about the recent Belarusian elections,

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Lowered the credit ratings of the largest Belarusian banks

Society Rating agency Standard & Poor's placed the long-term and short-term credit ratings of four major Belarusian banks — BBK, Belvnesheconombank, BPS-Bank and BAPB — the list CreditWatch ("ratings on review") with a negative outlook, according to a press release from the agency.

"We believe that the macro-economic situation prevailing in Belarus, and a possible further decline in the Belarusian economy may lead to increased pressure on the banking system, if they will not be compensated by the government the necessary measures in response. According to our view, in the short and medium-term liquidity risks and credit risks will prevail

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Demand from A. Lukashenko to release all their hostages taken

Society Civil Initiative "Liberation" has taken an appeal to the European Union and the United States, the Russian Federation, to the international community, which has demanded the release of all detainees. The authors of the believe that "before the release of all those arrested and detained in connection with" a matter of 19 December 2010 "can be justified comprehensive tough sanctions from the United States, the European Union and the Russian Federation on the Belarusian regime."

"After the presidential election and the subsequent peaceful protest were arrested and beaten hundreds of Belarusian citizens, many of whom were sentenced to administrative

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YSU is ready to accept expelled students

Yerevan State University Society stands ready "to take on all existing educational programs at the University of Belarusian students who have been or will be excluded from higher education institutions after the violent crackdown on peaceful protests that took place after the Presidential elections 19-20 December 2010 in Belarus. "

Irena Vayshvilaiytse, Vice-rector for administration and infrastructure, said Radio Liberty:

"YSU receives support from international foundations and private donors. These tools allow us to provide education to Belarusian students to 70% cheaper than the cost of their studies, and to help students with good academic success. Successful study —

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Poland itself support the Belarusian opposition

Society Judy Dempsey in an article in "The New York Times" describes a series of steps in Warsaw in response to events in Belarus on December 19, 2010.

After the Belarusian security forces crack down on the opposition in the last month, the Polish government is pursuing a strategy aimed at increasing support for Belarusian civil society and non-governmental organizations in the isolation of senior management in Minsk. This was stated by officials in Warsaw on Wednesday.

Instead of waiting for the EU to take a common policy towards Belarus, Poland is making a series of unilateral measures. These steps

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The signals from Brussels to Minsk will go through Vilna?

Society European Community in January twice review the situation in Belarus. 12th will hold hearings in the European Parliament, which has invited the leader of the movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich. And on January 31 to discuss the situation the foreign ministers of the countries of the European Union.

The repressive actions of the Belarusian authorities on participants in public protests have already publicly condemned the foreign ministers of Germany, Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and other European countries. A joint statement was also made by the High Representative of the European Union Catherine Ashton and U.S. Secretary of

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The International Press Institute, called for the release of journalists

Society The International Press Institute (IPI) called on the Belarusian authorities to immediately release all journalists detained after the opposition rally on December 19, and for them to investigate the actions of the security forces.

It is reported website The Belarusian Association of Journalists.

As the saying goes in a joint statement by the head of press freedom IPI Anthony Mills and SEEMO Secretary General Oliver Vujovic, freedom of the press — "a fundamental right everywhere in the world", and journalists should can carry out their work without fear of arrest, assault and imprisonment.

Representatives of the IPI and

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