Prosecutor General's Office said writer

Society Prosecutor General's Office said the Belarusian writers to a request for Vladimir Neklyaeva aimed December 27.

Received a letter from the prosecutor Sergei Zakonnikau.

"It was a statement of admission lawyer to Vladimir. And what about the fact that the Prosecutor General's Office finally announced the Belarusian society, where Nekljaev, for what the president says it's another thing, we do not believe our president. So we turned to the prosecutor, "- said Mr. Zakonnikau.

Prosecutor General's Office said that Nyaklyayeu under custody in the KGB detention center.

"At the same time to inform you that further information

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Wreath Memory: Edward Brokarau

Edward Brokarau society was the founder and editor of the independent newspaper "The Hill". Actively opposed the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus. Led the district community BPF and BPF movement "Revival". Several times he ran for district council and the regional council.

As a journalist and writer, he has collaborated with a number of independent newspapers in Belarus. In April 2009, registered the general political newspaper "The Hill". Achieved it seven years. Said a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Gennady Sudnik:

"In our large Mogilev region has not been officially registered a free

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Parting with Tatiana Sapach

Society December 30 in Minsk, said goodbye to Tatyana Sapach, Belarusian poet, journalist, writer of "Freedom." December 27 Tatiana was killed in a car crash at Alytus in Lithuania. The tragedy happened when Tatiana and her husband, Sergei Dubovcy returned to Vilnius from Poland from her daughter Adele, who gave birth on December 22 they granddaughter.

On Wednesday Tatiana Sapach goodbye in Vilnius, where her family has lived for almost 20 years. Today, 30 December, the last way to her home in Minsk. With the farewell by the Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Writers, a friend and

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In Stockholm, picketed the embassy of Belarus

Society December 30 was held in Stockholm Protest against falsification of the Belarusian elections and in support of political prisoners in Belarus.In picket near the Belarusian Embassy in the capital of Sweden attended Representatives of the Belarusian and Swedish public. They kept the slogans: "Stop political repressions in Belarus", "Europe's last dictator must go!", "Lukashenko is fighting against his own people."

"It is important to draw international attention to those tragic, bloody events which are now occur in Belarus, — says Olga Klaskouski organizer of the rally. — Europe must finally take a very tough stance against Lukashenko and to

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Kubilius: the movement for democracy in Belarus stopped

Society Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said after the riots in Minsk, Belarus movement towards democracy stopped, but this is temporary.

"Now this interim period when the movement to the west, the European life stopped. But this is temporary. Efforts to prevent the regime approach this country, convergence or openness to Western life — time, "- said in an interview Kubilius Ziniu radijas.

"Temporarily try to keep some privileges, some of his opportunities for profit or something and go to the same channel money — because this affects all citizens of Belarus, but this is temporary," — said the prime

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Marieluise Beck: Special forces raging against the opposition

Society Member of the Bundestag from the Green Party Marieluise Beck, who recently visited Minsk, today made the following statement in Berlin:"The events in Belarus caused the worst memories of Soviet repression against critics of the regime. Information about the dramatic events penetrates beyond Belarus is extremely low, despite the fact that the country is a party to the OSCE, and is in close proximity to the EU "

As the member of the Bundestag, the arrests of people who disagree with the regime continued, "even after ten days after the violent dispersal of peaceful demonstrations against electoral fraud in

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One — free visas, the second — a ban on entry

Society From 1 January 2011 Poland cancels for Belarusian citizens pay for national visas. "This is a show of solidarity and gratitude to the people of Belarus, who on Dec. 19 sent a strong signal of the desire for democratic change," — said the Polish Foreign Ministry. Warsaw also said it reserves the right to take measures to prevent the entry into its territory of Belarusian officials responsible for the wave of repression against civil society in relation to the events of December 19. How to apply this decision in Minsk? Is a similar move by other neighboring countries in

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Or perform Europe and Russia united against Lukashenko?

Society This issue, along with several others, set the online edition of "Tomorrow your country" Head of the "Russia — the European Union," the Finnish Institute of International Affairs Arcadia Moshasu.

We offer you the translation of the publication.

ReporterOn the eve of the presidential elections in Belarus, you say with confidence that Russia and the European Union to accept them. Or did not change your mind after the events of December 19?

Moshas: Absolutely — no. Another thing is that the recognition of the election for me — it's not finding some legal formula or taking an official

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Azarenka for corruption — is also up to 15 years in prison

Society The Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of Belarus Major General Igor Azarenka was charged with taking bribes on a large scale.

BelaPAN was informed by the information and public relations of the Interior Ministry.

The maximum penalty under Part 3. 430 Criminal Code — Fifteen years imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Preventive measure Igor Azarenka selected content custody.

The point is the commander of the Central Investigation Department of the preliminary investigation of the MVD.

What specifically charged with the commander of the air force and air defense forces, not yet reported.

Igor Azarenka arrested

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Proleskovsky accuses independent and foreign media

Society Information Ministry has serious claims to the series does notState media on the coverage of the campaign presidential election of the country, told the news agency Interfax Information Minister Oleg Proleskovsky."A large number of publications wore openly anti-state character, many of them contained false information, insult and defamation, incitement to engage in unauthorized activities," — said A. Proleskovsky.

He also believes that "in such publications is a significant part of the blame for riots, took place at the Independence Square on December 19. "

In this regard, A. Proleskovsky promised to "closely examine the activities of these media" and

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