The Prime Minister appointed Mikhail Myasnikovich

Society Alexander Lukashenko appointed Mikhail Myasnikovich, Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky instead, who resigned in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, reports BELTA.

Together with Sidorsky lost their jobs Natalia Piatkevich, Alexander Zimouski SCC head.Reviews and comments on the latest reshuffle — later on our site.

Official biography

Mikhail Myasnikovich Born in 1950 in the village of New Dream Nesvizhsky Minsk region. In 1972, he graduated from Brest Civil Engineering Institute in 1989 — Minsk Higher Party School. Doctor of Economics, professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences.

He began his

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Threat to democracy in Hungary

Society Ann Eplbavm writes in the Washington Post about the restriction of political and civil freedom, which is practicing a new Hungarian government led by Viktor Orban and compares the situation in the country and in Belarus. We offer you the text of the publication with minor cuts.

Recently, I wrote about the results of the "elections" in Belarus after failing to reach a majority, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko beat the other candidates, arrested journalists and falsified the results of the vote, to hold on to power. The transition of Belarus from communism to democracy not only

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Lithuanian Prime Minister: the EU should agree on a common position on Belarus

Society After the presidential elections in Belarus, which ended detentions of opposition to choose different behaviors with respect to the Belarusian authorities and ordinary citizens, said Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius.

The head of the Lithuanian government has not elaborated on what action should be taken against the authoritarian regime in Belarus. He zasnachyv, what about the general behavior in the near future the European Union has to agree.

"I would not say now and wonder what you need take, but, apparently, should be treated differently. One thing — the leaders of the regime, and the second — the people,

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Following Areas: what to do?

Society What are the causes and potential consequences of recent dramatic events in Belarus? On the issue of "Freedom" meet the well-known public figures, the moral authority of the Belarusian society.

Valentin Akudovich Morozov: We unconsciously moved to another state

Akudovich philosopher Valentin said the events of December 19 still need time to reflect on their conceptual:

"After all, as long as the emotions, emotions and feelings. And they can not be adslanitstsa. After all the feelings that we experience (resentment, injustice, humiliation, a weave of others) — this is as true as the actual event. And

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Wreath Memory: Tatiana Sapach


Tatiana Sapach

On the night of December 28, was killed in a car crash Tatiana Sapach — Belarusian poet, journalist, author of Liberty. The tragedy happened at Alytus in Lithuania. Tatiana and her husband, Sergei Dubovcy returned to Vilnius from Poland from her daughter Adele, who last week gave birth to their granddaughter. Tanya was 48 years old.

In Vilnius, parting with Tatiana Dubovets (Sapach) will begin at 14 pm in Vilnius House of burial (street Hollande, 22, Hall 5) on December 29.

Will serve as a memorial service. Vasily Navinski, rector of the church of St.

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Lukashenko once again teasing the Kremlin

Society Official Moscow reacted sharply to the unwillingness of the Belarusian authorities paroled Russian citizens detained during an opposition rally on December 19 in Minsk. At the end of last week, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov had no doubt that his countrymen back home before the Catholic Christmas. However, the day before the court of Minsk refused to review of cases over 11 Russians, whose name petitioned the embassy. Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern that such a position closest ally could lead to negative consequences in bilateral relations.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory

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Prison universities Ales Pushkin

Society More than 700 people were arrested after the presidential elections in Belarus. Who was in the paddy wagon at the Independence Square, who — on the way home, who — with the hospital wards, who — from his home … Artist Alexander Pushkin had the honor going to jail the first — yet December 8, eleven days before the mass Hapuna, he was arrested and sentenced to 13 days. I met the artist at his home in the village of Beaver Krupki area on the second day after his release.Michas Scoble: "Alexander, I'm glad to see you on the

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Marieluise Beck: The West must find a powerful response to the events in Belarus

Society In Minsk, with a brief visit deputy visited the German Bundestag Marieluise Beck. She said that the more important to her that prisoners in Belarus have felt that the West does not turn away from them and cares about their fate.

Marieluise Beck arrived in Minsk, in spite of the Christmas holidays, which, according to her, coincided "with cool events in Belarus." It noted Now that the most important thing — the fate of those who are in prison, as "illegal torture in jail or in the KGB in the country which is a member of the OSCE."

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Belarus on the verge of despotism

Society International Organization for Monitoring Human Rights Freedom House released its annual report on the most repressive societies in the world.

The worst, that to comply with the political and social rights, were nine countries, including Libya, North Korea, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Separately, was awarded the Chinese province of Tibet.

Belarus carried the organization in the category of countries which are on the verge of the worst evaluation. Second place in the list of the most repressive regimes of Belarus shares with seven countries and two provinces, among them — Cuba, China, Syria, and North Ossetia.

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How would the West could help Belarus. But it will not help …

Immediately after the election of the Company, a journalist, a few years ago was deported from Belarus, has written an essay about the fiery Belarusian heroes who saved the honor of an area of the nation. But I share the enthusiasm of the text only in part. Belarusians words of admiration in his essay interspersed with curses and accusations against the West, especially Europe, which betrayed the Belarusian democracy left the Belarusian opposition and are cynical game with the dictator. About the author Russia said two or three sentences, they say Russia is not yet sleepy raskaturhalasya and language of

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