Defense of the Russian Federation and Belarus are inextricably linked among themselves

The position in which was after the collapse of the Union of Belarusian defense industry sector, it was quite controversial. On the one hand, the new government has been quite a huge share of military production in the total state of the economy — in Belarus was located about 120 companies and defense organizations, among which there were 15 research institutes and design. On the other side of the border because of their own location, in the period immediately after the war, tried not to have large military production of the final product. The only exception to this rule was

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Putin promised Belarus Iskander

Despite the lack of official information about the reached agreements in the sphere of military-technical cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the basis of a private meeting of Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin in Zaslaul near Minsk, in the light of developments associated with the construction of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe (Euro-ABM), with high probability predicted the emergence of tactical missile "Iskander" in Belarus.

This conclusion is evidenced by a number of facts.

First, before the arrival of Russian President Belarusian and Russian media have announced possible topics of

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Belarus on reservoirs were wintering birds. Video


28.01.12.Na open areas of water bodies and the surrounding Minsk stayed for the winter hundreds of waterfowl. In total, according to experts, the annual winter waters of Belarus for more than five thousand birds. Since the reservoir Krynica, which is part of the eponymous state biological reserve, the spillway of the dam home to many ducks, about six dozen swans. With the increasing environmental services frost fed birds, the birds come and help citizens of Minsk.

"Every year on the reservoirs of Belarus remain to winter over five thousand water birds — told BelaPAN the head of the

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In Minsk blooming chestnuts. Video


20.09.11.Nesmotrya in mid-September, the streets bloom chestnuts. Scientists explain it simply: the trees were wrong season. Such surprises can be seen not more than once every ten years. No harm plants bloom again does not work.

Comfortable time, steady now in Belarus, will continue for another couple of weeks. "Indian Summer" in Belarus is expected in late September — early October. And then, alas, to replace the "velvet season" come chill and rain.

Source: National TV Belarus

Belarus. Video


11.09.11.Video may seem a propaganda move, but all it shows is confirmed by numerous witnesses. In Belarus, the police do not take bribes, on tracks traffic cops are not rowing fees, all neat and tidy, working ice palaces and other places of recreation and physical development of young people, and all because of extortion and bribery "Father" just puts the thieves, that's all secret order.

According to many, they are very, very sorry for Belarus, which today make many media slander. But this is the last piece of the light of life, where there is no corruption in

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The victory over Napoleon at the Berezina horde of Muscovites and ideas of modern Europe, not adopted Russian

November 23, 2012, a plenary meeting Rector of the Belarusian municipal institution, dedicated to "War of 1812" (in the current time, the authorities Belarus do not recognize the term "World War II", zapamyatyvaya really about people's (first from the peasantry), the war against foreign invaders.

At the event, according to organizers, was attended by about 150 people from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, France, Italy and Germany, including salting France to Belarus Michel Raineri, salting of in the Belarus Alexander Surikov, the representatives of the Minsk office Rossotrudnichestvo, deputy head of the Ministry of Education, representatives of the university administration

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Hurricane in Belarus. Photo. Video


22.07.11.V Belarus eliminate consequences night disaster.

Storm front that came to us from Poland and Lithuania, left trail of destruction in four regions.

More than 600 settlements of the republic remained without electricity. However, today the end of the day energy supply will be restored to all affected areas, the correspondent of the TV company "Capital TV".

Echoes of the cyclone hanging over north-western Europe reached Belarus. Suffered Minsk, Gomel, Brest and Grodno region. Only one Mozyr district just 15 minutes squally winds caused damage, estimated now at almost half a billion rubles.



Pensioner Anna

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Nightingales are not singing in Belarus


Photo from

14.05.11.Traditsionnaya action "Nightingale Nights", which was held on May 14, has been postponed. At such a measure had to go to the organizers, as the nightingales in Belarus are silent …

As correspondent portal public organization "APB ptushak Fatherland" (APB), which conducts such campaigns for years, nightingales sing reluctant due to the fact that this year they later came to Belarus . The reason for this may be a cold snap in early May.

Over the last decade, this is probably the late arrival of the nightingales in the country. Expert on songbirds

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Because of the snowfall Belarusians late for work


Cneg not only the road to sleep, but also brought down trees and broke off the wire.

01.04.11. Katerina BORISEVICH Alice Buevich. Because of the snowfall Belarusians late for work, and in some villages in the New Year in with candles. — We have so much snow fell that you can not get through! The first two days of the new year to us all buses could not reach. Until Monday morning, those who came home from the big cities to celebrate the holiday, unable to leave home. It turns out that because of the weather late for

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To Belarus and Lukashenko


So, I myself am from St. Petersburg, but the protein was only in '11 dozen times and clearly understand what is going on:

Agriculture — fully preserved. None of abandoned fields NO. Processing fields its own technique. That is, in addition to working in the field, and have a job at the plant, which produces this technique. Plant owned by state-wa, the money in the country, and not in a foreign bank. As well as jobs for their people, not for others'. I will say more — as long as manufactures of Belarus in a / c, she can

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