Creating appropriate wind farms in the north and north-west of Belarus

Specialists of the National Weather Service are actively pursuing an investigation of the wind potential of Belarus. On this day told reporters director of Hydrometeorology of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Maria Germenchuk.

Scientists prepared Wind Atlas, which will be used to assess the sites where you can deploy windmills. "Wind Atlas — a very important document that will assess changes in wind potential of the country in a changing climate," — said the head of the department.

According to Maria Germenchuk, more suitable for a wind farm, the northern and north-western part of Belarus — Minsk, Vitebsk

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Heavenly shield for the CIS

In modern conditions of warfare noncontact air strikes are more effective method of destruction of manpower and equipment of the enemy, that was perfectly demonstrated during military operations conducted by the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan, Iraq and continuing in Libya. To reflect similar attacks ever need air defenses. But since they are very expensive and in the former Soviet republics of these funds in the most part still Russian production, the obvious dependence on Russia CIS yavna. Russian Federation — the only one in the post-Soviet space, the government, in which the work on the modernization of the

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Weather in Belarus

Today Belarus is influenced by the cyclone centered over the Smolensk region. Will sometimes snowing, sometimes blizzard. On some sections of roads icy. West wind gusts, sometimes to strong. Temperature is -1 .. -7 ° C. Pressure will grow. In the next day, January 3, the weather will be determined by the field of low atmospheric pressure. Expected clouds. Light snow at times. Patchy black ice on the roads. South-west wind moderate. Night temperature -8 .. -14 ° C, in clarifying to -18 ° C, in southern -4 .. -7 ° C, day -3 .. -10 ° C. January 4-5

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Ukraine has become cold to -28

C mid-February in some regions of Ukraine may be cold down to minus 25-28 degrees.

"Cooling in Ukraine will begin Feb. 10, but it will not be very strong. The temperature at night drops to -5 … -10 and day to 0-5 frost. February 11-12, on the contrary, will be a slight increase in temperature associated with the movement of the cyclone, which will be held from Scandinavia through Belarus and then on the left bank of Ukraine ", — the head of Ukrgidromettsentra Nicholas Kulbida.

According to him, starting from February 12, the temperature begins to drop again, but

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Patriotic slogans on buses in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Krasnoyarsk put on buses patriotic slogans.On route number 84 from March 7 came three buses that host posters action "Bus forgotten meanings." In agreement with the owners of the label placed on 3 months. In the future, the organizers hope to reach an agreement to increase the number of buses that have joined the campaign. The idea belongs to the members of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the All-Russian public organization "The essence of time", but is open to spread. Now, according to the organizers, it is supported not only in other cities of Russia, but also in Ukraine and Belarus.

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Buzek: Belarus — the laboratory for non-democratic forces

Society European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, speaking in Tbilisi on May 19 speech at the Parliamentary Forum of the Community of Democracies, called Belarus "laboratory for non-democratic forces."

Belarus in the speech of Jerzy Buzek, has appeared in the context of the Eastern Partnership, which, in his opinion, is not justified the hopes associated with it. Buzek said:

"The worst situation — in Belarus. European Union expressed a desire to dialogue with Minsk. However, the answer to our openness was the police and prisons for the opposition. Belarus I mention, as I am afraid that those attempts that are made

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Biography of Alexander Milinkevich

Company (July 25, 1947, Grodno)

Great-grandson and great-grandson of the repressed rebel Kalinowski. The grandson of an activist of the Belarusian movement 20s. Belarusian. Orthodox. He graduated from the Grodno school number 1 with a gold medal (1965), and with honors from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Grodno Pedagogical Institute named after Yanka Kupala (1969). He worked as a teacher (1969). Belorussian champion in basketball in 1969.

He graduated from the graduate school of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR in "Physical Electronics in including Quantum "(1972) and worked

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Buy an island. Little


Rumor has it that every summer you secretly leave on an island and there contemplating and writing new books. May reveal the secrets of their creative project? .. Also, the traveler.

Dear traveler, you have created an almost idyllic picture. That's right, and I would like to spend most of every summer.

The reality, unfortunately, is more prosaic. But for several years my friends and I really depart for a couple of summer days on an island. Perhaps sometime and get to the islands of remote and exotic. At night we would lie in wait thence cannibals,

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At the official Minsk there are problems with Vilnius, and Kiev

Society September 8 in Belarus will be the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Ukraine. Along with Sergei Martynov Azubalis and Konstantin Grishchenko participate in the consultations of the foreign ministers of the three countries. Previous meetings were held in a similar format to last year, in February and in Vilnius in November in Kiev.On the issue of "Freedom," about than today going to talk to ministers, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh said:

"During the visit and during the meeting, the ministers will discuss the state and prospects of development of the

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Foreign diplomats left the oval hall

Society One of them told a reporter of Liberty, said:

"We came here hoping that today will be scheduled presidential election, but this did not happen. "

While MPs are considering the changes and additions to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Finance Minister Andrei Kharkavets representing the document, 20 minutes talking about, that from next year in Belarus will dramatically decrease the amount of taxes and the tax system will be simplified. But the minister let slip that all these changes have to leave all entities further 700 billion rubles, which is 0.4 GDP of Belarus.

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