Biography Goncharik

Society Goncharik born 29 April 1940 in the village of Augustus Logoysky Minsk region.

He graduated from the Belarusian State Institute of National Economy (1961), graduate of the Academy of Social Sciences under the Central Committee of the CPSU (1976). He worked as an economist, Acting Deputy Chief Accountant of the farm "10 Years of the Byelorussian SSR," Luban district, Minsk region (1961-1965). The first secretary of the regional committee of Komsomol Luban (1965-1970), the instructor of the Minsk Regional Committee of the PBC (1970-1971), Second Secretary of the Dzerzhinsky district committee of the PBC (1971-1973). The first secretary of

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Biography of Sergei Haidukevich

Society , Owed born September 8, 1954 in Minsk.

In 1976 he graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineering School of anti-missile defense in 1997 — Law Faculty of the Moscow Commercial Institute. Also graduated from the Military Command Academy-Defense Forces (1991). He served in the Army Air Defense in the years 1976-1991. He has held positions of command — from the commander to deputy commander of the air defense system. Colonel.

In 1991-1992. was a leading specialist in the Office of the National Security State Secretariat The Republic of Belarus. In 1992-1994 he. was chairman of the committee on social

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Biography of Vasily Novikov


He was born on February 21, 1946 in the village of junk Orsha district, Vitebsk region. He graduated from Leningrad State University. He served in the Soviet Army, he worked as a mechanic at the Orsha-lekalshchykam light engineering factory. Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy Belarusian Agricultural Academy (1974), from 1977 on party work — Instructor Gorki district committee of the PBC, the first secretary of the regional committee of the PBC Cherikov (1984), Assistant to the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PBC, the first deputy head of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of

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PACE rapporteur: you need a full investigation into the death of Bebenina

Sinikka Hurskainen society, the rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe (PACE) Belarus has expressed concern in connection with the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina.

"Do you have questions about the circumstances of his death, and I hope that the authorities conduct full, transparent and thorough investigation of this tragic event — said Hurskainen. — PACE will closely monitor the results of the investigation, and also the course of events before Presidential elections, especially as for freedom of the press and political freedoms Belarusian citizens . "



Biography Zenon Pozniak

Company (April 24, 1944, the town Subbotniki Ivie Grodno region)

He graduated from the Belarusian State Theatre and Art Institute in drama (1967). Candidate of Arts (1981). Thesis: "The problems of the formation and development of the Belarusian professional theater early XX century (1900-1917 gg.)". Due to a conflict with the leadership of the Belarusian Institute of defense was held in Leningrad. He worked as head of the village club, a work of the Bolshoi State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus, Belorussian State Museum photographer, graphic designer Minsk artistic production plant, was in graduate school, working as a

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Biography of Alexander Lukashenko

The Company's August 30, 1954, the township Kopys Orsha district, Vitebsk region.

In 1975, he graduated from the history department of the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute, after which he was drafted into the army (frontier troops KGB). After serving for a time worked as secretary of the Communist Youth League released gorpischetorga Shklovsky, and in 1978 he joined the executive secretary of the district organization of society "Knowledge". From 1980-1982. — He served in the Soviet Army. From 1982 to 1985 — deputy director of the plant materials in Shklou (the correspondence studies at the Belarusian Agricultural Academy in Gorki and

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Real friends in Belarus, there is no

Society "What countries do you consider real friends in Belarus?" This question is answered residents of Gomel.

Mr."The true friends? Ukraine — no questions asked., Germany, Belarus, China a lot of help."

Mr."In my opinion, all the normal state — and the Ukraine, and Russia, and Poland. They are all friends, our neighbors. I do not know, however, as the government there. Fact that Alexander G. quarrels, disputes with Medvedev — is another matter . "

Mrs."I think both Ukraine and Russia, and far-abroad countries — America in the first place."

Mr."Lithuania. We help each other. Related country! Previously

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Medvedev and Nazarbayev will speak on the Customs Union without Lukashenko

Company's Dmitry Medvedev and Nursultan Nazarbayev discussed trade and economic ties within the Customs Union. Why are not invited to the actual speech of the third party of the Customs Union of Belarus? Does this mean that the intransigence of Alexander Lukashenko on a number of issues make the Belarusian position outside the brackets tripartite agreements?

At a meeting of Russian and Kazakhstan, focusing on the development prospects of integration formats in the CIS. First of all it concerns the activities of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. But why Medvedev and Nazarbayev ignored another interested party

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Biography Vyacheslav Kebich

Company (June 10, 1936 in the village of Kanyushavshchyna Novogrudskii province, now, Minsk region)

He graduated from the Belorussian Polytechnic Institute, a mechanical engineer (1958), Minsk Police College (1984). Engineer, section chief, department, deputy chief engineer of the Minsk factory of automatic transfer lines. Since 1973, engineer, director of the Minsk Machine-Tool Plant named after Kirov from 1978 CEO Minsk Production Association named after Kirov producing long-drawn-cutting machine tools. Second Secretary of the Minsk City Committee, Provincial Committee of the PBC, head of the Central Committee of the PBC Industry (1980-1985). Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Chairman

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The program Stanislav Shushkevich

Society Statehood, democracy, the market — the path to prosperity

Not reforms led to the collapse, a lack thereof

Our country fell into a deep crisis, and the initial conditions were better in Belarus than in many other post-communist states. Following the example of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, we could quickly move to a democratic society, civilized market relations, and now people would live better. It seemed so be it.We have laid the foundations of statehood: declared independence, the policy of neutrality and have-nots, have established good relations with its neighbors. More than 100 countries have officially recognized. To

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