Gazeta Wyborcza: «Minsk on a leash

Society Under the headline today Polish weekly Gazeta Wyborcza reports on loan from EurAsEC anti-crisis fund, which the Belarusian side has agreed with Vladimir Putin on May 19 in Minsk.

"For loans with Belarusian save the economy from collapse, the dictator Alexander Lukashenko give the Russian company control over strategic companies "- said the Polish newspaper. And he adds:

"The crisis — it is an occasion for Moscow to take on a short leash Belarusian dictator, who has long irritated Russia verbal attacks on its leaders or blocking Russian investors."

"Lukashenko many times confused Moscow. Now the Kremlin will wait

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Russian media: Lukashenka and Putin — the same

Society Statements Alexander Lukashenko that the explosion in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk could organize the Russians, the newly heightened confrontation in the information field in Russia and Belarus.The newspaper Kommersant states: Belarus is increasingly drawn into the information war with Russia. The publication says that Alexander Lukashenko has actually accused Moscow of arson of its embassy in Minsk. According to the Belarusian leader, the latest incident — continued attacks on him personally. Analyst Svetlana Naumova told "Kommersant" that the direct connection Lukashenko to information warfare designed to mobilize the bureaucracy and security forces. He gave them

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Gangster Stade de France


Grave of Jim Morrison at the Paris cemetery of Pere-Lyashez (Photo by Ales lookout)

The evening before the official press conference and training — she, as usual, is the day before the game — the journalists had the opportunity to sip a bit of Parisian air to rush traditionally run on one of the trails. But, fortunately, I and two colleagues were able to see several different Paris — thank you very much for that my friend the photographer Jeff Banifasyno that repeatedly came to take pictures in Belarus. Instead Elizeyskih fields we passed along the boulevard Villette,

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Estonian diplomat accused the Belarusian KGB

Society Harry Lahtejn argues that images with Minsk girls, because of which he resigned, was rigged in a graphics editor.The former charge d'Estonia in Belarus Harry Lahtejn, who was forced to resign because of the scandalous pictures that hit the Estonian media, yesterday gave an interview to "Kahekõne" on Estonian Television (ETV).

According to him, most of his shots kamprametuyuchyh in which he allegedly flirting with several girls by Minsk was intentionally treated accordingly.

They call you the KGB interrogated for several hours and threatened to throw in a psychiatric hospital. Are you in this case do not give pictures

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Pre-election riddle: explosion, Milinkevich and pro-Russian candidate

Society What will be the political echo of explosions at the Russian embassy in Minsk? What will be the impact of a possible non-participation in the election campaign of Alexander Milinkevich? The pro-Russian candidate — it's an empty brand or Reality?

On these topics in the "Prague accent" talk Sojm member of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, a political scientist Yuri Chausov, columnist of the newspaper "Kommersant" Pavel Sheremet and a columnist for Radio Liberty Vitaly Tsigankov.

Drakakhrust: Prior to the announcement of elections in Belarus remains … The idea is a little left, although there are various

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Even today, September 3

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…but as long as supplies: +15 rain.

Do not pass:

September 3-4, will host the International Festival in the open air "Velvet season 2010." The program includes performances of groups from Austria, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, on two stages will host a festival of Belarusian actual music "You can!". Park "Krutogorie", 18 km from Minsk.

As part of CRI Animated Film Festival presentation of Polish animation. Mogilev, cinema "Rodina".

Levon Volski & Ko at the "Graffiti", Minsk.


Guest qualifying round match of the European

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To strengthen the defense of Belarus will go the S-300 PMU1 and Tor-M2

For service defense Belarus recently received a batch of Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-300 PMU1 and several anti-aircraft batteries "Tor-M2". About this newspaper "The reddish star. "

In the words of the commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Belarus Major General Dmitry Pahmelkin, deliveries are made in accordance with applicable Russian-Belarusian agreements under the joint regional air defense system.

According to him, only eight will get the S-300, four of which have already been transferred to the Belarusian side.

In turn, the head of a group of international military cooperation between the Air Force and Air Defense

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Lukashenko's presidential campaign began with excuses

Society September 1st Belarusian TV channels broadcast an hour of Alexander Lukashenko answers to questions. Can we call this the beginning of the campaign speech of Alexander Lukashenko? Did the President of Belarus to answer all the attacks, voiced in recent months the information war? As Lukashenko refers to the fact that some of the officials to run for office?

On these and other issues in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom" meet the editor in chief of the newspaper "New Era" Aleksei Korol and the head of analytical projects BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.

Alexander Klaskouski

Aleksei Korol

Vitaly Tsigankov

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Schwarzenberg against the sanctions, which could harm the people of Belarus

Society Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said that he was against the economic sanctions against Belarus.

"I consider myself a supporter perspective, which is that economic sanctions could harm ordinary citizens of Belarus, "- said Schwarzenberg at a press conference in Moscow.

He recalled that, with regard to Belarus from the EU sanctions will be imposed: "This decision has been taken, and it is serious," Interfax reported.

"There are representatives of some countries that consider what you need introduce these sanctions so that they are economical and focused more spheres of society, "- said the head of the Foreign Ministry

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The Strasbourg Court beware of torture in Belarus

Society The European Court of Human Rights has warned France against the expulsion of the family home of the Belarusian opposition, for fear of ill-treatment of them in Belarus.

As RIA "News" from Strasbourg, the court decided that, in the present circumstances the return of the plaintiffs in Belarus would be a violation of articles on the prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment.

Belarusian family with three children secretly lives in France. The names of the plaintiffs were not disclosed.

It is reported that the father of the family in 1999 he was detained and beaten by Belarusian law enforcement

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