Family picket for the Belarusian school

Society Professor Ales Ostrovsky, his wife Oksana, and their children came out today at 16:20 on Lenin Square, deploying posters text to the windows executive committee.

Children, Joe and Light, holding placards "We want to study in Belarusian," and himself, Mr. Ostrovsky — "Ethnocide — quiet killing people." They also joined journalist Vladimir Khilmanovich, who wrote: "In Grodno in schools no Belarusian class! In what country do we live in? "

Ales Ostrovsky explained that they wrote a letter to the 32-th school that her daughter was studying the Light in the first class, whiteRussian language. However, the statement

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Belarus does not have access to the Odessa-Brody pipeline

Society Ukraine is not likely to agree to the request to fill in Belarus Venezuelan oil pipeline "Odessa-Brody".

Kiev energy expert Michael Potter the BBC said that the Ukrainian government will not make it to the transit of oil through the pipeline in Belarus aggravate relations with Russia:

"I strongly doubt it. Unfortunately, because in essence, we understand that buying Venezuelan oil causes a negative reaction in Russia, which sees this as the fact that Belarus is released from the lever depending on the Russian side. And so, when Ukraine in this context will Belarusian side, then automatically it is

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In Moscow, former policemen raped day beloruskikh

Society In Moscow have detained three suspects in the kidnapping and rape of a citizen of Belarus, reports quoting "RIA Novosti".

According to the source, August 31 at the Volgograd prospectus at the house number 46 these people, threatened with physical violence, kidnapped 30-year-old unemployed citizen of Belarus, was taken to the apartment of one of the detainees, where during the day were raped. The woman managed to escape and called the police. In Moscow on the street Grayvaronavskay were arrested two unemployed Muscovites, who are suspected of raping a woman.

"She said that her abduction and rape of

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Erotic kitsch of Lukashenko

Society "Porn Again: the director chooses as the next target besieged Lukashenko," — writes the Moscow correspondent of Radio Liberty, Kevin OFlin.

High mustachioed man named Luke walks through the collective farm field and approaching the woman who collects vegetables. Man, very similar to Lukashenka, discusses the quality of the tomatoes with the woman, and then proceed to have sex with her.

This is a scene from the next movie for adults "Father's happiness," tells of lusty adventures of the kolkhoz — character created explicitly modeled on the Belarusian leader — says Kevin OFlin. As expected, the film will

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Financial Times: Moscow relishes the economic needs of Minsk

Society Today's edition of the Financial Times, reporting on the compliance of Vladimir Putin to give Belarus a loan of $ 3 billion to the EurAsEC anti-crisis fund, says that this agreement could mean a change of control over strategic assets of the Belarusian economy in Russian hands.

"Moscow relishes the disadvantage of Alexander Lukashenko in time when the authoritarian government of Belarus, which has long since been prickly relations with Moscow, trying to calm the panic around the time most of the Belarusian economy," — writes the correspondent Ian Tsenskogo from Minsk.

Writing about the growth of food prices,

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About Liberty: Janka Zaprudnik


What is your freedom?

The opportunity to realize my goals.

What is most limiting your freedom?

The deficit of knowledge, time and money.

What is happiness for you?

Make plans.

What are you most afraid of?

Lose the ability to work: I go for 85 minutes.

What a talent you would like to have?


Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

Young people, who show interest in belarushchyny.

What do you most enjoy doing?

Read, write, communicate

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Can you trust the modern school textbook nation's history?

Society Can you trust the modern school textbook nation's history?

Let's try to answer the question together, and for this we take the hands of the textbook "History of Belarus. The end of the XVIII century. — 1999, "edited by Professor Evgeny Novikov. According to it, this year will be to learn our eleventh.

Expand the section of the revolutionary and national liberation movement in the 1st half of the XIX century. This is the time when the captured Russian Belarusian lands there are numerous secret societies. Telling of the most important of them, Philomath and Filaret, the authors of

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Ukraine and Belarus to pour rain

High cyclone, unwind to greater heights, practically remains in place, migrating between Ukraine and Belarus. It was here, near the center of a high-rise, and go heavy rains.

On the eve of the Ukraine resulted in some places up to 39 mm, and 40 mm of Belarus. In the sphere of influence of the cyclone were and the Baltics. For example, in Lithuania places fell almost 30 mm heavenly moisture.

In the coming day high cyclone will remain in place, which means that the rains will continue, mainly short-term nature, in Estonia — showers, thunder storms, which

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To tint portrait of beloved President beard, glasses and even different lewdness …

Society In many textbooks today can see a portrait of Alexander Lukashenko. Call the cult of personality that is obviously not necessary, but that the Ministry of Education has consistently and persistently expanding in school textbooks of the relevant illustrations — a fact. And that particular situation: student received the first of September this tutorial, but it looks from the pages of the book, Alexander G., drastically retouched previous users textbook. What to do then?

This is the case described in his letter to freedom Constantine Syrel of Ushacha. He, in particular, writes:

"I Overheard recently the story of

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Destroyed the contents of the websites of the CCP-BPF

Society September 1 was destroyed by the content of web sites that contain the activists of the Conservative Christian Party — BPF.

On the morning of the content disappeared official website of the Conservative Christian Party BPF, as well as the website of "Belarusian statements" and a website dedicated to Kurapaty. Remained intact website content "Solidarity with Belarus".

"The reasons are unknown to me — said in an interview Radio Liberty Hrustsiyanskay leader of the Conservative Party — BPF Zenon Pozniak. — DDoS-attacks have been in the past. But now something serious, destroyed the contents of websites.

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