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Versions of the explosion at the Russian embassy

Society The fact that the explosions at the Russian embassy might be involved in the Belarusian authorities, said yesterday the Russian policy of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the head of the political department of the party "United Russia" Alexei Chad.Perhaps that is their mean Alexander Lukashenko in today's statement when he said: "With regard to the prosecution of this fast reaction from the Russian, then I start to think, to whom it should be?"

The commentary Alexei Chadaeva, Located on the party's website states:

"Belarus — it is a very small country where everyone knows each other. Degree of transparency for

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Estonian Foreign Ministry did not find any violations in official actions Lahtejn

Society The Estonian Foreign Ministry has completed an internal investigation of the former charge d'affaires in Belarus, Estonia, Harry Lahtejn. Check has not confirmed the allegations the 20-year resident of Minsk for allegedly illegally issued to her and her friends Schengen visas for certain sexual services. Along with the letter sent to the editorial unknown Estonian media naughty photos Lahtejn surrounded by Belarusian girlfriends.

August 24 Estonian Foreign Ministry granted the application chargé d'affaires in Belarus Harry Lahtejn resignation from the post at his own request, he filed after admission to the wording of anonymous letters accusing him of sexual

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Ales Buck went to study in Belarusian, but not where wanted

Society Girl pyatsiklyasnitsa received was Gluboksky study in high school, but had abandon their studies in prestigious, but the Russian-language school.How to tell the mother of Olesya, winner of the agro-estates "Native corner" Julia Buck, in high school formed two Russian-language classes. Although at the time of receipt of the parents were not warned that this could be, all children learn allegedly acted in an institution with Belarusian language learning.

A week before the Sept. 1 Julia Beech warned that all classes on the parallel by their parents will be bilingual. At the parents' meeting, says mum student, vilified and

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New spelling: the issue price has not been determined

Society On September 1, came into effect the "Law on the rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation." How to prepare for the innovations of the school and the media, or significant changes.For pupils and students announced a three-year transition period, when, for example, in the dictations make a mistake it for a rule that has been changed, it will not be taken into account. Teachers have been trained released dictionaries, manuals. But the problems are, said the deputy chairman of the Belarusian SocietyRussian language, Candidate of Philological Sciences Elena Anisim:

Elena Anisim

"The main difficulty is that many of the

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Forced privatization

Company Statement of Alexander Lukashenko, in This year, Belarus, Russia allocates $ 6 billion, immediately raised doubts about the veracity of this information. First, because, as experience shows, all statements of the Belarusian leader, and especially those which presents some figures, we must reconcile. You may recall how a year ago Belarusian officials have talked about the $ 15-16 billion Chinese loans for Belarus, who have not appeared here. Probably got lost on the way.   Second, this information is contrary to the one announced on the eve of Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.   Third, it is clear that

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Russian Embassy does not comment on statements by Lukashenko

Society The Russian Embassy in Minsk says statements made by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the possible involvement of the Russian side to the incident at the embassy on August 30.

This was stated by "Interfax" counselor of the Russian Embassy Vadim Gusev:

"While we do not comment on the statements President of Belarus the involvement of the Russian side to the incident occurring in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk on August 30. "


Russia, Lukashenko

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No beggars? And teachers, doctors, retirees? ..

Our society listener, listening to what he said Alexander Lukashenko on the future of agriculture in a recent trip to Gomel, spoke these words:

"According to the state radio that the President visited the farm and farmer Michael Bolt said there is the following:" Here's your field, here's a lake. Do what you want, sell products. "I would advise the farmer screw flee to Venezuela.'s New economic policy begins."

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that farming is no prospect for development in Belarus, since there is no regulation, and thus guarantees of economic security:

"The prospect for a new law on

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Died Andrew McIntosh


Andrew McIntosh

Died on Andrew McIntosh, a former chairman of the Subcommittee on Mass Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Chaired by Andrew McIntosh hearing took place in Belarus in Strasbourg and international conferences on the subject of freedom of the Belarusian media. At the initiative of the Macintosh fall 2008 a group of members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists invited to speak in the House of Lords.

"In the face of Andrew McIntosh a free press throughout Europe, including and Belarus, has lost its real and true friend, "- commented on the

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For a million students started the school year


Schools by language of instruction(Ctatystyka Ministry of Education)

September 1 for the school desks sat 950,000 students. Including 86.3 thousand first-graders.

In the 2008-09 academic year, 87,800 were first-graders. And in 2007-2009 — 91,200.

In Belarus, 3,531 school. Compared with 2009nd the number of educational institutions was reduced by fifty-second

"Every year disappears 50-100 schools — usually a school in the countryside. Thus, in the cities of new schools, but it is the school with Russian language of instruction "- explains the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Society of school Tamara Mackiewicz.

Commenting on the official statistics on

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Astronomical spring comes with good weather

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on 21 March, but night frosts are reminded of last winter.

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on March 21 at 1.21. As director of the observatory said BSU Algirdas Grasshopper sun moving along the ecliptic, will move from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere. Earth will take a position in relation to it, that the rays will fall steeply to the equator. On the vernal equinox, the sun rises due east and sets exactly in the west. At this time in the southern hemisphere occurs astronomical autumn.

"On this

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