Putin: Union ruble hit a dead end

Society Negotiations on the common currency with Belarus have stalled, acknowledged Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Putin noted that the demands made by the Minsk actually blocked the decision this issue.

"I believe this is an error on the part of our Belarusian partners that we do not introduce a single currency. Actually, for Belarus it would be a big plus. If we switched to the single currency in the form of the Russian ruble, it would stabilize the financial and economic system in Belarus ", — said Putin In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

This is a mistake

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Belarusian intellectuals call for support Belsat

Society The call to continue to support the channel "Belsat" Belarusian intellectuals appealed on Thursday to the leadership of the Polish TV — said «Gazeta prawna».

"Belsat" — Belarusian-Polish TV satellite channel, addressed the audience in Belarus.

In a letter to the Belarusian intelligentsia notes that "Belsat" plays an important role in the development of Belarusian language and culture, is the only independent Belarusian-language television station in the world, from which you can get accurate information about events in Belarus and abroad. All this contributes to the fact that Lately has experienced rapid growth in popularity of "Belsat" in Belarus.

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Even today, 31 August

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.  


Mostly prayasnennyami, evening and night rain, the temperature of +15-17 C 

Do not pass:

Minsk meeting of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly

Minsk, in the national press center will host a press conference dedicated to the Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic 


Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to Germany

Another demonstration of the Russian opposition in Moscow and other cities

The withdrawal of U.S. combat units from Iraq 


1432: Prince Sigismund Keystutovich and Simon started

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Construction of the plant in hot atsynkovvannya Lida will begin in September

Society The decision to build the plant in Lida hot atsynkovvannya metalyakanstruktsy accepted. According to the project, the construction company will begin in September 2010, putting the plant into operation is planned for the fourth quarter of 2011. This was announced at a press conference, First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, Peter Knight.

The plant's capacity — 30,000 tons per year. Mr. Knight said that the annual demand for hot atsynkovvanni in Belarus is not less than 100,000 tons. On today atsynkovvanne metalakanstruktsy for large enterprises of Belarus makes plants of Russia and

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A. Sannikov: Russia sends signals that will not deal with Lukashenko

Society The leader of the campaign "European Belarus", the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to BelaPAN spoke about his political course, expressed the view that what's going on in Belarus on the eve of the election, and assessed the actions of their opponents."The situation in Belarus with each passing day more and more pronounced — will change, and we must do everything possible to bring these changes. Some actions of the current opposition politicians fit into this logic, some imitate them.

Now we are important, not imitation activities, and activities. Coordination of actions — is the key word, and it will

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Each year, more than 700 people disappears

Society August 30 in the world celebrate the Day of the Disappeared. In Belarus, there were about five hundred year earlier missing people. Why is not among them Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky?

There are a few days in the year when a Uliana Zakharenko, the mother disappeared in 1999 of former Interior Minister Yuri Zakharenko, be sure to turn journalists. Birthday her son George, the day of his disappearance, and 30 August, when the world remembers about all the missing. Is there any thing new in the business, and how feels old woman who was

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Delegation of European Union in Belarus headed by Ambassador

Society The European Commission has announced a contest for the post of head of the EU Delegation in Belarus, BelaPAN. Now, it will not lead the charge d', and the ambassador. September 10, European Commission officials, the Council of the European Union, as well as diplomats of EU countries can apply for a position that was.

European Commission office was opened in Minsk in March 2008. This mission was the 119th Mission of the EU in the world. Prior to eorder in Belarus has been accredited by the head office in Kiev. Since 2008, the EU Delegation in Minsk

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Union died — recognized at the Moscow forum

Society Today in the capital of Russia held a one-day conference "Belarus — Russia: the end of Union, the beginning of a pragmatic partnership?" It was organized by the Russian party "Right Cause" movement "Russia's Choice", the United Civil Party of Belarus, and the Scientific Research Mises Center in Minsk. Participants were mostly opposition politicians and independent experts of the two countries.

Russian opposition politician, chairman of the movement "Russia's Choice" Vladimir Ryzhkov Moscow forum called a unique form of "civil dialogue between Belarus and Russia," noting that there is still bilateral relations were mainly involved in the power

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Lukashenko simply cry the blues

Society Student Freedom under the influence of conflicting information about the financial condition of the head of Belarus, which is voiced by various media, asks the question:

"Dear Freedom! Lukashenko said that he lived very modestly, even has his own apartment, neither he nor his children. Russian news agency reported that the wealth of Lukashenko billions of dollars. Whom to believe, tell me!

Chairman of the "European Coalition" Statkevich comments this issue:

"The problem is the opacity of today's life Belarusian leadership, the lack of complete control over them. Absence of such control power corrupts. Then shown not the best

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Ukrainian Correspondent, conflict with Moscow went to the benefit of Belarus

Society Cooling relations Kremlin and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus has benefited — stated in an article published Ukrainian edition of "Correspondent", issued by the holding company of an American citizen Jed Sunden. It appears in the publication, "the conflict with Russia and the rise in price of gas went to Minsk to benefit. Three years of intensive liberal reforms in Belarus had to beat Poland and Spain in terms of doing business. Yesterday outcast — Belarus, with its total state control of the economy is rapidly becoming a one of the most attractive sites in Europe for investment. "


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