In Moscow, accumulated Belarusian and Russian opposition

Society In the capital of Russia held a one-day conference "Belarus — Russia: the end of Union, the beginning of a pragmatic partnership?"

It was organized by the Russian party "Right Cause" movement "Russia's Choice", the United Civil Party of Belarus, and the Scientific Research Mises Center in Minsk.

Russian opposition politician Vladimir Ryzhkov called the forum a form of "civil dialogue" as to still bilateral relations were mainly involved in the power structure.

"The crisis in bilateral relations between Minsk and Moscow, became the basis of the information war, according to a new review the Belarusian-Russian relations — talking

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Belaruskaliy be sold

Society Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belaruskali" was transformed into an open joint stock company.

As theBelaPAN and the State Committee on Property, 100% of shares owned by the state, the authorized capital amounted to about 6 trillion rubles.

"Belaruskali" is included in the privatization plan 2010. Told reporters on August 4 First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko, Belarus will not rush the sale of the company. "As far as selling some shares, it is possible," — he added.

According to Semashko, already there are many who want to buy "Belaruskaliy." But "now is not the best time to sell," said First

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The Russian ambassador recalled Beltransgaz

Society "Gazprom" can buy 50% of "Beltransgaz", owned by the Belarusian government, said Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov reporters in the evening on May 19. "It's about the rest of the share fraction, to get 100%," — he said.

However, he added that "negotiations between" Gazprom "," Beltransgaz "and the government of Belarus go." "I think they will end the agreement," — he said.

According to Surikov, the parties to the negotiations, in particular, discuss whether to conduct a new assessment of the value of company assets. In 2006 AVN Amro Bank estimated 100% of shares of "Beltransgaz" $

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Vladimir Sivchikov — a facsimile edition

Society Ivan Nosonovich. Dictionary of the Belarusian language. Minsk, "the Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia", 1983

Nearly 800-page tome was published 140 years ago. It is the fruit of many years of outstanding linguist, ethnographer and folklorist Ivan Nosonovich (1788-1877). That and the good fortune when it was committed properly evaluated colleagues noted prizes and awards Imperial Academy of Sciences. A little confused, the manuscript known as the "Dictionary belorusskago adverb" but such were the realities of the then yes leksykagrafichnyh qualities of this does not become smaller. It is likely that without the dictionary there would be "Wreath" Bogdanovich: the poet

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Mysteries of the Belarusian welfare

Society Whether the government will fulfill the promise to provide year-end average salary of 500 dollars? How does the Belarusian quality of life compared to other countries? What role does the Belarusian social equality? On these topics in the "Prague accent 'reasoning: economist Michael Zaleski, columnist "Belarusians and Market" Constantine Skuratovich and teacher of the European Humanities University Alexei Pikulik.

Michael Zaleski

Zaleski: In contrast, those who said that the government will not make the $ 500 paycheck, I always said that would make a thousand, if ordered … In 1994, we produced 3.9 GDP per ruble ruble salary,

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Laimonas Bankauskas questioned in the Lithuanian security service

Society "It was standard procedure, yet the Lithuanian police was arrested. It was just a conversation, not detention "- said the Lithuanian media spokesman for the Children's Hospital Vitavskas Makauskas.

An official action against Bankauskasa say nothing.

Officer's wife Tatiana convinced of the innocence of her husband, but welcomes the fact checking. "Lithuania — a serious state, they have to check and thank God for that check. And then together we will celebrate with her husband," — said Tatiana reporters ERB.

Laimonas Bankauskas was arrested August 16 at the border crossing in Ashmyany. In his car guards

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Muraveva policy in Belarus is someone to continue

Society Listener Freedom discusses the situation that prevailed in the country on the eve of the presidential campaign, and expresses his thoughts:

"Politicians are wondering whether there is a possibility of another rapprochement between Minsk and Brussels. Would it have this convergence? There was a trick to get loans. When the President makes his special forces training pack on the field, where they hung out for a lot of white-red-white flags — the so- accidentally saw a man who was calling you.'s what cynicism! already is preparing for a presidential election. Where's rapprochement with European values? Lukashism — a special

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Godfather reawakened activity of Russian media

Society Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko for the first time publicly reacted to the movie channel "NTV", "Godfather", three of which were shown in July and August. Authors tape accused the Belarusian leader in the massacre of political opponents in money laundering, in pazshlyubnyh Relations and the patient's psyche. Lukashenko, in turn, called the film a dirty provocation, and hinted that there are actually reflects what is happening in Russia. Today the words of the head of Belarus commented on almost all major Russian edition.

"The Belarusian leader to break the silence" — wrote "Moskovsky Komsomolets". The publication in its own

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The dilemma of Kudrin: Sell property or ask the IMF

Society Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has today confirmed that the anti-crisis fund of the Eurasian Economic Community is considering mounting Belarus 3 billion loan over the next three years. And to add to this amount of Belarus to privatize more actively encouraged — or go to the IMF.

After the meeting of the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community, which was held in the evening at the National Library, at the final press conference the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. Home of the themes he touched on — the currency crisis in Belarus and Belarusian leaders appeal to

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Poles give Belarusians (and yourself) more energy

Society The Polish company "Kulczyk Holdyng" with the Belarusian company "Grodnoenergo" Zelva built in 2014 coal-fired power.The agreement was signed on August 26 in Warsaw CEO "Grodnoenergo" Vladimir Shaternik and executive director of "Kulczyk Investments" Dariusz Myaduskim. "Grodnoenergo" is part of the Belarusian state concern "Belenergo". Private Polish company "Kulczyk Holdyng" issued by businessman John Kulczyk in 1991 in Warsaw, is the part of the investment group "Kulczyk Investments", Kulczyk registered in 2007 in Luxembourg.

The agreement provides for construction in the urban village of Grodno region Zelva coal power plant of 920 MW and an optional power line with

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