Baltische Rundschau about the scandal with Lahtejn: This is not a woman's revenge

Earlier this week, the Society Estonian media received anonymous e-mails from Belarus, in which an unknown person, who introduced 20-year-old resident of Minsk, claimed that the Estonian diplomat sexually harasses her.

As proof of his allegations she sent a series of photographs in which Lahtejn posing in a society of young girls who like the author of the letter, he thanks issued Schengen visa.

German-language edition of "Baltische Rundschau", which is issued in Vilnius and is designed for readers EU does not rule out involvement in the scandalous pictures of Belarusian special services.

As the newspaper writes, referring

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The loan will have to wait at least until June

Society Belarus a loan application will be reviewed on June 4. This was at a meeting of the Interstate Council of EurAsEC Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin:

"June 4, Kiev will host a board meeting of the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund. There will be consideration of the project loan agreement for Tajikistan will also consider the application and loan programs for Belarus and Armenia. "

Meanwhile press service Alexander Lukashenko said that his meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will take place tonight:

"We will focus on topical issues of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries."


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Another tanker from Chavez

The ship will bring the Company's trial lot — about 80,000 tons of oil.

"We are fully ready to receive tanker with Venezuelan oil for Belarus"- Said General Director of the company" Klaypedos oil "Rokas Masiulis.

"Klaypedos oil" has signed a contract to supply a test batch of Venezuelan oil with "Transchema" that promotes production of the enterprises included in the "Belneftekhim" concern to the markets of Lithuania and other European countries.

Earlier, Belarus has one trial supply of Venezuelan oil through Estonia.

Most of the Venezuelan oil delivered to Belarus — through Ukraine.

The agreement on the supply

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Bankauskasa released. And what a criminal case?

Society Still unaccounted for criminal case, excited in Belarus against the head of the Mounted Police Vilnius Laimonas Bankauskasa. General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus BelaPAN Lithuanian media denied the information that the materials of the case Bankauskasa allegedly handed over to the agency. Nothing is known about the criminal case Bankauskasa Genprakuratury and Lithuania, and the Committee of State Security of Belarus the situation with the release of a high-ranking Lithuanian police still do not comment.

Bankauskas was arrested on August 16 in Ashmyany (Grodno region) under Article 108 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Belarus (detention under direct

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Even today, 27 August


Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Mostly prayasnennyami the afternoon rain, storm, temperature +15-17 C

Do not pass:

Brest region. Working meeting chairman Border Committee of Belarus Igor Raczkowski and head of the Border Guard of Latvia Narmundusa Garbarsa

Minsk. National press center. Press conference of the UN representative in Belarus Antsiniyusa Brook and head of the International Security and Arms Control, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Gerasimovitch dedicated to the International Day against Nuclear Tests

Grodno: VIII National Environmental Forum. "Modern technologies of conservation and protection of the

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To refuse the help of Moscow no reasonable politician would not

Society to these and other questions are answered by a journalist of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets and chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina. Tsigankov: What purpose was the BPF, taking Manifesto? Can we say that this document is a significant impact on the election campaign in opposition? How might the adoption of the Manifesto — combining or razyadnavchy?

Anti-Russian attacks in the Manifesto makes this document, to put it mildly, inappropriate

Kalinkina: I think that, in any case, this document will not be sent out to unite the opposition. Frankly, I do not see much

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The Chairman and the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Society CSTO summit in Armenia ended a week ago, things of the past assumptions go back to Lukashenko, which means his arrival two days earlier and leaving a day early, or he's there to make peace with Medvedev, etc. Dry surrender was a perfect shot boring Lukashenko of Belarus and consent to take starshynyavanne the CSTO. Here is the latest — what does it mean?

Does it mean that in the information and even more — a political war between the Kremlin and the official Minsk come if not the world, at least temporarily peramire?

Most likely — it does

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Andrei Sannikov did not answer Yanukevich

Society The leader of "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov, who announced his intention to run for the president, declined to comment on the "Liberty" in his remarks towards Alexei Yanukevich, chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party, which he did on radio and online on August 24. Umateryyale Vitaly Tsygankova "Yanukevich," Sannikov gave himself away "was placed a comment Alexei Yanukevich the refusal Andrei Sannikov signed the "Manifesto of the protection of national interests," which had previously been circulated BPF leaders.

Radio "Liberty" addressed to Andrew Sannikov with a proposal to respond to the words of Alexei Yanukevich, but was refused.

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Moscow betrays Belarus

Minsk evenly losing ground, with significant blame for this lies with Moscow. EEC and the IMF agreed to support the Belarusian economy by giving loans. Thus, Belarus will receive $ 3 billion from the Eurasian Economic Community. bucks in parts. What's the price? Minsk will have to do anything for a very long time resisted, keeping the legacy of the Soviet Union — in the three years to realize (when they received three tranches) of municipal assets worth 7.5 billion dollars. bucks. In practice, this onerous conditions that put Belarus on the cross as an independent state.

Belarus forced to

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Such scandals involving the neighboring countries of Belarus will be more

Society With Grodno prison released Lithuanian police Laimonas Bankauskas, who was detained on August 16, accusing the trafficking of drugs. Observers do not rule out that this story has to do with the recent sex scandal Estonian diplomat. Lithuanian media with reference to the representative of the Belarusian KGB Alexander Antonovich, "The case was transferred Bankauskasa Republican Prosecutor's Office of Belarus, which will decide on the future of the case."

So drove Laimonas Bankauskas drugs or not, whether there is judicial perspective in the case, which is now in the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus? Alexander Antonovich declined to comment

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