Will the Eastern Partnership to demolish the Belarusian Khrushchev

Society Mogilev economist Peter Migursky offers the Belarusian authorities to address the problem of so-called "Khrushchev" harness the power of the "Eastern Partnership" Evravzvyazu. Thus, the economist, the government will find the necessary investments for the demolition of large-old houses, built in the 60-70 years of the last century.His vision of solving the problem of "Khrushchev" economist outlined in a special program, which is presented today to the public.Peter Migursky"This is a problem, however, is not yet clear. It will be so, if there is a tragedy. To date, only one of more than 320 Mogilev" Khrushchev. "Their service life

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GG Vic on EU policy towards Belarus and Z.Paznyaka

Society German expert on Belarus, the former head of the OSCE in Belarus Hans-Georg Wieck interview with Deutsche Welle in his opinions on the current position of Germany in the dialogue between the EU and Belarus.We offer you a translation of the interview.

Deutsche Welle: Does Germany's own strategy of building relations with Belarus, other than the line of the European Union?

Hans-Georg Wieck: The fact that the German position towards Belarus is fundamentally different from the position of the European Union — is all nonsense critics of European policy, existing since the beginning of President Alexander Lukashenko.

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Pushkin will study in Belarusian

Society "Freedom" received a letter from the artist Ales Pushkin town of Beaver Krupsk Minsk region. Ales Pushkin wrote about how the suit to school son Nicholas:

"Mikolka goes to school after A. Beaver Lunacharsky (former Bolshevik Commissar of Education of the USSR). I wrote, of course, a statement that was taught to whiteRussian language.

August 25 went to the boss Krupsk District Board and strictly warned — that there was trouble and problems. Belkova Olena promised that it will not.

In the first class — 15 students, Mikolka friend will teach at Belarusian language. All parents refused, did not

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Mafia and the election

Society While the entire global gaming community celebrates arrival on the market of the second version action games "Mafia 2", while the Belarusian together with Russian and other players about SNDeshnymi join this joy in Belarus authorities wondered about the virgin soul gamer.

As the Republican portal gamer games.tut.by, law enforcement agencies of Belarus discussed the possibility of identifying all purchasers game that promotes corruption, violence, and respect for the criminal gangs.

In principle, there is a precedent in Belarus far from Italy, where the Italian government issued a harsh criticism of the creators of the game. According

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In Belarus, the homeless census to be held

Society Persons without fixed residence on September 17 will be recorded in items of social adaptation and re-socialization, or in other places that will determine the local executive and administrative bodies.

Will be able to register Belarusian citizens, stateless persons who have a permanent residence permit in Belarus, but for some reason have lost residence registration, and there is no reason for their expulsion or deportation.

This order of registration by place of residence provided the Council of Ministers Decree number 1225, BelTA learned from the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

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General movies on NTV: I'm on this dirt is not going to answer

Society "I am increasingly pushing me to somehow react to what is happening in relation to me, and Belarus. I'm on this dirt is not going to answer," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

Speaking of shown on Russian television films, he said: "Everything you have seen — it's not Belarus and the Belarusian president. This is a film about them, they want all these were (…) Therefore, there was no reaction in Belarus at the dirt we will not allow as much as they create these films. "

"Absolutely no conflict between Russia and Belarus, no, absolutely no conflict between

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OSCE waiting for an invitation to the polls

Society Head of the OSCE Office in Minsk Benedikt Haller hopes that the organization will be invited to observe the presidential elections in Belarus. He stated this in an interview with BelaPAN.

"I also hope that we will have the opportunity to observe a professional, then there are long-term and short-term," — said the diplomat.

On He said, OSCE representatives are ready to start work as soon as it announced the date of the presidential election in Belarus. "I am confident that our colleagues from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the OSCE also mentally ready to

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Sahara will be more

Society Belarus will build a new sugar factory. The decision was taken in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers.The new company will be a joint stock company with a registered fund of 2 billion rubles.

The estimated production volume — 120-130 thousand tons per year.

At the moment, the production of sugar in Belarus are engaged in four public companies:

Gorodeysky Sugar Factory Zhabinkovski sugar factory Slutsk Sugar Refinery Skidelsky Sugar Factory.

"In the construction of the fifth plant expressing interest Mogilev and Gomel regions", — quotes the chairman balapan "Belgospischeprom" Ivan Danchenko.

For the construction

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Lithuania wants to see Belarus to NATO

Society Lithuania wants to include Belarus in the company of the planned Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian military brigade, said Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Rasa Jukneviciene in an interview with the European Radio for Belarus.

She added that in October in Vilnius will visit Defence Minister Yuri Zhadobin.

Race Jukneviciene noted that the ability to expand the Belarusian-Lithuanian cooperation opens after, as the Belarusian prosecutor's office questioned the former commandant of the Vilnius garrison of the Red Army Vladimir Uskhopchyk, which is January 13, 1991 gave the order to shoot at the Lithuanian anti-Soviet demonstrators.

Lithuanian Minister also expressed the hope

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Even today, 26 August

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 


…and colder. Temperature: 13-18 C. 

Do not pass:

In the club "Graffiti" act "StepHall" and "Zyuzka and Brunnhilde." Beginning at 19.00. 


Kazakh Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbaev in China.

In Astana, the international conference on the subject of nuclear disarmament.

In Moscow International Motor Show. 


In 1880 was born Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet of Belarusian origin (d. 1918).

In 1910 was born Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun of Albanian origin, known for his work in favor of the poor

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