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Warning for discrediting Belarus canceled

Society Brest Regional Prosecutor's Office has upheld prevention activist movement of entrepreneurs "Perspective" Victor Tchaikovsky.Before Tchaikovsky warned that his opinion voiced in the media, can be regarded as defamation The Republic of Belarus in the foreign media.

In response to the prosecutor's office stated that the reason for the warnings have become "permanent biased comments in the media, including domestic and foreign, on the Internet. "

Victor Tchaikovskynakiravvav and the prosecutor's office to submit a proposal to the National Assembly a bill that would cancel the article on responsibility for discrediting Belarus.

However, the prosecutor's office on this prananovu not

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Bankauskas released on

Society The company commander of the municipal Mounted Police Commissariat of Vilnius main Laimonas Bankauskas, who a week ago was arrested in Belarus released.

As the portal DELFI, such information Lithuanian television officially confirmed director of the Center for Information and Public Relations (CIPR), the Belarusian KGB Alexander Antonovich.

On He said, all the material things given the Belarusian Prosecutor's Office, which will decide on the future of business, transfers Lithuanian television.

As previously reported Bankauskas, was arrested August 16 Oshmyany checkpoint. It was alleged that the car police found 45.5 grams of amphetamine. First official detained

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Paul Seviarynets again supported Zenon Pozniak

Society Paul Seviarynets approved the idea of the leader of the CCP BPF to declare 2011 the Year of Independence.

Such a proposal Zenon Pozniak expressed on Radio Liberty on 20 August.

August 25 2011and be 20 years of legal independence of the Republic of Belarus — in this day 1991, the Supreme Council gave the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Belarusian state constitutional law.

"At the time it started to the 20th year of the state's sovereignty, independence, Belarus is still the main item on the agenda in Belarus. Real independence — economic, political, cultural —

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Czech Senator: Belarus headway

Society Of Belarus, the Czech Republic came back a group of Czech senators, members of the Standing Committee in strengthening democracy in the world. One of them, Thomas Yirsa, offered his afterword to the visit and about, which translated He said at a press conference in Minsk happened key misunderstanding."When he left, I would like to say that we have no problem with the fact that the Czech Republic has continued to further support Belarus at the level of bilateral relations as well as at the level of the European Union" — then said Tomas Yirsa. An official translation in

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Grybauskaite: Lithuania's relations with Belarus are improving

Society Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said at a meeting with Lithuanian ambassadors that the priorities of the foreign policy of the country are Scandinavia, the Baltic States, European integration, the United States and open a mutually beneficial relationship with its neighbors, reported the online edition

Responding to a reporter's question about relations with neighbors such as Belarus and Russia, Grybauskaite said:

"First of all we be open to relationships, we are seeing positive trends, but obviously we are not naive, wary of some, perhaps, not entirely useful initiatives for us, but we are open to dialogue and cooperation. "

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Belarus wants to get rid of the Russian oil dependence

Society The government approved the development strategy of the energy potential of Belarus until the end of 2020. In particular, the calculated cost-effectiveness of the supply of oil through the ports of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

From the document, in particular, that Belarus intends to phase out oil supplies from Russia and the shift to South America, the Caucasus and the Persian region. Similar steps will be made and relatively reduce dependence on Russian gas.

The Government's strategy involves substantial diversification of oil supplies to Belarus. In place of Russia, which This year, Oil began to levy

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Stages of Independence

Society On August 25, the 19th anniversary of the Independence.

19 years ago, the communist-gebovskoy failed putsch in Moscow. The regiment were engaged themselves in a power struggle, and the local communists and Soviet nomenklatura in Belarus, which secretly supported the coup and built on their hopes of victory, the nomenclature after the defeat of the Communists in Moscow was confused, was in a state of fear, shock and prostration. Two hazards caused them panic: Yeltsin's power in the USSR (with Yeltsin front then sided) and Revenge of the Popular Front (during the coup some of the Communist deputies

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Estonian diplomat said the sex scandal provocation

Society Charge d'Estonian Embassy in Belarus Harry Lahtejn a week before the end of their term of office has received from his "Belarusian friends" as a farewell gift to the sex scandal that abruptly ended his diplomatic career. This writes Rysty Berendsan in the Estonian newspaper Postimees.To outsiders, it seems incredible that Lahtejn, who worked in the mid-90s in a managerial position in the Security Police, was embroiled in a scandal so vulgar.

Someone like any diplomat who had experience of working in counter-intelligence, it should be understood that his appearance in the photographs in the company of young

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19 years of independence

Society August 25 marked the 19th anniversary of the restoration of the legal independence of Belarus. On this day in 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR gave the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus status of constitutional law.

Thereby, it was announced the Belarusian Constitution and the rule of law over so-calledand "union."

Voting took place at the meeting, which was convened immediately after the defeat of the August coup in Moscow. Under pressure from the parliamentary opposition Belarusian Popular Front, led by Zeno Pazniak majority of the Supreme Council actually voted in favor of the independence of

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What brought Putin Lukashenko?

Society What to expect from the official Minsk visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin? He brought credit to the Belarusian economy? And how much money do you need to Belarus out of the current crisis?

Yesterday, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he had agreed with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the allocation of $ 6 billion in Minsk. However, the Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said only about one billion dollars at the expense of the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund. In Moscow, noted that the Belarusian side money can get in exchange for Belarusian assets — controlling

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