Lithuanian dissident Pociunas was killed KGB

Society Vytautas Pociunas was killed in Belarus. This opinion was expressed by veteran dissident movement in Lithuania Niyole Sadunaytse, reports DELFI.

August 23, 2006 the Lithuanian special services officer Vytautas Pociunas, which was on a business trip in Brest, died under mysterious circumstances.

"Pociunas four years ago was killed. Killed. Hundred percent. I Valdas Adamkus talked about it after the murder. They shall take of the Belarusian security officer, let them show you how it pushed through the window that opens only so much that a girl growth of 150 cm and weighing 50 kg could get out, "-

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Yanukevich: Sannikov gave himself away

Society The presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou together with the head of the BPF Alexei Yanukevich presented the "Manifesto of the protection of national interests." Andrei Sannikov called the document "inappropriate." On Gregory Kastusiou, Belarusian Popular Front party, realizing one of the core values of the national interests of Belarus considers it unacceptable for themselves participate in the campaign for the Kremlin scenarios, "because they have a view to maintaining and strengthening customer Belarus' dependence on Russia formed by the current regime, and will not lead to a real democratization of the country"

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Russians are Belarusians

Society Nearly 20,000 Russian citizens received Belarusian citizenship in the past five years.

BelTA learned from the Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

For example, in 2005-2009, the owners of Belarusian passports were almost 20,000 Russians, and by the end of the first half in This year, their number has exceeded 640 people.

Only in 2010 the bodies of internal affairs of the country were almost 8,600 citizens of Russia (in 2009 — more than 20.6 thousand), arrived on the territory of Belarus is temporarily out of them on private business — more than

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Updating the bus fleet in Karelia

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation Igor Petrishenko presented in Petrozavodsk, Karelia key drivers of brand new buses. They are made at the Minsk Automobile Plant and came to Karelia joint pilot project. As the general director of the company "Karelavtotrans" Nicholas Koksharov Belarus took compensation refinancing that trucking company had to pay the bank.

— Minsk Automobile Plant has won the tender and placed into the Republic the first batch of buses, — told the "Russian newspaper" Ambassador Igor Petrishenko. — All machines are of high quality, with special

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Larissa Heniyush and archive BNR


April 10, 1983 us devyatsiklyasnikav Derechinskaya high school, go home an hour earlier — was canceled lesson Russian literature. Teacher Peter N. Martinovski ridden in the near Zelva, for the funeral of Larissa Heniyush. The next morning, he invited me to his home, spoke about what they saw and gave a reading printed on thin paper papirosnay verse poet. The most struck me work, a genre which today I do not presume to determine — whether low poems, or poem. It described the interrogation of the poet in the Minsk prison:

I stand as a battle, not easily

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Belarusian democrats have called for eliminating Stalinist monuments

Society August 23 activists of the Belarusian democratic organizations visited the memorial to Katyn near Smolensk, where 70 years were shot more than 20 thousand Polish citizens. Activists have taken recourse to the countries of the OSCE, which called on the citizens to seek renaming of cities to hold those responsible for the shooting in the Katyn leaders of the Stalinist regime, as well as the dismantling of monuments to these figures, which are still preserved in the OSCE countries.For the decision to destroy the Polish citizens except Joseph Stalin signed:

Beria Lazar Kaganovich Kliment Voroshilov Anastas Mikoyan Mikhail Kalinin

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Even today, Aug. 24

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

The rains …

…but will continue to be warm: 16-24 C.

Do not pass:

In Minsk, is the Council of Europe rapporteur on Belarus Sinikka Hurskainen.

At 17.00 hours in the small hall of the Museum of Modern Art (Independence Avenue, 47) will open the exhibition graphics Igor Sukhorukov, "WATERCOLOR. Cityscapes."


The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Kloden Juncker meets with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Sochi.

In Bredstene in Denmark begins a two-day European conference on wind energy.

In London, opened to visitors former

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In Mogilev honored the victims of totalitarianism

Society A dozen activists of social organizations and political parties came to the prospect of Mogilev Dimitrov to the Cross of memory, to honor the victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.At the spot where the cross now, people have started to kill the Bolsheviks in 1918. The first Catholic Orthodox priests perished.

At the site of the massacres took place a short memorial service. In memory of the innocent victims humans activists laid wreaths and flowers were silent for a minute.

Coming on the pan-European Day of Remembrance at the Cross offered to create a party activist, freedom and progress

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Sinikka Hurskainen to inspect the PACE in Minsk

Society In Minsk, Belarus is a reporter on the Political Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Sinikka Hurskainen. In Belarus, Ms. Hurskainen will hold three days. And it came to Minsk to "gather information, meet with people and discuss what is happening in the country."

At the Mrs. Hurskainen, her interested in the situation in Belarus on three issues: human rights, democracy and the rule of law. "I would like to know what has been done in Belarus after our last visit. I know that there is bad news regarding the issuance of new

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About Liberty: A. Vertinsky

Society What is your freedom?

In elementary, personal-individual terms — is the absence of obstacles to the simple, natural life according to objective laws of nature in terms of the social and political — is well-known four-Ruzveltavskiya principles of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear, and in national-patriotic terms — is free to be a Belarusian, a representative of a particular ethnic group, a nation.

What is most limiting your freedom?

In addition to hard living, sometimes force majeure — is the current political regime in the country.

What is happiness for

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