Meeting with Orlov — no earlier than October

Inhabitant of the district center town of Vitebsk region Avtukhov turned on this occasion in the police department. According views sp.Avtuhova Olga Kovriga violated Article 9:22 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus "On Administrative Offences", creating "obstacles and limitations in the use of municipal Belarusian language."Here that said Olga Kovriga in an interview with Liberty:"Indeed, I made a mistake here — I needed answer Belarusian language, I also love. It was such a small mistake on my part. "In his response to the appeal of Leonid Autukhou Head of the department of culture is not allowed to hold

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U.S. Helsinki Commission — on the situation in Belarus

"We have supported and will support Dmitriy Fedoruk, Anatoly Lebedko and all those in Belarus struggles for freedom, democracy and respect for Human Rights"- Said Elsie Geystings, co-chair the U.S. Helsinki Commission, Congressman from Florida, speaking yesterday at a meeting House of Representatives U.S. Congress.He recalled how in December, met with the delegation Belarusian opposition, which included a youth activist Dmitriy Fedoruk and UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko. The end of December, after returning from the U.S., Dmitry was beaten so that he was in the clinic. On last week prosecutors refused to file a case of beating Fedoruk, said the

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Confusing project

The fateful decision was made under the influence of the backroom of the nuclear lobby. Not for nothing they say that war — a very harsh thing to trust its military. So here, NPP very harsh thing to trust her spices in the field of nuclear energy.Even if you factored out of the issues such as public support for this idea idea, "the post-Chernobyl syndrome" background radiation, it still appears a number of objections to this project.First main question unanswered which makes no sense to build nuclear power plants: how much electricity Belarus will need 10 or 20 years? Now

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Night Siege — January 15

The forums are discussing portal applications Alexander Lukashenko that the construction of nuclear power plants — is a strategic task Belarus. Comments forum participants:"We need to re-examine all the" pros "and" cons. "Treat people and should be too. Should also make scientists different, but the spices in this area! Need a debate in the press, radio, TV … Also inhabitants resettled territories must ask those who have been in Chernobyl liquidator. Here whereupon is necessary to take a decision. ""As such genius will begin construction of nuclear power plants, then immediately gets into a zone of dense U.S. attention

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Atoms for Peace — in every home

Decided without a referendum, without extensive discussion, though at times the solutions of this kind are accepted without a plebiscite in democracies: winning in a cheap energy is evident in the technical intricacies understand other spices, and the risk can not appreciate and they — the tragedy of Chernobyl was one type time stations weave. Jerk jerk or not — who knows a theoretical chance remains in any case.But the pace of this meeting makes recollection that about a political solution as stated in prepyadstviya still have a lot of underwater, although it may not such at first glance, and

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Lithuanian FM: EU Council Decision equilibrium

"The ministers of foreign affairs of the European Union, of course, sorry, in Belarus not really democratic elections. And the OSCE were to claim him. And the fact that some restrictions suspended Belarusian Officials it means, Belarus made some steps. For example, freed political prisoners. And it responded Europe, Europe saw it. And our minister of foreign affairs, we think that the EU Council adopted the equilibrium solution. It assessed the geopolitical situation in the EU Eastern neighborhood that has changed. And, we hope that Belarus will make the other steps because opened some new abilities to strengthen the European

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The trademark MADE IN Eurasian Union

The trademark "Made in EAC"

Made from us! Made in the EAC!

Valentina Matvienko supported the idea of the brand "Made in the Customs Union."

Goods produced in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan should join the single label "Made in the Customs Union," said Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko at a news conference following the official visit to Belarus.

Movement "YOUNG EURASIA"Goes a step further and, in turn, offers a design for the brand "MADE IN Eurasian Union".

Designer — talented Denis Prokop , who has already made design banknotes in denominations of 20 and 200

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If he liquidates businessmen, elderly people will hunger strike

Pochetaemye listeners! We are grateful for your submission and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Phone Freedom in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Private entrepreneurs Belarus finished a 15-day strike, which took place in the form of enforced holiday. In Minsk on January 10, they held a mass rally that ended with countless arrests.

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Lukashenko: Preparation for construction of nuclear power plants is slowly

"Preparations for the construction of nuclear power plants is slowly, there is no exact vision and algorithms for solving basic problems in the field of nuclear energy, weakly projected developments around the building taking into account the internal and external causes. To This time there is no certainty in almost all the important qualities: the construction site, the project and the general contractor, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.He noted that there are still several problems, defects, different approaches and assessments, a lack of coordination "Such a situation suffer more unrealistic, as it constrains the rate of advancement of preliminary work. "

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CPJ urges end the harassment of journalists in Belarus

Head of the Committee to Protect Journalists (The Committee to Protect Journalists-CPJ) Joel Simon said in New York that the human rights organization nedavneshnimi arrests and detention of Belarusian freelance reporters — photojournalist Arseny Pakhomov (Nasha Niva) And TV journalist Galina and Vladimir Samoilov, cameraman Valery Buldyk.In a statement, CPJ says that these journalists have suffered from the authorities for lighting nedavneshney shares businessmen in Minsk."Belarusian authorities must complete prosecution of journalists for their work, "- Joel Simon said.He also urged Belarusian authorities release arrested for 15 days Arseny Pakhomov and return back the confiscated equipment Belarusian colleagues.

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