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The issue of state border with Ukraine is not yet resolved

Society Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Byassmertny hoped to resolve all contentious issues related to the completion of the procedures for the state border.

He told reporters that the Belarusian side question relates Ukrainian debt to Belarus with a question on the border. This is a major impediment to the exchange of instruments of ratification of a treaty on the state border — the "Interfax".

The ambassador noted that "the Ukrainian side does not see the possibility to answer for what belongs to the former Soviet Union and businesses that do not exist today. Therefore, the parties

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Der Spiegel: The Dictator in the grip

Society "It seems that the 16-year-old era of" the last dictator in Europe "ends" — says the German edition of Der Spiegel. Russia opened a front against former ally and also actively involved in the election campaign.

In the Russian Far East, where closer to California than to Moscow Slavic love is still there. Residents of Kamchatka Peninsula, from his 29 active volcanoes, interested in strengthening Russia's western border with neighboring Belarus. In an open letter to the political leadership in Minsk and Moscow, they wrote that they feel a great need for information about the life of the Belarusian

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U.S. and EU to discuss new sanctions against Belarus

Society U.S. and the EU consider additional sanctions against Belarus. This was announced on Wednesday, Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon.

"Because of the deterioration of the situation in Belarus and the imprisonment of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, we are discussing with the EU the possibility of additional sanctions against the country," — Gordon said at a meeting of the Senate of the United States devoted to a discussion of U.S. priorities in Europe.

He added that Washington considers litigation Belarus on the riots politically motivated and said that improved relations with the official

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«Thor» has no equal

Allied frontiers protects unique military equipment Belarusian Army — yet another technical completion. A little more than one year back the arsenal of the 120th air defense missile brigade of the Western tactical command strengthened Russian SAM battery «Tor-M2». And now days are almost military in a festive atmosphere were handed the keys already on the second battery massive war machines. This ultra-modern air defense missile system — a nice example of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Belarus in the military-industrial sphere. Put on duty «Tor-M2» increase the defenses of the entire system of regional defense. This technique

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Go to Minsk CIS premiers

Society Today in Minsk going to the heads of government of the CIS countries. Also, there will be meetings of prime ministers on two levels: the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community and the Supreme Body of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. Mikhail Myasnikovich will represent Belarus at all three events.

Meeting of prime ministers of the CIS countries will be the 57th in a row since the founding of the Commonwealth, — the "freedom" of the press service of the CIS Executive Committee. In a preliminary order of the day — 19 questions. Chief among

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Convey of Georgians in Russia train stopped

Society Head of the Minsk-Moscow train Belarusian Railway, as well as the citizens of Georgia residing in Belarus, accused of smuggling of Georgians in Russia.

For these citizens brought criminal case Part 1 of Article 371-1 Criminal Code Belarus for the organization of illegal migration. This article provides up to 5 years in prison freedom.

BelTA was informed in the Ministry vnutarnyh cases.

An employee of the Belarusian Railways and his assistant from the Caucasus flown to Russia about 100 citizens of Georgia. Other details of the criminal case not disclosed under investigation.

It becomes clear

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Typical market in Belarus

Small typical market in Belarus, Minsk region Velozavoda, sellers women in uniform (green or red aprons) to the local norm for Russian gimmick.

On the subject:

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Bryntsalov came to Belarus

Society Belarus has entered into an investment agreement with a private company, "SME-Oil" on the construction of the Belarusian-Russian "Verein" pharmaceutical company in Minsk.

It is assumed that on the basis of the new enterprise will produce analogues of foreign drugs.

The corresponding decree of the Council of Ministers adopted a decree of the President of number 549 of 16 November 2009a.

According to the decree, the company "Verein", which is owned by Russian businessman Vladimir Bryntsalov, transferred pharmaceutical company "Dyalek" (Minsk), followed by construction on the territory of the new plant.

In this case, a "Dyaleka"

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Echo oil shock

Society The Russian edition of "," citing the Ministry of Statistics of Belarus (National Statistical Committee) results, the data suggest that severe consequences for Belarus, rising prices for Russian oil. 

Source of income

Reduction in January-June 2010 compared with January-June 2009and

Oil imports from Russia

— 49.8%

Import of oil products from Russia

— 70%

Production of petroleum products (total)

— 29.9%

Production of gasoline

— 20%

Diesel Fuel Production

— 26.1%

Production of fuel oil

— 32.8%

Export of Belarusian oil products

— 40%



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Zyuganov against the godfather and the restoration of the USSR

Society The leader of the Russian Communist Party (KPRF) Gennady Zyuganov expressed outrage tape "Godfather 3", shown on NTV on Sunday.

"I watched this movie anti-Belarusian and find it not only paranoid, but blatant provocation directed against the friendship and cooperation between the two Slavic states — Zyuganov told" Interfax ".

Communist Party leader confident that this film "could not be revealed without the go-ahead from above."

In this case, Zyuganov believes that Russia should learn a lot from Belarus, in particular, how to equip the lives of ordinary citizens.

"In Belarus, despite the economic difficulties (and

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