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Baku to deny the information about donor organs from Belarus

Society Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office has denied the information on the transnational criminal gang that was engaged in a "black transplantation" of the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Uzbekistan, and then transported them to Azerbaijan and Ecuador for transplant recipients from Israel. Some media CIS has also been reported that the criminal activities of black transplant surgeons led by the National Institute of Surgery and transplyantalegii name Shalimova in Kiev, managed to uncover and disrupt Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

As stated by the Attorney General of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Interior countries were given appropriate instructions regarding the

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Miracle on the Vistula was first buried the idea of communism

Society August 15, Poland celebrated the 90th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Warsaw between the troops and the revived Polish divisions of the Red Army led by Tukhachevsky. On why a battle called the "Miracle on the Vistula" and the impact it had on the fate of Poland and Belarus — talk to the historian Valentin Golubev.

In Lately historian, in the recent past, the politician Valentin Golubev often the case in Poland, where he worked in the local archives. Valentin Golubev said that the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, determined the fate of not only

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Russia threatens Lukashenko transcript

Society During a trip to Minsk region of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has declared readiness to "normalize relations with the United States." He also made a number of accusations against the Russian government, which wants its "tilt" to the presidential election campaign. Responding to questions from journalists, Alexander Lukashenko denied accusations by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he allegedly promised to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and did not keep itshis words. The Belarusian leader said that nowhere solemnly promised not to recognize:

"Simply Russian counterpart in bad faith and dishonestly pulls out certain things. Belarus to

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The reaction of the Belarusian authorities to fires in Russia

Society Members: the journalist of the newspaper "The Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii and the journalist of "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets.

Pavljuk Bykovskii

Dmitry Pankovets

Valery Karbalevich Why Belarus responded to the late Russian trouble?

Valery Karbalevich"Although Lukashenko on Thursday and expressed his ardent desire to help Russia in fighting fires, but the Belarusian fire appeared in the neighboring country of late, when there were already working firefighters from many states. Moreover, the Belarusian troops went there with a television camera crews, and every day Belarusian viewers see how Belarusians help neighbors. How can this be explained? "


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The IMF mission will start work in Belarus on June 1

Society This was announced today that the IMF Resident Representative in Belarus Natalia Kolyadina. According to her, the mission will run two weeks.

IMF experts will appreciate the current economic situation in Belarus and correct macroeconomic forecasts made earlier.

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Ice palatsamaniya gaining momentum

Society During the presentation of the first Belarusian professional women's hockey team, "Panthers" the chairman of the Belarusian Hockey Federation Yevgeny Vorsin said that soon the country will be more than fifty arenas. For this indicator, the state will be one of not only European but also world leaders.

At this point in Belarus has built 23 arenas. And, being built hockey arena, not only in regional centers and major cities, but also in sparsely populated regional centers. For example, not so long ago began to lay the ground for the construction of the strategic facility at home Alexander

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Lukashenko: The U.S. and Russia will not be able to restart the democratic Belarus

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko confident that Russia and the United States there are no secret agreements concerning Belarus.

"There are no secret agreements with the Russian government and the U.S. administration over Belarus. I know this for sure," — said Alexander Lukashenko reporters Friday during a working trip to Minsk region.

According to the Belarusian president, "America maintains its position as Russia abruptly changed her and trying to rebuild, tilt the President of Belarus to the well-known political events." "But you know me for a long time, in this respect, I do not zmyanyayusya: incline me

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Lukashenko accused Medvedev of lying

Society Alexander Lukashenko said that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has misinterpreted his remarks on the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, "the Russian counterpart in bad faith and dishonestly pulls out some things."

As quoted Lukashenko "Interfax", Medvedev failed to prove the second part, "I said, that's not a problem for Belarus to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia. But I have him listed all the problems in this regard arise from Belarus from the European Union, the United States, the CIS. "

On He said, Belarus two months working on it, isolate a dozen problems. And then he turned to

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Censorship by freeloading

Society The presidential decree number 60 continues to irritate the minds of the Belarusian Internet community. The most common diagnosis — the intrigues of the next dictatorship to suppress the last remnants of free speech, which found its home in the virtual world of the Universal pavuchynnya.

This attitude of democratically minded public is understandable. In the words the hero of an American film, everything, "what they do these types — already suspicious. "

But I do not agree with this approach.

With all the efforts of the Belarusian authorities to demonstrate ideological interest, it looks like this

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Lukashenko is ready to change the grain of oil and gas

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko expects to receive "maximum profit" from the export of agricultural products, given the difficult situation in a number of states. He stated this during his working trip to Minsk region. It also became known that Belarus will receive this year, 7,000,000 tons of grain instead of the planned nine. According to Lukashenko, Belarus has no oil and gas, which annually Belarusians raise prices. Therefore, they say, "we also want to sell and with the increase in hydrocarbon prices and the cost of other components to get the happiness in the prices." Lukashenko said that

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