Belarus still living enemies of the people

Society Exactly 20 years ago, August 13, 1990, the first and the last president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev signed a decree "On the restoration of the rights of all victims of political repression 1920s and 50s." Soon the Soviet republics began the rehabilitation process repressed, which, however, evolved under different scenarios. For example, in Belarus, with the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko process has been minimized, and under Stalin's brand of "enemies of the people" are still thousands of innocent people.

Researchers estimate that as victims of political repression in the Soviet Union were more than 30 million people. Since

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The grains will be less, but should be enough

Society Grain harvested in Belarus will be enough for domestic needs and export. This was announced by Sergei Sidorsky during a trip to the Gomel region.

Grain harvest This year, in Belarus will lower than planned. The main reason for shortage of the crop was the severe drought in the east. At the same time, as the prime minister, the harvested grain is sufficient to provide the population with food and livestock — feed.

According to Sidorsky, in the last two years the government has decided to provide the population with the task of self-produced cereals. Now in Belarus in

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Night Watch — Expedition black narodovedov

About six months ago, in the late evening, I called a black narodovedom, took over the family camera, told my wife that I was going to the Night's Watch, and left for the night Fota cemetery and the ruins. For six months I have accumulated a number of "alternative-art" images of abandonment that I am today and I want to share with you.

All their reports and foty six months repost here I will not get tired of it all and I am, to process reports removing Test Forum is not very interesting, so if you are interested in anything,

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Lukashenko wants to deny service to Russia in the construction of nuclear power plants

Society Alexander Lukashenko does not rule out that Belarus deny service to Russia in the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant. Lukashenko today for the first time acknowledged the existence of problems with Moscow on the issue of joint construction of nuclear power plants. How falls "Interfax", the Belarusian leader admits that it is worth thinking about another investor. During the working praezdki the Minsk region Lukashenko said that the Russian insist that they were building nuclear power plants. And then "because of purely subjective factors have started to press down." Lukashenko, in turn, link these factors with

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Beasts from fires begin migration from Russia to Belarus

Society, "Interfax" the chief district inspection of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Khotimsk Executive Committee Vasily stake.

"If the fires in the Russian territory will continue, it is possible that the animals escaping from the fire, will migrate from border areas of Russia to Belarus. "

He noted that "no environmental pressures on the animals living on the territory of Belarus, will not. Korma is enough for all."


animals, fires

The OSCE Permanent Council discussed the situation in Belarus

Society The Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe discussed on June 16 in Vienna report on the human rights situation in Belarus presented by Emmanuel Decaux under the "Moscow Mechanism" of the OSCE. The press office of the OSCE.

"Belarus is obliged to respect its international commitments in the OSCE and the UN, and to agree to a full and continuous monitoring by independent human rights organizations", — the report says.

After giving his report, held a discussion with the participation of all delegations of the OSCE participating states. Lithuanian Ambassador, Chairman of the Permanent

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About Liberty: Fedor Nyunka


What is your freedom?

Freedom, if you can not be afraid vykazyvats its position and critical judgments about power, you can travel freely and live in other country, little to influence the election and operation of the existing power, have the right to the inviolability of its own legitimate property if you live in a country where there is an independent zakonadavchaya, judicial and executive powers.

What is most limiting your freedom?

Travel and Accommodation in Belarus.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness is when you are

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Zhirinovsky: Lukashenka no friend and ally!

Society Russian media replicate the strong statements made today by Vice-Speaker of the Russian State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

According to policy, Russia should immediately cease all support for the Belarusian authorities to:

"No one to help — either Belarus or Ukraine. Never. Then we will live richly. No customs unions, with all the spending ratio, as with other countries, "- said Zhirinovsky, again urging:" There is no help, under any circumstances, ever. Lukashenko is not our friend and ally. He wants to possible squeeze more from anyone for his country and stay there for life. We do not

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After 10 years and remember the death of Kursk in Belarus

Society In Russia and in Belarus today remember the tragedy that 10 years ago happened in the Barents Sea. According to the findings of a special commission during the military exercises August 12, 2000 as a result of explosion of a torpedo sank the nuclear submarine "Kursk". 23 of 118 submariners survived until the last hope for help. But in the end neadlazhanyh rescue operations all sailors were killed.

Among the dead and the two Belarussians — senior assistant commander of a submarine captain 2 rank Sergei Dudko and the commander of the military, commander Alexander Sadkov. Both were

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Lukashenko ordered to teach Russians how to put out fires

Society during the meeting with the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnihanavym he declared his readiness to "generate and send new troops" in Russia, reports Interfax.

"There is no politics here, no need to wind the media. Here there is absolutely no politics. Which may be a policy, when the lights of the village? We will never assume the Russians and Russian foreign country for himself and the people. Trouble for all of us shared."

The Belarusian president said that Belarus has also formed an unfortunate situation, especially in the south. However, Belarus has chosen "active method of combating these

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