Young became the international front organization

On statutory documents, the right to have an alliance affiliates also operate in all statesah Europe, including in Belarus and Ukraine. It is reported by the website"Malady express their sincere thanks and hope for future cooperation activists Czech public associations"Free Belarus", which assist to register our organization as the union of which are one of the most active in Western Europe, which fights for freedom of Belarus ", — said the press service of the MOF. Tags: young, Czech Republic, front

It is time to return the deposits as refrigerators and televisions

Decision of the Council of the European Union regarding visa sanctions against senior officials of Belarus — the topic of discussion in the audience of "Freedom."Man: "All those who vote in the Council of Europe for the abolition of visa restrictions, we are welcome to work on the year in our factories and collective farms."Follow-Up — on the recent elections to the House of Representatives:Man: "How many votes won by such famous figures as Liabedzka others? It would show on" Freedom "that if it is more than 5 percent, well, for example, 10 or 15, then the same shame Lukashenko

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House of Writers: actions and results for 2007

Sergei Ablameyko"Today’s launch of the program" House of Writers "- hundredth anniversary. It is symbolic that he goes on the threshold of a new 2008, when the results are calculated and the acquisition and loss. Let us and we will begin our discussion with the outcome. What actions in the literary life of Belarus over the past year for you to remember? "

Sergei Zakonnikau"At first wanted to mention" Brilevskoe reading "timed to the 90th anniversary of Yankee Bryl, occurred in August 2007. Way, they passed not a metropolitan academic hall, and in the country of our amazing writer

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When, in the end, and we will return deposits because in Ukraine?

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. The creator of the best call, messages, hints will receive a prize. Favorite proclaim shtonyadelyu in weekly review calls. Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk — 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Now we got a call:Man: "By order of the Executive Committee Svetlahorsk all schools in the town of Svetlogorsk students from 8 to 11 classes were ordered to take 15 thousand to a brand new year and take these kids Zhlobin in the Ice Palace. This is done

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Visa sanctions lifted for six months. Cash remain

Representatives of the French Presidency of the European Union allocated, it should contribute to democratization in Belarus.Sanctions are not removed from persons suspected of involvement in the disappearance of opponents of the regime.Regarding suspension of sanctions and Lukashenko. "He can go," — said a European diplomat in Luxembourg.The EU reserves the right to renew the sanctions in full, if the situation with human rights Belarus worsen.Meanwhile monetary sanctions against EU Lukashenko and other senior representatives of the official Minsk remain in force. In 2006 The EU decided to freeze the accounts and property Lukashenko and several 10’s of officials in

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Vitebsk reappeared Mironov flag

As told Serebro, white-red-white flag was attached to the roof of the five-storey building on Herzen Street. While he saw the police, flag hung over the heads of passers-by about forty minutes. Militiamen caused a fire engine, while the detained journalist checked the documents, but forbade photograph and the flag itself, and how it is removed. After, as the flag was removed and put into a police car, Sergei Silver released.As it became clear to the flag was attached note: "To days of birth courageous fighter Yankee Filistovich for which the fate of the Motherland was above his life. Glory

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Western media about small and big business in Belarus

According to the Austrian "Die Presse", "While the 1000 inhabitants of Austria for 40 small and medium-sized businesses so called, in Belarus — only 4. Their share in the gross domestic product is about 8%.Taking into account the fact that economic growth in the country in connection with today’s prices of natural fuel uniformly ends Russian, Belarus could be interested in the more saturated the potential of small and medium-sized businesses, emphasizes "Die Presse".Under Austrian edition, "personal business activity in Belarus as previously discriminated against, and the head of the country Lukashenko calls them offensive word" speculators "." Net impact

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History of European Union sanctions against the official Minsk

In 1997 the European Union decided to restrict aid to Belarus, not aimed at humanitarian needs or democratization of the country. Then it was decided that only the central authorities of the European Union are entitled to a meeting with Belarusian ministers.In 2002, after the termination of the Belarusian authorities of the Advisory and Monitoring Group in Belarus, if the official Minsk refused visas to all its employees, in response to the EU imposed a ban on visas for Belarusian bureaucrats 8, including Lukashenko. The ban was lifted in 2004, when the Belarusian authorities were allowed to open a new

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The climate of Belarus is half Ukrainian

Since the early 1990s, Earth has entered the era of the latest global warming. Scientists around the world concerned this problem. In December, on the peninsula of Bali held International Conference on Climate configuration in which participated representatives of nearly 200 nations. Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 was the last U.S. Vice President Al Gore and the UN International Group dilemmas climate.Academician, economist Gennady Lych considers the problem of global climate configurations, which can not be considered separately in relation to one country. And warming great concern:"This phenomenon is terrible. Indeed ball we ruled those who forge money in including

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Belarus and the United Kingdom will play twice in Minsk

Minsk police waiting for the English fans will arrive in Minsk on October 14. Their arrival will be taken over by the transport police. Fans settled in Minsk hotels. Hotels near round day will be exhibited Minsk police officers. Groups of British fans will be able to go to Minsk, accompanied by police officers. Maintain order before and after the match at the stadium "Dinamo" has more than 2 thousand policemen. Also come to Minsk 9 British police. The situation will be in the stadium to watch the camera. Policemen urged fans to come to the game for 2.5 hours

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