Mieczyslaw Mushroom: Make major step

Society The representatives of the Belarusian opposition appealed to the UN Security Council to consider the question at the Council level political disappearances in Belarus and an international investigation. The appeal says that human rights activists and relatives of the missing opponents of the current authorities used all the domestic, regional and international mechanisms for redress, but to no avail.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko "did not create the conditions for a reliable and impartial investigation of these cases and has bypassed international efforts to learn the truth about the fate of the missing." Independent investigation has revealed the

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Belarus — one of 14 dissidents stranglers

Society June 15 in Geneva at the UN Council on Human Rights, the U.S. envoy Eileen Chamberlain Donagyu expressed concern about the repression of peaceful protests "in some countries." This is the BelaPAN to the website of the U.S. Mission to the UN.

According to Ms. Chamberlain Donagyu, "governments must be held accountable for the violation of fundamental freedoms" of their citizens — such as freedom of assembly, expression, conscience and expression.

Chamberlain Donagyu read out a list of the countries, the situation with human rights in the United States who are concerned. The list also appears Belarus.

"Belarus has

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Echo of Moscow: the Union with Belarus — a laughing stock

Society Despite pazharavybuhovae position, the Russian media did not forget about the Belarusian subjects. On Friday, readers offered another piece antilukashenkovskih materials.

"Nezavisimaya Gazeta" published analytical material on the basis of a study Gallup: every fifth citizen of Belarus is ready to leave it forever. According to this indicator, the nominal ally Russia beats even troubled Kyrgyzstan. Thus, concludes the edition, the Belarusians have dispelled the myth of his "blossoming." According to the newspaper, for many in Russia such sentiments seem strange: in the eyes of most Russians, Belarus looks a country very attractive for life — stable, with

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Lukashenko gave at least a little, but everyone: the poor, and miserable

Company's General Prosecutor's Office Cledchaya Svetlana Baykova, which led to a series of cases against high-ranking corrupt officials, including customs, border troops and KGB, arrested in February this year and is still in jail.

Victor Butoh Minsk: "I believe that such as Svetlana Baykova must not only be free, but not in the KGB jail cell, but they should lead the anti-corruption department in the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus!"

The Iranian news agency Fars initially reported that Iran has received from Belarus, two Russian S-300 installation, and then gave up the information. On this occasion, a listener asks:


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Belarus also lit

Society In Belarus, for the last day eliminated 6 peat fires in the area 1.24 ha.

"For the last day in Belarus was 9 fires — 6 on the moors and 3 — because of a fire of dry grass and bushes. All fires are eliminated, "- said agentstvu" Interfax-West "in the ministry.

There clarified that "one of the peat fire was in the Brest region — one in Grodno and four — in Gomel, the total area was 1.24 ha."

Depth pragarannya peatlands in Belarus This year, up to 10 cm "This is not a situation where peatlands burn

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Tomorrow in Belarus 30-39 degrees Celsius

Society According to the Belarusian hydrometeorological, August 7, the day is expected in Belarus from 30 ° C in the west to 39 ° C in the east. Patchy rain, thunderstorms.In Minsk, August 7th day will be 35-36 ° C, without significant rainfall.

On August 8-9, the air temperature in Belarus during the day will reach 28-34 ° C in the eastern half of 35-39 ° C, in the extreme western parts of the Brest and Grodno regions of 24-27 ° C.

In Minsk, 8 August daytime temperatures reach about 34 ° C.

9 August afternoon in Belarus is

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How is life Belarusian pensioners?

Society In Belarus 2,464,000 pensioners — every fourth resident of the country. A quarter of older Belarusians, reaching retirement age, continue to work. As far as socially protected feel Belarusian pensioners?On August 1, pensions in Belarus increased by about 12%. Thus, the pension will increase by an average of 58,600 rubles ($ 19) and the amount to 528,000 rubles (176 dollars). This is the second increase this year: in January, pensions rose by 9%.

Noticed any increase in pensions pensioners themselves?

In the People's Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko pension is not very different from the usual retirement Belarusian: "Oh,

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Belarusian opposition and Russian money

Society This subject is now perhaps the most popular. How much noise at the time caused a publication in Newsweek with sensational reports that the rate of Moscow on the Belarusian elections — Andrei Sannikov. Mr. Sannikov himself mysteriously smoked his pipe, not patsvyarzhyuchy, but nor denying the sensation that in the eyes of some made her even more believable.

Other recipients of countless millions of the Moscow Kremlin and thus creature rumored dubbed the leader of the "Tell the Truth" Vladimir Neklyaeva. Now and foreign experts pick her: American expert Govbl Paul says: "Who can be a pro-Russian candidate

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Want a loan? Sell the family silver!

Society Statement of Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, Russia's readiness to allocate credit for the $ 6 billion estimated by experts as ambiguous. On the one hand, Lukashenko is falling so that the Kremlin is not whether on its own initiative wants to "impose" financial assistance, which in Minsk still think, to accept or not. On the other hand, the explanation of Russian officials give a different vision of the picture — Russia will give money to the conditions of the privatization of a number of assets to maintain the balance of payments. In fact, it signals the start of the

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Already today, August 6,

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Cloudy, with prayasnennyami, temperature +31-33 C.

Do not pass:

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky will meet with representatives of the Israeli holding Fishman Group.


Bronislaw Komorowski will take the oath as the new president of Poland.

The Acting President of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu will visit Georgia.

In Khabarovsk (Russia) and Colorado Springs (USA) start of US-Russian anti-terrorist exercises.


1517: In Prague Skoryna Francis published his first book, "Psalm."

1945: The atomic bombing by the United States of Japanese

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