Ya.Protasevich elected as the new Chairman of the delegation of the European Parliament on Belarus

Jacek Protasiewicz is greatest in the European Parliament European People’s Party. Head of Delegation for Relations with Belarus believes that the European Parliament must stand in the forefront of those forces that support democracy in Belarus. Last Protasevich visited Belarus during October parliamentary elections 2004 and claimed a violation of the European democratic electoral standards in the nation.

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Gazprom will bring the gas price for Belarus to the European

According to the press service of "Gazprom", entrusted to specialized subdivisions continue to gradually bring gas prices Belarus to a level that is in the gas markets of Western Europe. Terms of supply Russian gas in 2009 in Belarus has not yet agreed. In Russia believe that the price of gas could reach $ 250 for a thousand cubic meters (about salting read of in Belarus Surikov) A Belarus hopes that it will be only 140 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky stated that the cost of gas to determine the October 6 during

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Release of political prisoners Martynov opened the way to the EU

EU Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that her meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov can be seen as a reaction to the release of political prisoners in Belarus — AP agency reported.Meanwhile, 27 ministers Foreign Affairs EU discussions are in Luxembourg, or remove the sanctions against authoritarian Belarusian regime.EU High Representative for the Common outer Policy Safety and Javier Solana previously said that he advocated the abolition of visa restrictions as well as the ban on political contacts with the Belarusian senior bureaucrats. Meanwhile The Netherlands continues to oppose the lifting of

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In the travel ban lists — for payment of arrears of utility?

During the first week of the New Year a few 10’s of Belarusians have already got into trouble when they are not on the border to leave the country, explaining that they are in the database so called "Restricted to travel abroad." Rarest municipal authority has the right of vetoNaturally, all the claims people who are not allowed to go abroad, express border guards. But Municipal Border Committee in one database does not skid, — assured Radio Liberty employee of this agency Alexander Tishchenko:"We just nick base. There are various competent institutions — courts, police, tax authorities — those who

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Night Siege January 9

On forums portal TUT.by discussions are about the size of pensions in Belarus. Serednyaya age pensions in Belarus amounted to 160 bucks. The same pension currently paid in. In Ukraine it is below — 120 bucks. Participants talk forums:"On correlated with Russian pensions lie. I’ve got a granny live (on the periphery), we have associated. To have a basic pension benefits plus various additives, can immediately take on travel agents and drugs. Clothes, food, rent is cheaper than ours. ""For a long time the idea of the growth of the retirement age will not renounce, and is best to raise

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Belarus is a stronghold of China in Europe

The Belarusian leader has vowed to make the most suitable conditions for Chinese investors in the country. He thanked the management of China and the Chinese people for the "tremendous support", which this country Belarus did."Belarus padtsvyarzhae willingness to be real to you and your friend a stronghold in Europe, you have done good to us

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Year results. Configuration in economic policy

Obliged configuration

Valery Karbalevich: "Belarusian social model is quite organic. All its elements — the financial system, social policy, political system, foreign policy — aggressively connected complement and insure each other. Lukashenko for a couple of years painstakingly built its, customized brick by brick, in the end came fairly significant structure. authorities are well aware of and consider that they should remove one element, one brick — and the entire pyramid may fall. This gives rise to many professionals argue that the Belarusian model complaisant reform is not able to change.But the actions of this year show that under the

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Blocked Websites Radio Liberty and Charter 97

This is not the first case when more are popular Internet sources are difficult to access for users during mass gaktsyyav in Belarus. Website "Radio Liberty"Was also blocked in Belarus while covering the presidential elected during the" European "and" Social "marches, and other events in the country.

Now, on January 10 in Belarus is obschebelorussky businessmen strike against presidential decree number 760.

Website of "Freedom" and other online resources you can gaze through proxy servers, the list of which is available through www.proxy.org.


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Alexander Milinkevich

Tuesday, October 14 at 16 am Alexander Milinkevich perceive the role online conference on the website of Liberty.

Last candidate Presidents of Belarus, the initiator of the movement "For Freedom" participates in Prague "Forum 2000", in which, among other, and discusses the prospects for democratic development in Belarus.Alexander Milinkevich, the last candidate Presidents of Belarus, was born in 1947 in Grodno. He graduated from the Grodno Pedagogical Institute and graduate of the Institute of Physics of the State Academy Belarus. Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences. Trained at the Institute of Montpellier (France, 1980) and the California Institute (USA, 1998),

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The European Union wants to weaken the isolation of Belarus

According to "International Herald Tribune", the first time since 2004 to meet such high rank invited the head of the Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov.It was narrated that breaks diplomatic sanctions against Minsk insist countries such as Finland and Poland. Head of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acting senior OSCE Alexander Stubb recently visited Minsk and met with Martynov and Alexander Lukashenko. According to Associated Press, the ministers Foreign Affairs The EU believes that in response to the suspension of visa restrictions for large Belarusian officials, the official Minsk revise discriminatory law on mass media, will also go to

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