Martynov waiting triple

In Luxembourg foreign minister invited Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov. It expects the "troika" of the European Union — European Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and EU High Representative for common foreign policy chief Javier Solana. Favourite movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich positive attitude to the invitation to Luxembourg Sergei Martynov.

8"When we speak of Belarus depends on cooperation with Europe, on economic support, it is necessary that a person such as the level of Martynov, especially because it is not in the list of banned, participated. This shows that

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The trade turnover between Belarus and Russia has grown to $ 42 billion

This indicates an improvement in relations between the countries. And in many areas — said the Russian ambassador. As before, the main objectives are the development of economy, modernization of old and creation of new businesses, improving the quality of life of people. By the way, a year income of Belarusians and Russians were up 18%.

Alexander Surikov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Belarus: "We do not like to come into a new stage of cooperation, and began to work more intensively integration processes, including the Union State. It is today the flagship range, an example of

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Of delirium, faith and trust

First own records on the blog "Freedom" I promised and called friends Belarusians Lepo Belarusian use the word, actually yes nature phenomena of which we speak. Such as how we lexical true argument: "The fact that …". Using such language figure, we offer that will set out their vision for the phenomenon either on merit and without subjectivity. Using, for example, the expression "the fact, that … ", we come to another level of thinking — Put the outer concourse events. Mastered formally Belarus (where there is no lexical codification) and about Russian languageand owning and pieces multykulturalnyh knowledge (zabugornye

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Or postpone the Balkan problem Belarusian question?

Belarus does not have the Slovenian embassy, because the EU presidency will represent the French Embassy. Will the consulate these states have a special impact on the policies of the European Union and the Belarusian-European affairs? Vitaly Tsigankov discusses political scientist, chairman Igor Lyalkov Schumann Society.Tsigankov: "What will be the main tasks for Slovenia during its presidency of the Union? Can hope that Slovenia as the first of 10 post-communist EU member states will have more to worry neuvvyazkami Eastern Europe?" Lyalkov: "I think that the focus of the Slovenian presidency will be the situation in the Balkans, and the

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Vityaz Russians are not needed

They are concerned about that because of lack of funds to overseas buyers may be considerably diminished Belarusian exports. Chairman of the Industrial Commission of the House of Representatives Anatoly Pavlovich previously worked as deputy general director of the Minsk Bearing Plant. And he knows that at least some of the enterprise means reliable delivery markets its own products. Now the situation could get worse here, predicts sovereign Pavlovich"We have a very strong component — export. And because I’m worried that those countries where our products are, for example, auto, steel from the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant, etc., can reduce the

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Authorities break a life of businessmen …

Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Phone Freedom in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus will send out the U.S. ambassador if the United States to impose new sanctions against Belarus. It responded to the U.S. Embassy statement, which states that "the key to improving US-Belarus relations remains in the hands of Belarus." On this topic expression of the listener:Man: "I do not see what the American president, Bush and his team are not right. Urgent need to release political prisoners, to fulfill the requirements

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Mogilev entrepreneurs handed requirements

Before the twelfth hour of the representative of the working group, the chairman of one of the city councils businessmen Larissa Vysotsina said requirements have been formulated and sent to Minsk.Requirements are reduced to two Fri:First declare a moratorium on the decree number 760, has not yet will be adopted Law "On the small and medium business in Belarus."2nd accelerate adoption of the law "On the small and medium business in Belarus." Acceded to the development of business representatives.Entrepreneurs approved these requirements and agreed on January 10 again come to the area.

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Russian customs officers seized 100 cars Belarusians

As said in Minsk at a press conference the first Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Belarus Nikolai Verkhovets, about 100 cars confiscated by the customs authorities of the Russian Federation on return people of Belarus home from Russia.Such acts Russian customs officers have caused surprise among the Belarusian minister. "For it to confiscate the cars? Yes, where? On the Russian-Belarusian space. We can not agree with this approach," — he said."Pinning their hopes that in the very Lately solution will be found, and Belarusian citizens, traveling to their home on the territory of Russia, were not afraid that

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2008: forecasts, horror, hope

To these questions in the last year in this issue of "Prague accent" meet constant participants transmission Pavel Morozov, Svetlana Aleksievich Igor Bobkov, Valery Bulgakov, Natalia Leshchenko, Vyacheslav Pozniak, Yuri Svirko and Pavel Sheremet.Drakakhrust"What awaits us there, beyond the years? Apparently, such a question people ask for themselves since time immemorial. If you look back, everything seems obvious and natural, constrained in a rigid chain of circumstances and consequences. But ahead — some question marks. Here there is a place and a cool forecast — same analytical transfer, obliges the state. And not only him — in fact, none of

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A.Milinkevich: The free world will win

Questions Radio Liberty meets the last candidate Presidents of Belarus, favorite movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich:"Forecasts — nepriznatelnoe this case. Need a lot of work, and then forecasts are realized. For your own family This year I wish that was happiness, prosperity, love to save. And for the country — first freedom. Really believe in what comes spilling Belarus people will be smarter, more responsible, Belarus will the European method. So makarom, My prediction — a free Belarus is independent, and I believe that it will come soon. And in what year? Hard to say. Either in 2008 or

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